01.02.2017 Author: Phil Butler

Donald Trump Versus Google and the Shadow Government

5434324234Google, the mega-tech giant that did everything possible to see Hillary Clinton in the White House may be “over” soon. Per news from Bloomberg, President Donald Trump’s executive order on limiting immigration from some countries has decimated the world’s biggest name in search. Google Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai has raised his hands in despair.

When are Google, Facebook, Microsoft and the cabal of ultra-liberal money machines going to give the rest of us a break? This is what I have to say about Pichai’s grandstanding on Mr. Trump’s decree to temporarily stop people from seven Muslim nations from entering the US for 90 days. Now Google expects the world at large to believe it runs off the brain power of rocket scientists from Syria, Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Yemen and Libya? While the US president takes the wise road toward vetting who comes and goes from Muslim nations, Sundar Pichai makes use of owned mainstream media to register still more protests. Yes, the new socialists in America are led by the likes of top Googlers and Bill Gates wannabes, we all know this. But this is thick indeed.

Once again a mysterious insider who refused to be named leaked “facts” Google employees affected by the Homeland Security moves of Friday. Already Google and the others have their legal eagles all over the situation. Bloomberg also reported on Facebook Inc. Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg voicing his “concern” over Mr. Trump’s moves, and Microsoft Corp. made a securities filing on cautioning investors that immigration restrictions “may inhibit our ability to adequately staff our research and development efforts.” The message is clear as always, the liberal technocrats intend leveraging the investor set against Trump and any move at nationalism. But here’s what I have to say.

Pichai and his handlers Sergey Brin, Larry Page, and Eric Schmidt had best consider the other side of this Trump coin. Half of America vehemently supported Donald Trump for many of the reasons Silicon Valley and Wall Street seem to hate him. “Half” of three hundred million people either buy or do not buy products of these companies. Furthermore, Mr. Trump holds the toilet flusher on a vast information network now, and information network that can eradicate corporate misdeeds ultimately. I think Google execs had better consider who they were in bed with during the Obama administration, who they betrayed, and what shady deals were made. Even on the “up and up” Trump and the hordes sick unto death of the 1% rabble, can create initiatives to compete with Google and the others. In fact, I would not be surprised if Trump is not already at this. Google needs a competitor, and so do the others.

Maybe this is the whole point. What if the technocrats and Hollywood set were so in bed with Washington that their greatest fears are come true? What if the inevitable “swamp draining” sees them down the tubes? Now that explains a lot of liberal tooth gnashing and George Soros rallies, doesn’t it? It also explains the whining and crying that is now stretched so thin. Google cannot be operated without its brilliant Syrian and Libyan geniuses. Just for fun, I searched Google’s 73,329 employees on LinkedIn for people in these countries. Guess how many I found in Libya? None and none in Syria, Somalia, Sudan either. From Yemen there is a Googler named Rashad AL-Khmisy, who is manager of Google Developer Group (GDG) Sana’a, Yemen. He’s also associated with Greenpeace, so I am sure they will be drafting press releases soon, as should Jimmy Wales and Wikimedia Foundation. Interestingly, I found this Googler active at TEDxSanaa, and sponsored by none other than USAID and the Yemen Kuwaiti Bank (YKB). Granted AL-Khmisy seems harmless enough even after some scrutiny, and not even the 20 or so Iranian people attached to Google seem like head choppers to me. What is alarming is how Google seems to be setting up a kind of “sanctuary” ecosystem inside the United States. The Bloomberg headline, “Google Recalls Staff to U.S. After Trump Immigration Order” screams this. With Mr. Trump confronting so-called “sanctuary cities” where Hillary Clinton voters rule, now it appears those that profited most from US taxpayers and customers now want a new kind of civil war. It’s almost as if there is a shadow government running in the background.

I’ll tell you what my friends, if these technocrats are running a shadow control cabal in the background, President Trump needs to smack them down hard, and smack them down now. I’ve watched these people consume innovation, ideas, and resources like firewood the last 20 years. Just the other day a Google product manager came to my Facebook profile to call me a traitor. And this, right in front of my wife, kids, friends, and so on. Imagine what that means, for a higher up in Seattle to just come out and assail somebody for a moderate view on Russia and Putin. But things are getting worse, CNN and other mainstream media are in knock-down-drag-out war with the new president over who is lying. Clearly CNN and the others have presented us all with “Fake News” out the wazoo these last years. Unsubstantiated allegations fly today like silica in a sandstorm. Now this from Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. I hope President Trump shows America once and for all just who’s been misleading whom.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.