31.01.2017 Author: Gordon Duff

America’s Media War Scam

546345234234234234There is no news reporting in America other than the White House and the “humiliated” media, bantering back and forth like spoiled children. The media didn’t need an administration known around the world for lying thru its teeth, and it took only a few days to establish that, to discredit it. The mainstream media has long been in a funk, dancing a tune for its corporate owners and their alliances.

Now the media is trying to recreate itself through a well-orchestrated dance with the likes of Kelly Conway and Elliot Spicer, the spokespeople for the Trump circus, the media nobody trusts and the president nobody wanted, dominating every news cycle with childishness and triviality.

What is being left out is reporting on the real issues. Why is American pushing Hillary Clinton’s “no fly zones” in Syria? Why has American already confronted Russia on this vital issue, a “redline” for both Moscow and Damascus?

Why is the drone war against Yemen still going on? What is happening in Afghanistan, is that war ongoing as well or has America, as promised, abandoned its Kabul based narco-state?

Why is Trump, whose personal moral history is beyond redemption, issuing broad bans on women’s health initiatives around the world, why is he catering to America’s Talibanesque pseudo-Christian doomsday cults?

What has also become clear is that there is no replacement healthcare plan in the wings. The key provision of Obamacare was the requirement that Americans with “pre-existing conditions,” in most cases a history of cancer, could not have their insurance cancelled, as was the policy prior to Obamacare.

You see, in America, without a government regulated and controlled healthcare industry and strong oversight of insurers, all of whom are among the worst of the worst of the bankster criminal elites, lifesaving treatments for serious diseases are and have long been classified as “not allowed” or “experimental.”

For instance, if a knee is injured in an automobile accident, the treatment insurers prefer, rather than expensive knee replacement surgery is giving out a cane or walker or even wheelchair. Insurers considered expensive surgery as “elective,” and walking an “option” and “luxury.”

For cancer sufferers, nearly 30% of Americans, many insurers were limiting treatments to the least expensive and most toxic chemotherapy and refusing to pay for therapies to treat the effects of cancer treatment itself, a major killer on its own.

For those without insurance, and this is key to understand, that if there is a history of cancer, even buying an insurance policy prior to Obamacare, there would be no treatment for recurrence of cancer, and recurrence of cancer is the primary cause of early death in the United States.

Cancer patients with poor or no insurance account for 40% of bankruptcies in the United States and recent laws pushed by the GOP have made it impossible for those filing “cancer bankruptcies” to retain ownership of property, of automobiles or even meager retirement accounts.

Of course, none of this is being reported by the media, not when the daily news involves a president who throws screaming fits over photographs showing empty stands during his inauguration or silences a dozen agencies while he passes an executive order that allows lobbyists to alter scientific studies funded by the government if they are damaging to clients.

No, we aren’t kidding. NASA climate studies can now be altered, the data changed, the imagines censored, turned over to lawyers working for the coal industry. That is a Trump executive order and nothing was said about it.

While the press is talking about its freedoms being limited while it now enjoys record readership and viewership as it descends into the gutter with Trump and his operatives, dominating and overshadowing real news, that “never spoken of” task of government, protecting citizens from crime, is shelved.

You see, the first agency to fall was the Environmental Protection Agency. The war between big polluters, be they pig farms, mines dumping cyanide, frackers poisoning entire aquifers, waste companies dumping off our harbors or beaches, there can be no regulation without establishing the danger through scientific study. If industries wish to fill the air with toxic solvents, formerly long proven dangerous carcinogens, the science once used to protect the public is now subject to “alternative facts” and the studies to alteration or total censorship.

Those who complain are to be terrorists, subject to the new government mandated torture laws.

Not a word of this is reported, not while comedy hosts and America’s top journalists, all pretty nameless with few exceptions, fight what has to be recognized as a sitzkreig or “war without a war” aimed at humiliating, not each other, not Trump, not the press, but humiliating the American people.

Americans erased their history long ago, a “rewrite” financed by the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations after World War II. Where I live, Northern Ohio, 150 years ago was a massive swamp, drained by Irish immigrants who died by the hundreds of yellow fever. The Irish were used because they were worth less than slaves and it was more economical to kill them off.

Ohio, of course is a Native American name, as is the name of my town, Maumee, even my street has a Native American name. What we don’t have is “Native Americans,” they were killed off as well, most of them.

Then the railroads came, built by Chinese laborers, who were starved and killed as well, just like the “Indians” or Irish or the African slaves.

After the turn of the 19th century, industrials brought shiploads of Hungarians and Poles into Detroit, Toledo, Chicago and other cities, to defeat the trade unions. Deals were cut with the Mafia and later with the FBI, to allow exploitation of these workers, slave wages, dangerous working conditions, those who spoke up had their doors kicked down, lynchings, killings.

Author Sinclair Lewis wrote of this in his 1906 novel, The Jungle, once required reading for all American students, but no more.

Today we hunt down our estimated 8 million Arab Americans, a nasty and dangerous minority that is the best educated and most law abiding in America. Before that it was the Jews and may well be again, if the “alt-right” gets its way.

This is where the media failed long ago, perhaps why Americans allowed their political system to be hijacked in the first place, and more than possibly it was no accent at all.

If it was bad before, hold on because things are going to get worse in a hurry.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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