03.02.2017 Author: Phil Butler

Donald Trump Named a Threat to Globalist Elites

767856757European leaders are calling newly elected US President Donald Trump “a threat” now. The American chief executive now joins Russia’s Vladimir Putin and jihadist terrorism as Europe’s biggest boogeymen. It’s only a matter of time before the EU levies sanctions on the people of the United States, or vice versa. The European elites are beset by enemies of global ultra-liberalism, yes indeed.

This week European Council President Donald Tusk and EU Brexit negotiator Guy Verhofstadt just out-and-out labeled Donald Trump as a “threat to the union on par with jihadist terrorism and Vladimir Putin.” Amazingly, Tusk and Verhofstadt are two of the architects of Europe’s crises, Obama era puppets who evangelized the current EU mess in the first place. The former Belgian prime minister Guy Verhofstadt is running for EU president now, which frames his fear monger cries well. To put these two in context, if Washington has a swamp needing draining, Tusk and Verhofstadt are two of Brussels’ biggest, slimiest swamp monsters. The term “rabid liberals” best describes these people. Verhhofstadt’s founded the Spinneli Group, which swears to eradicate nationalism and intergovernmentalism. The group is essentially in favor of government so big and nebulous, that no common person can never hope to understand or oppose it. Looking at the list of members of this group reveals all that is wrong with Europe, and every unsolved problem the people here face.

Elmar Brok, the man they call “Mr. Bertelsmann”, he’s there at the Spinneli table. Brok is the EU parliamentarian behind the spanking new EU Army legislation, and the counter-propaganda legislation that names Russia’s leadership, media, and her church as equivalent to terrorists. He is joined by other players in the symphony of European disaster like Monica Frassoni, who champions far-left causes across the board. Frassoni is the Italian version of mad, mad, Hillary Clinton or another leftist madwoman you can name. She writes for the Huffington Post about the evil Trump, pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia, pro-transgenderism, pro-anything that involves zombified dopamine addicts running the streets of Europe. In the sense these people are the rabid wild animals of Alice’s socialist wonderland, Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin definitely are the threat. She’s only a bit player though.

The Spinneli Group’s most prestigious member was Ulrich Beck, the renowned sociologist who passed away in 2015. Beck was one of the modern architects of something known as “cosmopolitanism”, a utopian idealism based on humanity sharing one shared morality. The problem with Beck’s or Elmar Brok’s adherence to this social ideal is inherent in the question; “Who establishes this collective morality?” Once again, Donald Trump and Vladmir Putin stand out as threats. That is, they and their constituents are “threats” if the “morals” they represent do not match those of the “EU Cosmopolitans”. And herein resides my conclusion.

To the people currently running the European Union everyone who disagrees with their “vision” of society is a threat. The United Kingdom is now a threat, since Brexit occurred. Russia is a threat, since Vladimir Putin did not decree daily LGBT parades on Red Square, since Russians did not accept atheism wholeheartedly. The Greeks and Romanians and Spaniards and the Portuguese are threats too, if they do not swallow their austerity medicine like good little satraps. Yes, the EU really is just a vehicle to empower Germany, and any nation or leader who argues is threatening Germany’s banker elites.

I did say that, didn’t I? The reader surely wonders underneath all this, if Germany really lost in World War II? Standing back and looking down at Earth, when exactly did global domination for the 1% of Europe cease as a goal? Did the demise of Adolf Hitler signal the end of a globalist idea? Ah, more questions arise the longer one takes a distant view of these things. Donald Trump is a threat! Yes indeed! The question is, “a threat to what exactly?”

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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