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09.03.2017 Author: Phil Butler

One Wrong Globalist Move and the Populist Steamroller Rolls

324342213123“The people are not blind anymore”, this was the statement from one EU parliamentarian commenting on the EU Commission politicizing French Presidential candidate Marine Le Pen’s “Twitter” case. Per the news, Le Pen’s tweeting of ISIL atrocities is now being used by globalists to harm her campaign for the presidency.

What’s so obviously ironic about this latest attack on “Le Pen”, is the globalists’ efforts to implicate Russia in tampering with local European elections. It’s another example of the double standards in the EU. RT reported one Le Pen, who is leader of the Eurosceptic and anti-immigration National Front, being under investigation in France for posting images on Twitter of beheadings and so forth. On this matter, the status quo globalists MEPs in the legal affairs committee voted to lift Le Pen’s immunity over the issue. The whole EU parliament is to vote on the matter, but the implications are clear. Playing fair is not even on the radar of the new order. Ludovic de Danne went on to frame this charade, as well as the overall globalist doctrine with:

“It’s a poor way of the EU globalists and an easy hypocritical excuse to target Marine Le Pen,” de Danne responded in an email. “Like for the other attacks it’s the same maneuvers like against Brexit and Trump. The people are not blind anymore.”

With a tight focus on Le Pen’s candidacy, what we are witnessing is an epic battle in between an entrenched neo-liberal order (globalist/cosmopolitans) bent on a world dominating ideology, and traditional/nationalists wanting to reboot populism. Donald Trump’s win in the US, Brexit, and the looming breakup of the EU are the markers. On the one hand the NWO or globalist elite beckon the middle class with empowerment, while at the same time populist candidates struggle to reset the exploited common people. In other words, a classic struggle is underway for the intermediate future of the world.

As far reaching and hyped as that may sound, there is no mistaking the current political atmosphere in the world. And Marine Le Pen is perhaps the most critical actor in the drama unfolding. If France acts in typical fashion, the German dominated European Union will certainly suffer a hammer strike to its heart. Le Pen is no-nonsense conservative, a symbol of a much needed reset in the French political psyche. As German and Dutch elites fenagle to create a central European fort of the original 6 signers of the Treaty of Rome, France going the way of Brexit will leave the Germanic tribes alone once again. The EU60 program has already outlined the plan consolidate “successful” nations into a “bloc” once the southern and eastern Europeans balk at EU inclusion. All anyone has to do is read the rhetoric and dogma of these globalists in order to understand their rabid idealism, and to grasp the dangerous situation that ahead. A paper entitled “EU@60 – Countering a regressive & illiberal Europe”, by Janis A. Emmanouilidis and Fabian Zuleeg reveals the Machiavellian nature of globalist strategy:

“What is at stake is much more than the EU itself: it is the danger of a regressive and illiberal Europe – a Europe in which key values, orientations, norms, and principles are being undermined. A Europe that becomes increasingly nationalistic, protectionist, discriminatory, xenophobic, intolerant and authoritarian.”

If you read closely you’ll see propaganda in its finest form. Using keywords like “regressive” alongside “values” “norms” and “principles” stamps the seal of societal concern on the ideal. At the same time raising the level of fear of “nationalistic” (Nazi), protectionist, and especially “xenophobic” intolerance lassoes in the disparate special interest groups. Inside every single piece of globalist literature you will find this same technique, a call to the LGBT community, ultra-feminist movements, and the extreme far left bent on total permissiveness as the new “norm”.

Turning to the BBC, the ultimate propaganda channel in the world, we find rationalization and a reshaping of Le Pen. Just as is the case for Brexit and for President Trump, BBC’s message masters create illusions and diffuse any potential for truth about these candidates. In Le Pen’s case, this story transfigures the French candidates appeal with moderates into a weakness. “France elections: What makes Marine Le Pen far right?”, by Marysia Nowak & Becky Branford, tells readers Le Pen is some kind of imposter. Rather than tell the truth of French moderates sick unto death of ultra-liberalism and economic disaster, Britain’s bull horn puts the question in its readership’s mind:

“Marine Le Pen, the leader of France’s National Front (FN), is fighting to achieve a similar earthquake in France in the presidential elections in 2017. But with her increasing appeal to the centre and the left of French politics, how much can she really be characterised as far-right?”

The authors then segue into what they term as Le Pen’s “toxic past”, and instead of my characterization of her as “populist”, the Queen Mother’s mouthpieces paint her as dastardly. BBC calls her opponent François Fillon someone who is “appealing more to the “respectable” middle classes”. The underlying sentiment is unmistakable. If you vote against Le Pen, then you are not common. But the mistake BBC and all the globalist media makes is the bigger message.

Choosing sides for a media conglomerate is a dangerous business. Like the EU parliamentarian said, “The people are not blind anymore”, and with vision the people can choose who to switch off. In the United States we’ve already seen CNN and other networks damaged by their habit of creating “Fake News”. In an unprecedented move, President Trump has gone on the offensive against tabloid journalism by the likes of the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, NBC and others. BBC, along with its German counterparts, they play a dangerous game of revealing their own “Fake News” strategies.

In this we find the most interesting component of the globalist-populist conflict. The 21st century is at stake for whichever ideal can convince the people of its validity. And validity is not upheld by bias and by lying to citizens. If BBC and the others are on the “wrong” side this time, there will be no forgetting. So the ideological and political battlefield we all play on, it may soon be littered with the bodies of institutions from banks to newspapers and everything in between. The globalist are betting it all against, Trump, Putin, Le Pen, the people in austerity everywhere and the commoner. If the elites lose, there will be nothing left to hide behind. In the end, anyone for the BBC and that message will be against populism and the common people. Conversely, anyone for the common folk will be as readily identifiable. Knowing this, everyone should question the sanity of those dead set on moving forward with a globalist itinerary. This is my view.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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