04.01.2017 Author: Grete Mautner

Year of the Lame Duck No More

2342312312After seeing a very difficult year off, Europe and other regions of the world have been celebrating the new years in hopes that it may bring a positive change to their lives.

According to the Eastern calendar, each year has its own patron – one of the twelve Zodiac animals. Oddly enough, the year of Fire Monkey was patroned by a totally different animal – a lame duck. It’s sad but true that Barack Obama has brought nothing but shame and dishonor to the West, while being unable to leave a single positive memory about him. But at least one can be fairly certain that the next year will be patroned by the tenth sign of the Chinese horoscope – the Red Rooster, that is a fairly interesting animal.

As for America’s lame duck, we’ve seen enough of his gifts, among which one can find countless armed conflicts, poverty and death, along with uncontrolled migration flows heading to Europe! After all, according to the Cato Institute, Obama will be the only president who ever served two full terms in office while constantly being at war. But he still received the Nobel Peace Prize regardless of this fact.

It’s curious that a rooster is often mentioned in Russian fairy tales, so one can be pardoned for comparing Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, who refused to expel US diplomats in response to the provocative actions of Washington, with a Red Rooster.

As for the future of the lame duck, the year 2017 is going to be pretty cruel to the former hope of American people. Just recently a banner featuring Barack Obama and the words “Goodbye Murderer” was hung on the Arlington Memorial Bridge by unnamed activists, just a mile away from the Pentagon building. It won’t be an exaggeration to state that hundreds of thousands of people across the world demand to take away Barack Obama’s Nobel Prize for Peace and establish an international court that will try him for all the war crimes that he committed!

As for the European future, the above mentioned Cato Institute notes that the first post-modern empire against the will of its own people has been misguided. In fact, the European Post-Modern Project is turning out to be politically unsustainable. When the moderates and centrists who for so long dominated European politics proved unwilling to represent their peoples, those peoples found other, less respectable politicians to do so. The question no longer is how fast will postmodern continental government emerge, the question is becoming what form of continental government can survive for long?

But what is particularly remarkable is that the year of the Red Rooster will mark the end of Russophobia as a tool of foreign policy that has been employed by Washington, London, Paris, Kiev and a number of Baltic countries on the regular basis. One can already witness drastic changes within a number of European political elites, which may soon result in the de-escalation of the so-called New Cold War, that would effectively prevent the next major conflict from occurring any time soon. Those processes have already started in Germany and France, where the absolute majority of the population has already had the time to savor empty populist promises of the sitting elites that are responsible for the failure of social policies and the rapid public security deterioration.

Grete Mautner is an indepenent researcher and journalist from Germany, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.