23.12.2016 Author: Phil Butler

CNN, Turncoats, Terrorists, and the Obama Plan

4534234234An op-ed allowed on CNN’s website reveals once and for all the mission of the network with regard to unrest in the Middle East. “Why we lost Aleppo”, by Abdul Jabbar al Aqidi, puts the voice of a mercenary led regime change up for scrutiny. Most people stopped trusting CNN some years back, but making space for jihadist rebels and ISIL collaborators cuts it.

When I read the headline above as I scanned Google News for today’s mainstream insanity, I thought my eyes had deceived me at first. Aleppo having just been liberated from head chopping maniacs Washington liars call moderates, the narrative came a shade too soon. A former Syrian Military Colonel turned traitor joins CNN in placing blame now. But the blame game we’re accustomed to is not the story here. The identity of CNN’s contributor is. With the same sellout networks that tried to sell us Hillary still spewing lies like AK 47 fire at us all, finding out Abdul Jabbar al Aqidi is in with ISIL too, this is stunning.

The CNN expert Abdul Jabbar al Aqidi who claims he and the rest of the Free Syrian Army took over 70 neighborhoods of Aleppo with less than 500 men, now attempts to cover his own backside by telling of ISIL stabbing FSA in the back. This interview with Abdul Jabbar al Aqidi obtained by LiveLeak frames the Colonel formerly sworn to President Assad, as a staunch supporter of the infamous terrorist group.

Now the good colonel uses CNN to distance himself from a jihadist revolution, back by the United States and NATO, that is falling apart. However, the credibility of CNN, combined with the officer’s past associations with members of Ghurabaa al-Sham brigade, casts this CNN author in a “true news” light. For those unfamiliar, the Ghurabaa al-Sham brigade mentioned in this Reuters story from June, 2013, it’s a Turkish and Eastern bloc jihadist group known to have smuggled foreign fighters to Iraq, to have intervened in Lebanon during the 2007 Lebanon conflict, to have fought in Syria from Aleppo. Looking farther into the man’s associations we find the snake’s nest of special interests from Turkey, the Kurds, the YPG, and a network of self-proclaimed ministers and back stabbing opportunists that makes Washington DC look like Disney World.

The “rats are deserting” the terrorism ship in the deserts of Syria today. Seeking the next shred of cover from President Assad’s, Russia’s, and Iran’s forces is the latest mission objective. One ISIL’s cheerleader, now Abdul Jabbar al Aqidi is cozied up with the YPG and the Americans intent on taking and holding Raqqa. The goal there being the partitioning of Syria into two parts. First, Damascus and Aleppo blown to bits and with no oil. Then a free Kurdistan to the east, with the American military holding the ISIL stronghold at Raqqa, and the east side of the Euphrates. One does not have to be have a PhD in geo-politics to understand the geography or the US mission. This C-SPAM clip shows Senator Lindsey Graham Defense Secretary Ash Carter, and General Dunford on their “overt” plans for Syria and Assad. Underneath, within the texts of the voluminous National Defense Authorization Act for 2017 (PDF) just passed by the Senate and House, limited permissions for giving MANPADs to “vetted” Syrian opposition forces, and provisions for bolstering a free Kurdistan are in place. And for those among you unconvinced Syria is Barack Obama’s Iraq, the following text from the bill now before him should suffice:

“The Secretary of Defense, in consultation with the 15 Commissioner of the Internal Revenue Service and the Di- 16 rector of the Bureau of Economic Analysis, shall post on 17 the public Internet website of the Department of Defense 18 the costs to each United States taxpayer of each of the 19 wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.”

“And Syria”, as worded by the leadership Americans chose to represent us. This story is an outrage, but no worse than ongoing CNN propaganda aimed at covering the Obama/Liberal cause we now see festering as a wound on America. CNN is knowingly putting this colonel of mercenaries on display in my opinion. This video of Abdul Jabbar al Aqidi taking payments in US $100 dollar bills is just all wrong. The man cannot keep his mittens off the stacks of “Benjamins”.

Portrayed as the “Savior of Kabani” by some, it is said he fled he fled Qusayr and was allied to ISIS in other battles. The man who once told his FSA comrades “If we can, we will wipe out the YPG”, is now in cahoots? CNN knows how to pick its contributors, that’s all I can say. CNN allowing this shadowy figure space to air FSA and jihadist laundry before the American people is skullduggery at its lowest, or malfeasance one. For those interested, here is the colonel in another FSA explanation of the lost battle Safira. Here he is again in a report on the Saudis and Americans stepping up aid to anti-Assad forces back in 2013. I need not carry on here, for me CNN is a traitorous network rife with subversion and covering for entities beneath the public scrutiny. But they it is not alone in its misinformation and corporate-government propaganda these days.

On Abdul Jabbar al Aqidi and his role for US policy I’ll leave off with this. The Reuters images in this story on Irish Times speaks volumes about this Aleppo situation we see ending now. In the photograph, the colonel is shown next to a mortar firing from east Aleppo aimed at the west or Assad side of things. Forget for a moment the story is about Secretary of State John Kerry and coordinating with leaders of the rebels like Jabbar al Aqidi. Focus instead on who will be underneath that mortar round. Let this sink in for a moment. Now that you can imagine dead innocents under all the armaments in this war, consider this. This CNN contributor is a stereotypical figure almost like the warlords moviegoers first saw in films like Lawrence of Arabia. This man switches sides like he changes clothes. “Slippery” is the best way to describe the Free Syrian Army, the White Helmets, and the media networks that help them bury the truth of regime change. In this 2015 story Abdul Jabbar al Aqidi is doing President Obama’s Syria work helping get the Kurds to join the fray. And this is the sort of “rebel” the American administration would have us set in place of Syria’s Assad.

Stay tuned to more from CNN, the network that aids all kinds of terrorists.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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