23.02.2017 Author: Phil Butler

Why Can’t Syria Be Left in Peace Finally?

23423123213The thing about regime change and proxy wars is that sovereign peoples always take a back seat to the mighty colonialists. Syria is a prime example of a stable and prosperous nation ruined and mowed under by outside forces bent on no good. The Middle East is a huge flaming case of arson being extinguished by the arsonists. How can utter failures ever succeed in creating lasting peace?

The west’s professional liars (politicians) set the Middle East on fire. Now, all those freedoms and fast democracy they promised the revolutionaries (mercenaries) are being negotiated for Syrians and Libyans. Western powers agreed to overthrow these nations, and now leaders like Jean-Claude Juncker gather to decide what’s best for these devastated people? Maybe I am naïve, for we all know the United Nations, Americans, Europeans, Russians, Iranians, African nations and even Canada have some interest in Syria, but “determining” the destiny of Syrians now? The Bush administration started this Middle East mess and Barack Obama upped the stakes with European approval, this is incontrovertible. A quote from the New York Sun in 2005 clues us:

“At the State Department, the Bureau of Near East Affairs and the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor have asked Congress for explicit legal authority to fund liberal opposition parties inside Syria through regional initiatives that have hitherto focused on reforming American allies such as Jordan and Egypt, two administration officials told The New York Sun.”

This report is the only one I could find from 2005, as mainstream media seems to cover the State Department’s tracks then too. Eli Lake of the Sun was the only reporter covering Bush’s plans to replace Assad in Syria, and I find that interesting and damning given the sources he cited. Uncontestable proof arrived in 2006 in the form of a classified two page document revealing the US plan to get Assad gone. Several reports focused on this, but this TIME report frames the Bush scheme. Moving into the Obama White House we saw the Syria game ramped up just as Afghanistan troops were being pulled back. Over in Libya we also know via the idiocy of then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, how Gaddafi was similarly plotted against. This Foreign Policy Journal report cites Clinton’s emails released by WikiLeaks proving Clinton and the Obama Administration were on the ground in Libya overthrowing the colonel. Europe’s part was to support or turn a blind eye.

Today I am reading a story about the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov about Libya, and I can’t help but cringe. Mr. Lavrov’s position is clear in the he “has to” negotiate with the socialists in Europe and America. As for Mogherini, she is one of the more gifted political figures in Europe. But gifted politicians being sent to wheel and deal a sovereign nation’s fate is still something we should all question. The caveat here is that these nations should assist in cleaning up the mess, and then get out. Mogherini is an operative (an effective one) of the neo-left globalists in Europe and the United States. And failure is stamped on hers and the Juncker Commission, not to mention leadership across central Europe.

From the standpoint of representing Earth’s people, European leadership is a catastrophe. The Eurozone is a disaster, and we don’t need Brexit to signify it. The debt and failed banks, the austerity and strife in Eastern European nations especially condemns not only Brussels, but the IMF, the World Bank, and an army of NGOs assisting in globalist strategies. Libya’s oil, Syria’s, the transient means for massive energy resources, and a geo-strategy of conflict these last 70 years has left the world right where it was in the 1930s – on the brink of cataclysm. The pertinent question at this late date seems crystal clear to me; “When will success in foreign relations be the goal?” Better yet, “When will job performance be the benchmark for listening to politicians?”

Finally, these leaders are successful if one considers the real sources of their power. The people may he “vested trust in them”, but their backers are the same people that have kept us stymied, ruled, invaded, or dead for generations. I’ve no need to discuss a world order here, everyone knows the order – rich versus poor. Amid all this mayhem one man stands out as a leader serving his people. I’ll leave off mentioning his name again here. The point I want citizens to consider is, why does Europe have any say at all in Syria?

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.