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16.05.2017 Author: Gordon Duff

Jigsaw, Beyond the CIA and Soros

3452141211Back in 2013, Veterans Today along with Press TV and their correspondent Serena Shimm tied an innocent sounding organization to false flag sarin gas attacks in Syria.  VT had come on the group before, a high-ranking source tied them to assassinations of scientists inside Iran and to a network of black operations squads inside Azerbaijan.

Their task was Iran, destroying their economy, arming Kurdish separatists, undermining any possible nuclear settlement.  They had taken down Egypt, temporarily placing the Saudi funded Muslim Brotherhood in power, they overthrew the Ukraine and they instigated the civil war in Syria.

The organization was called Google Idea Groups, which has since changed its name to “Jigsaw.”  It’s focus has changed also, it is now recruiting worldwide.  Behind massive interlocking websites promising democracy, goodness and light, offering secure software, and training in political activism is that other reality of the dead children, of false flag terrorism, of press manipulation and an agenda of conquest and tyranny.

Whenever anyone gets close to who is really behind this, the lie machine starts pointing fingers at George Soros and his “Open Society” group, for those who are aware of such things, no so many today as it were, clearly on the opposite side of the political spectrum.

This is the organization behind Victoria Nuland and the neocons in Ukraine and, more frightening still, those who clearly controlled Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State and now control Donald Trump as well.  We aren’t talking one billionaire, we are talking trillions of dollars, we are talking total control of the internet, of all social media, all search engines, even the hardware infrastructure itself.

We also stand ready to prove beyond any doubt that we have broken through at least one level of “what has been hidden.”  We are now looking at one head of the hydra, the power above and beyond governments, the power to create reality, engineer any truth, above any law.  There are other heads of the hydra, this is one.


A worldwide organization exists, backed by the most powerful technology companies in the world, led by Google, Facebook and Microsoft, but backed by the governments of the US and UK and behind them, an alphabet soup of intelligence and security agencies.  Curiously, this group is called Alphabet Inc, and at the heart of it, “Jigsaw,” headed by former consultant to the Bush (43) National Security Council, Jared Cohen.

Jigsaw and its parent, Alphabet, are at the heart of more than a dozen organizations, formerly tied to Movements.Org, that recruit activists and whistleblowers around the world, funded generously by powerful internet corporations and backed by, now wait for it, the CIA.

Behind this are youth activist groups, recruited from all corners of the world, offered financial help, affiliations with the internet powerhouses of which Google and Facebook are only two of dozens, and what else?  Behind all the talk about fighting corruption and building democracy are the same old faces, now dead David Rockefeller and the Council on Foreign Relations, the very public face of the US Department of State and the not so public face of who is running it all, the CIA.

The plan is simple but the scope enormous, recruiting technically brilliant but ethically crippled millennials, with their jeans and flipflops, let’s not forget their stock options and huge defense contracts also, and set them about building a nightmare Orwell could never have imagined of, social engineering data.

Then tie it all up with grass roots groups capable of organizing political movements “on demand.”  To make it all work, ally this with intelligence agencies capable of assassinations, car bombs and sarin gas attacks “on demand” as welland we have created a machine of change that cannot be resisted.

All, of course, is made possible by manipulating trust, taking advantage of human greed, and where that doesn’t work, blackmail and coercion.  These organizations first manifested themselves back in 2008, “dark funded” by the American and British governments as The Alliance for Youth Movements.

Each year a summit was held, flooding Mexico City or London or similar locales with potential CIA recruits.  Early on, Robert Bernstein, founder of the suspected CIA front, Human Rights Watch took over operations and began partnering with the media through Al Jazeera, owned by the Qatari royals and the Murdoch/Fox/WSJ organizations, Israel’s media stranglehold on the US and UK.

It was Movement.Org, not the Soros organizations, that were responsible for the Arab spring and the overthrow of Ukraine.  Yes, they “pulled the trigger” on Egypt, putting the Saudi backed Muslim Brotherhood into power.  They developed the software used to identify Syria’s “moderate rebels,” distributed through the Qatari “fake news” organization al Jazeera, now busy inside Syria with its video production company turning out White Helmet gas attack “fake-umentaries.”

Their media partners are the Murdoch organizations, Fox News in the US and the other Murdoch properties around the world.  Their official voice is the Daily Beast website, long known to be a Mossad run “liberal” and very “controlled-opposition” site now soft-peddling anti-Trump rhetoric owned by Jane Harman, Israel’s “in place” asset in the State Department.

Mother of ISIS as Well

Investigations into the roots of ISIS and al Nusra in Syria led us, back in 2013, to Turkey and then to the Republic of Georgia and to CIA operations there that took us, now wait for it, back to Washington DC.  There, behind it all, we found familiar names, Condoleezza Rice, David Rockefeller, and of all things. Google Corporation andin particular, a seemingly innocent sounding group called Google Idea Group.

We found them again, running safe houses in Azerbaijan and Turkey, this same innocent sounding group, tied to the assassination of Iranian scientists and to smuggling chemical weapons into Syria from Tbilisi, Georgia.

In 2013, 1500 Syrians were killed in a sarin gas attack.  The world nearly went to war except that, per multiple sources, the Obama administration learned that the Damascus government was not responsible.  A deal was cut to turn all WMD’s held by the Syrian government over to the United States, a deal that recently suffered a number of reverses.  Our story today begins here, in 2013 and heads into the future, and if we are right, this could well be a bleak future indeed.


What is sad is how easily so many have been sidetracked and blinded.  George Soros has always been a minor player globally.  It became clear when studying events in Ukraine, the face of the coup was, of course, Victoria Nuland and her husband, John Kagan.  Both are lifelong enemies of Soros, whose real-life battles have all been against Israeli influence in Washington.  Nuland and the Kagan brothers and the think tanks they are tied to, such as bogus Institute for the Study of War, are pure right wing extremism and dedicated to promoting Israeli influence even at the cost of American lives.

This is the lead article on their website, by Genevieve Casagrande, showing how their agenda and Jigsaw or Google Idea Groups or al Jazeera or ISIS or al Nusra, as they may well all be one in the same, operate:

“Russia’s campaign against Syrian civilians continued undeterred by the U.S. strike on April 6 in response to the Bashar al-Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons in southern Idlib. Local reports indicate Russia regularly used incendiary munitions and bunker buster munitions in Idlib and Aleppo Provinces in order to inflict mass casualties on the population in rebel-held terrain following the U.S. strike. Russian airstrikes also targeted local civilian infrastructure from April 4 – 25, including hospitals, schools, mosques, and civil defense centers across Syria. Russia continually targeted Khan Shaykhoun, the site of the regime’s chemical attack on April 4, throughout the reporting period. Furthermore, activists claimed Russia targeted a hospital and civil defense center treating those wounded in Khan Shaykhoun immediately following the regime’s sarin gas attack. The use of chemical weapons is just one of many means the pro-regime coalition has to punish anti-Assad populations in Syria. Russia remains a principal contributor to President Assad’s purposeful campaign to target Syrian civilians. The Assad regime has a long history of violence against its own people, but the advanced capabilities Russia has brought to theater have allowed the pro-regime coalition to target civilians with even greater precision.”

The author of this piece, delivered at the Pentagon as a major policy paper, is a 20-something intern with a paper-thin resume and offering no sources of any kind.  The entire article as with all on the ISW website, one followed as gospel in the Pentagon, is fake.

This is from their site, a confession of bias.  Is admitting to being a fake considered honesty by today’s standards?

“High-Confidence Reporting. ISW places high confidence in reports corroborated by documentation from opposition factions and activist networks on the ground in Syria deemed to be credible that demonstrate a number of key indicators of Russian airstrikes.

Low-Confidence Reporting. ISW places low confidence in reports corroborated only by multiple secondary sources, including from local Syrian activist networks deemed credible or Syrian state-run media.”

Did they just admit that they get their information directly from ISIS and al Qaeda?  Perhaps they might have gone a step further as our sourced material says they are one in the same.

The issue is essentially this.  Jigsaw is intended to be an extension, a global expansion, of the efforts we have seen in Egypt, a failure there, Ukraine, blocked by Russia but a partial success, and the failure in Syria.

The formula is clear, recruiting activists, staging terrorist attacks, exploiting their proven specialty, nuclear/biological/chemical weapons fake threats, and engineering US intervention on behalf of what can only be described as a global criminal organization now shown to control nearly all information flow on the planet.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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