06.05.2017 Author: Gordon Duff

InfoWars: More Than Simply Fake

5623432434The month was August, the year 2015. In response to an announcement by the US Department of Defense that a military exercise was planned for that summer, one that would have personnel “blending in with the local population,” a strange video was posted. It described massive and foreboding warehouses, terrifying black buildings that were “thrown up overnight.” The video described them as warehouses for storing coffins for the hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions to be executed by the US Army in the upcoming “Jade Helm” exercise.

The video was prepared by the InfoWars organization and narrated by Dahboo77, whose audience is larger than any television network.

Based on these warehouses for “the dead” and the closing of five Walmart stores reputed to be built over secret prisons connected with underground tunnels, the governor of the state of Texas, Gregg Abbot, assigned state controlled military forces to follow and control the US Army and prevent the mass killings of millions, as proven by the underground tunnels and “warehouses for the dead.”

These government warehouses, “thrown up overnight” and located “in the backwoods of Kentucky” were no stranger to many Americans. The secret location that pushed Governor Abbot to an armed confrontation with Washington is called Star Hill” in Loretto, Kentucky. Some had already visited these facilities, as described by Infowars as being “thrown up overnight.”

They are the aging warehouses of Makers Mark Whisky, and have been visited by hundreds of thousands of people for over a hundred years as part of the “Bourbon Trail.” The secret prisons and tunnels were never found though Governor Abbot send armed teams looking for them.

The confrontation with Washington became so severe that several regular guests on the Infowars network broadcast directions for making chemical weapons and suggested their use against members of the military stationed in Texas and their families. For those unaware, the US Army is the largest employer in Texas and accounts for 250,000 jobs there, both uniform services and civilian.

In 2016, this same organization, Infowars, fabricated a story about a Washington DC pizza restaurant that kept children enslaved in secret underground prisons. Former National Security Advisor to President Trump, General Michael Flynn and his son, Michael Flynn Jr., spread the story on network media, in fact Michael Flynn Jr., Chief of Staff to General Flynn, still repeats this very odd tale.

On December 8, 2016, Edgar Welch, 28 of North Carolina, in response to Infowars and the Flynn accusations, entered the restaurant while firing a military type assault rifle into the walls and ceiling. Welch was looking for the basement Flynn had said was full of sexually abused children. There was no basement. Flynn, to this day, continues telling the story and we await a new Edgar Welch.

There is a reason we are telling this story, several in fact. According to Donald Trump, everything on Infowars is true and the US government now bases its policies, not all but certainly some, on these stories. And the world thought Governor Abbot was a total idiot and embarrassment, little did we know what was heading our way. Now for context. When we are done, the idea of the US lobbing rockets into Syria based on an internet rumor will be totally understandable.

America’s scandal sheets are filled with photos of Alex Jones of Infowars, describing him as a cult leader, bigot and racist. A year ago, he could have blown himself up on the White House lawn and it would have meant nothing. Things are different now, minor scandals in Jone’s personal life are national news as Donald Trump is known to be a follower, perhaps even a “cult follower” of Jones.

For years Jones has pushed outlandish stories of Russian armies being hidden around America, of fake scandals while totally censoring any criticism of issues involving Israel or the neocon elites who brought American low under Bush and Cheney.

There is nothing new to any of this and all American media is corrupt, no one doubts it nor have they for many years now, but we do have a new wrinkle or two here and some lessons that can be learned as well.

The world now knows Alex Jones. Jones is the host of InfoWars, formerly an anti-government website and podcaster that now has turned out to be a bit of something else. Jones, over the past two weeks, has been in court in Texas over child custody issues. The mainstream news is reporting his “defeat” in hearings involving his private life.

What came out of these hearings is astounding. Jones has openly admitted to being an actor, not an activist at all, but someone hired to lay the role of “Alex Jones,” and according to court documents, paid a massive salary.

The press has turned Jones into a virtual Hollywood celebrity now, feeding off his family’s difficulties. What we now know, however, is that Jones is an actor, perhaps even a great actor, and much is coming into place. Jones isn’t the only one, in fact there are few genuine activists out there. Fox News, the “activist” broadcaster famous for Glenn Beck, ill-fated O’Reilly and Sean Hannity has always been clear, their “talking heads” have always been actors, paid to have beliefs, which can change in a minute if orders come down from the top.

Nobody ever asks who “the top” is and, until now, nobody has asked why nobody asks.

None have backgrounds of activists. I don’t consider myself an activist but I do understand where they come from and why. I look at my own family. My father was a union organizer, a communist party member during the 1930’s, as was former President Ronald Reagan, while my mother was the daughter of a Kentucky coal miner. I grew up in politics, served in war, was active at university and in the anti-war movement. Activism is part conscience and awareness, as I see it, and more likely brought on by a dose of bad brain chemistry and poor upbringing as well.

Jones and the Infowars organization is important because it is simply another look at how every movement that can be controlled is controlled. It is irresponsible to assume that every news organization isn’t targeted, that every form of information available to the public isn’t controlled or suppressed in some way. The evidence is and has been overwhelming. The most frightening and certainly most confusing aspect is that some media organizations are both controlled and suppressed.

This is what makes life interesting.

We came on Jones some years ago when looking at SITE Intelligence, a website run by Rita Katz. SITE was responsible for disseminating fake bin Laden tapes and has was the primary source for the fake intelligence that led to the US invasion of Iraq in 2003. Katz is the daughter of a Mossad agent executed in Iraq. SITE regularly briefs both the CIA and American congress. SITE fabricates all of its own material.

SITE is partnered with the DEBKA Files, a Israel based fake news site that pushes conspiracy theories intended to “confound the enemies of Israel.” Their US counterpart is Stratfor. We were introduced to Stratfor by VT editor and former Director of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) General Hamid Gul of Pakistan.

General Gul knew Stratfor’s George Freedman very well and told me that Pakistan used Stratfor as “go-between” with Israel’s intelligence agencies. The ISI and Mossad work together closely, as author Jeff Gates learned during one of our visits to Pakistan. Gates was alarmed when, while in the lobby of the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, I introduced him to a Mossad team sitting at the table next to ours.

Gates and I had lunched earlier that day, at the Marriott, with then current ISI Director General Pasha.

According to General Gul, Stratfor was used for “laundering” fake intelligence into the mainstream. In order to aid Stratfor and build their credibility, another Israeli intelligence organization, Wikileaks, “hacked” Stratfor and published a number of their fabricated stories, “re-laundering” them into prominence with the Wikileaks “seal of approval.” Wikileaks, exposed in 2009 by former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski as an intelligence agency project, regularly “seeds” fabricated materials into their “leaks,” which is usually material they receive directly from Israeli intelligence.

No, it wasn’t Russia.

Which leads us to Austin, Texas, Infowars and their local partner, Stratfor. InfoWars is, according to Gul and other sources, simply a finger on the same hand as Wikileaks or the Times of Israel or Fox News and the Murdoch/News Corp empire. These organizations comprise a portion of the media power of the real neocon elites, not a group of Washington “think tankers” at all but front men for the City of London Rothschild banking organizations and the worldwide “Kosher Nostra” crime groups.

These groups need a media empire to create distractions like Wikileaks or stories about a “Deep State” to keep focus off their efforts to reduce humanity to slavery. But we need to go back to Alex Jones for a bit still.

We had always known Jones was an actor. Jones and radio host and broadcast executive Jeff Rense had known each other for decades. Rense had described their longtime relationship and their breakup. Rense claims it was over issues involving Israel though money is usually at the root of these things.

However, it is hard to ignore that issues involving Israel are a red line in American media. It was easy to see, as we did in April 2017, that Donald Trump, whipping boy of the American press, suddenly became the “great white hope” when he attacked Syria. His sins were immediately forgiven, something that can only be done within the Israel lobby with its wide, pervasive and oft denied utter stranglehold on America’s media.

This was quickly followed by Trump’s delve into Russia bashing, also long expected. What developed from this was the long expected bloc lined up against Russia, Iran and Syria with Trump playing “cowboy mad bomber,” offloading shiploads of tanks into Jordan, untold thousands more troops into Syria and sending an armada against Korea.

This left Jones “high and dry” after overselling Trump’s supposed hatred of the Jews and his love of Putin to a bottom-rung American audience hungry for minority bashing and finger pointing. When Trump became the “plug” preventing Washington’s swamp from being drained, new levels of absurdity were reached across the media, not just InfoWars and Fox, excuse after excuse for only weeks into a presidency abandoning all major policy initiatives.

The story above is one small part of a puzzle or mosaic if you will. If the media are all actors, what are the politicians? What are the generals? As we may well have seen in Syria or elsewhere, not even the dead are real, not all of them anyway.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”