24.04.2017 Author: Phil Butler

The Russians are Coming! No wait, it’s the Zombies! No, the Nazis are BACK!

623412312321According to Bloomberg, Vladimir Putin is “quietly” annexing the Donbass region into Mother Russia. Meanwhile, NATO is holding a parliamentary assembly in the middle of icebound nowhere. Here in Germany the geniuses in charge of the government have created a “Ministry of Truth” in order to suppress deadly populism. Terror still grips us, North Korea is set to start Armageddon, and America’s Rex Tillerson has an Exxon plan for Syria. In short, Trump changed nothing. Here we are, still caught in Alice’s Wonderland.

Blooming Icebergs of Fake News and BS

Taking all this current madness from the top, it took four authors at Bloomberg to compile the fake news Putin is stealing eastern Ukraine away from the Kiev Nazis. Authors Henry Meyer, Ilya Arkhipov, Stepan Kravchenko, and Yuliya Fedorinova assure Bloomberg readers the Kremlin masterminding a scheme to undermine the Kiev regimes credibility in the Donbass! As if shelling kids every day had made Poroshenko more popular in Donetsk. Read what these idiots tell their zombie readership:

“Russia has been moving gradually, using a blockade by Ukrainian activists as political cover to take over key economic links with the separatist zones. Last week, Russian Railways slashed rates for shipping coal and iron ore to points near the rebel areas, where the metals industry provides most jobs. That will allow Russia to replace Ukrainian supplies halted by Kiev and ensure that steel plants continue to function, according to two people in the industry.”

That’s Bloomberg breaking news logic for you. Vladimir Putin the Dr. Evil of a worldwide slapstick comedy is using fresh air to lure Nazi gas chamber victims over to his side! Russia is helping Russians in Novorossiya, when anti-Russians try to starve them out! What, you say these four authors are sellouts and paid media trolls of the globalists? No! Bloomberg is one of the world’s most respected news sources. Enough on this, let me move on to a taxpayer funded NATO excursion to the OUTER LIMITS of reason.

NATO Is Not Obsolete to Bureaucrats!

Search NATO Parliamentary Assembly 2017 and you’ll probably find one story in western media form the Washington Post. In Moscow the media has raised concerns over the world’s biggest military industrialists holding talks on security at the top of the world in the Svalbard Islands next month. Here I’ll use the Washington Post citation of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to fill you in on the situation:

“In the context of NATO’s current course of ‘restraining’ Russia, accompanied by unprecedented military preparations near the borders of our country, attempts to drag Spitzbergen ‘under the wing’ of the military-political bloc…do not correspond to the spirit of the 1920 Treaty.”

What the 150 word AP blurb in western media does not reveal is the reality of the neutrality of this island so close to Russia’s borders. This 1920 treaty is a unique document in that the so-called Svalbard Treaty recognizes Norway’s sovereignty over this polar region on the conditions including that it regulates the demilitarization of the archipelago. Moscow says the meeting is a provocation, but this is not the only reason NATO should be slapped down over another unwise Cold War reminiscent move.

Cost. The cost of NATO operations has been at the forefront of criticisms over the organizations validity for decades now. And this meetup so near the North Pole is endemic of a bureaucratic sickness that is killing our relationships and our peace. To understand how ridiculous this meeting is, one must grasp exactly where and what Spitzbergen is. Remember I said NATO decided to meet in the middle of nowhere? Well Spitzbergen is 1000 miles past nowhere, 1100 miles North of Iceland.

What’s significant here is the thinking behind an idea to transport 257 NATO PA delegates, along with delegates from associated counties, their staff, security details, and other associated helpers to a city with basically one decent sized hotel and no significant meeting space. No, don’t check your reading glasses, NATO is having member nation taxpayers sponsor an all expense paid camping trip to a frozen OZ just to piss of Vladimir Putin! And guess who the guests of honor are? You got it, Ukraine Nazi bosses. You can read the official list via PDFs here, but Poroshenko lackies are all set to talk NATO security even though Washington swore up and down Ukraine was not a NATO target for “annexation”. The Ukraine-NATO Interparliamentary Council (UNIC) to attend is made up of:

  • Hon. Raynell Andreychuk – A Canadian kiss-up senator and Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. Lawyer whose claim to fame was being banned from Russia.
  • Iryna Gerashchenko – Poroshenko’s Humanitarian Envoy at the Minsk – Oh Brother!
  • Piotr Apel – The “mini me” disciple of Poland’s devout Russia hater Pavel Kukiz
  • Dr. Jasna Murgel – The Slovenian contingent of liberal globalist
  • Bridgett Grouwels – A Belgian MEP famous for Brussels bike path development
  • Aleksandrs Kiršteins – The Latvian equivalent of a Nazi loving Banderite
  • Roumen Iontchev – NATO’s Bulgarian yes man
  • Jan Farský – A Czech down streambeneficiary of George Soros’ Open Society NGO
  • Sverre Myrli – Norway’s best friend of Israel in the far frozen North
  • Along with 12 members of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and other Europe MEPs

The list of participants in the Ukraine contingent goes on and on to include Italians, more Bulgarians, Turks, the Dutch, and a lot more Norwegians. By now my point is well made though. The taxpaying public is about to spend more millions so that an aggressive militarism society populated by well paid liars can get photo ops (maybe they want to be like Putin in the arctic) showing their male and female ruggedness (I guess). Why they could not simply meet to run their mouths in Brussels is an ongoing mystery?

A Globalist Ministry for Everything

Has anyone else out there noticed that European politicians never actually solve any problems? Looking at all the committees and programs created under the watchful eyes of Luxembourg politician Jean-Claude Juncker, it’s abundantly clear the EU Commission is all about bureaucrat job security. And in keeping with keeping up with Brussels, Angela Merkel’s Germany simply must have more ministries and commissions to study, study, study their way out of total darkness. Excuse my sarcasm, but the hurtful truth is that we have 1000s talking and nobody doing anything.

Enter the latest moronic ministerial moment, the so-called “Ministry of Truth” bent on defeating fake news. Now get this. Every scrap of media in Germany is controlled by either the elitists bankers and geo-political technocrats, or by Bertelsmann and Axel Springer – and a trillion dollars worth of owned media is scared of Breitbart! According to this story at the Gatestone Institute by Stefan Frank:

“The elites and intellectuals are apparently now counted among the German minorities in need of protection.”

So, the “Defense Center against Disinformation (“Abwehrzentrum gegen Desinformation”) is a Federal reality sprouting up here in the Fatherland, it’s mission about as clear as a big black swastika painted on a blimp overhead. Frank points out the fact “Abwehr” was the name of Nazi Germany’s military intelligence agency, and alludes to the seriousness of Germany’s new media doctrine.

And people wonder why the Russians are screaming bloody murder!

At the head of the establishment of this new ministry we find Angela Merkel’s right hand man, Volker Kauder. One of Germany’s most powerful politicians, Kauder is on the executive board of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. There’s not space here for research into every Kauder-Merkel dealing behind the scenes, but up front both are owned by the German elites – American style. Clearly Konrad Adenauer’s dream of France and Germany super-powering Europe to some kind of world supremecy have failed, but Kauder’s role in trying to bring about a United States of Europe (and of the world) are well documented.

In the dimly lit corridors of the new “Truth Chancellory” one can hear the faint laughter of Liz Mohn (Bertelsmann) and Friede Springer (Axel Springer’s heiress). And what of the true source of thinking on a German Ministry of Truth?  Read this AJC Berlin Ramer Institute piece in between its lines. And it might be of interest to look at this Zero Hedge story that links Kauder, the Ministry of Truth, and our old pal George Soros together.

Finally, many of my colleagues are now gripped by a sticky sense of helplessness over the staggering influence and financial bankroll levelled at the alternative story. Some even proclaim what we have achieved (independent journalism that is) so far as a kind of media miracle. “They” – the New Democratic Order – are the best funded and most powerful propaganda machine ever envisioned. I stand in wonderment every day at just how complete the dominance is. For all we know Russians could be on the march, or zombies could be biting our neighbors. But the most believable fantasy today is one where the Nazis have been reborn. Then again, maybe they never died out?

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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