18.02.2017 Author: Phil Butler

How Dumb Does a Globalist “Thinker” Have to Be?

231231231231Who from the Czech Republic follows Lockheed Martin on social media? Well, Atlantic Council experts to begin with. A recent Atlantic Council article by Jakub Janda and Ilyas Sharibzhanov caught my attention in my pursuit of the real “Fake News” perpetrators. If CNN is the broadcast tabloid champion of world media, then the Atlantic Council is bidding to become the “Fake Thinkers” of the world. Here’s how dumb the globalist lies have become.

If the title “Six Outrageous Lies Russian Disinformation Peddled about Europe in 2016” doesn’t blast warning alarms down your brainstem, you should stop reading right here. You are too far gone, the global cartel has you by the medulla oblongata. For those of you either entertained or fascinated by lairs who call everyone else liars, read on to find out about the unimaginable power of Putin and Russia.

Who still reads articles from Washington think tanks? There are two kinds of people basically. The first kind are pitiful creatures hopelessly umbilical led by vested interests tied to a dying hegemony. The second kind are folks who are simultaneously amazed at the extent of the idiocy, and at the same time fearful of the damage being done by psychopaths. Let me go through these “six” bit of information America’s brightest thinkers consider outrageous. But first it seems important to mention the fact the Atlantic Council piece fits perfectly into this Radio Free Liberty “Power Vertical” news. I add this just in case association with a notorious Cold War propaganda channel matters.

Yes Idiots – Europe is Facing Armageddon of Migration

This “outrageous” point is made by the notorious Putin bashers arguing against the refugee crisis dividing Europe. The nasty part where the Atlantic Council is concerned comes when the authors marginalize a possible rape victim named “Lisa”. The authors claim a 13-year-old girl allegedly being raped by three immigrants was as “cooked up” Russia One TV story. But in reality Russia One simply reported the “alleged” rape, and cited witnesses that for all intents and purposes appear viable. Whether or not this young girl was raped is not the point though. The Atlantic Council contributors misreporting the truth of hundreds or thousands of other girls sexually assaulted across Europe is.

Even Steve Bezos’ leftist “Fake News” outlet the Washington Post was forced to reveal the truth on Cologne and other immigrant crimes. On the “Lisa” rape, Channel One quoted the girl’s aunt on the story, and neither Janda nor Sharibzhanov provided anything disproving the story. Their evidence is a post by an Estonian Putin hater turned Bellingcat (Eliot Higgins) wannabe who “researched” Channel One’s story down to? Don’t to he “thinks” the girl Lisa never existed! Now remember, the Atlantic Council is a “THINK TANK”. These people are pond scum President Trump may have to use Mr. Clean on when the swamp is finally drained. Sorry, this one got me started.

No Idiots – Most Europeans Don’t Care if Crimea is Russia or Chinese

Item two in this “pot calling the kettle black” exercise is about Crimea and European opinions. Using the “big if” as the bases of their evidence, the authors try and tell AC readers Russia is to blame for Europe’s overall apathy over Ukrainian Crimea versus Russian Crimea. Here in Germany, the country that pretty much runs the EU, the opinion is mostly “Where is my schnitzel Gretel?” The average person does not even know where Sevastopol is, and people only have state TC and the BILD on the bakery counter to tell them otherwise. It seems to me an organization as well funded as the Atlantic Council would know the difference between EU policy maker views and the view of the average Lithuanian.

Yes, What Was Bad for Boris Nemtsov Could Have Been Bad for Jo Cox

Picking on Russia One again, our dynamic duo of super sleuths ferret out a news story comparing the murder of British MP Jo Cox to the assassination of Boris Nemtsov in Moscow. Here I don’t even get it. Russia’s First Channel throws out the bit that Cox’s murder could have been tied to the #Brexit vote? Somebody suggested? Let’s move on, after watching BBC One for a few years now, this is ludicrous.

Ukraine Isn’t Part of Europe

At this point in the Atlantic Council story I asked myself; “Are these guys getting paid to write these things? The authors got tired of typing at this “outrageous” point. Let me quote from this section to save time:

“The narrative here is twofold: there is a general European hostility toward Ukraine, which implies that Ukraine belongs in the “Russian sphere” and not in the common European family; at the same time, there is a difficult and complex history behind Polish-Ukrainian relations, which supports the idea of a sort of Russo-Ukrainian unity when compared to Poles, who are more distant from Russia in language, culture, and religion than Ukrainians.”

Yes, you feel me don’t you? They are complete idiots or lazy sellouts or both. Insults, ideas, and supposition used as evidence. Oh brother. The western third of all Russia believes it is part of Europe – hello! Ukraine is west of Russia.

The Atlantic Council Thinks Russia Thinks Latvia Is?

No wonder our world is so goofed up! Who are these guys? This time Janda and Sharibzhanov say Russia believes all of Latvia is fascist. The evidence here is that legendary Donbass freedom fighter “Motorola” was allegedly killed by a Latvian hit man! Wow!

Let me say this. When our dear friends from Pskov, Russia flew to visit us last Summer they had no qualms whatsoever about driving to Riga to fly to Frankfurt since the prices were cheaper. Let that sink in. The Latvia-Russia connection would be wholly solid and friendly if normal people were left in charge. Latvia’s leadership are the fascists. Let’s just be clear. Waffen SS aside, “normal people” are not hired killers.

Yes, Merkel, Hollande, and the EU Are to Blame for Migrant Crisis

I would throw in Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton here, with a dishonorable mention of former French President Nikolas Sarkozy for his desire to kill Muammar Gaddafi. The authors are weary indeed at this point, for they do not even bother to stay on topic, but rather venture off into la-la land and a plug for the new EU counter-propaganda arm funds I guess. Let me quote again:

“The good news is this: Seeing this massive disinformation assault, some Western governments are waking up to seek appropriate responses. There are various counter-measures being implemented by European democracies right now. A comprehensive proposal is available here.”

The link goes to the author’s European Values action plan to combat Russian misinformation, which falls in line with the recent EU Commission ruling to start up a counter-propaganda propaganda machine. The Atlantic Council providing a springboard to these ultra-liberal NGOs is revealing. European Values’ executive director Radko Hokovský is not an observer of the migrant crisis, but one of the minor architects of it. This story from a year ago has Hokovský proclaiming “migrants bringing central Europe closer together”, if you can imagine that.

Watching these globalists’ machinations is both funny and bewildering. Following in the footsteps of Billionaire George Soros, the redeemers of “society” first covet (for instance) the Visegrad Group of countries, and then betray them if total acquiescence is not offered. It should not surprise the reader to learn that Soros’ Open Society Foundations is involved with the European Values think tank and other associates of these Atlantic Council authors.

By the way, it is Ilyas Sharibzhanov who follows Lockheed Martin on his LinkedIn profile. While this is certainly no crime, it is a interesting footnote to go alongside the US Department of Defense, Halliburton and some others.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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