19.12.2016 Author: Phil Butler

Good Riddance: A Final Upside-down Salute to Barack Obama

342342131312Barack Obama is a superhero. The outgoing President of the United States is a badass, epic, omnipotent harbinger for justice, truth, and the American way. In his own mind.

When RT America called me yesterday to give comment on President Obama’s final press conference, I was busy decorating our office Christmas tree. For once I was inclined to say no. Then I recalled the policies this president formulated, conjured, and evangelized to the people of my country and the world. The ornaments had to wait, I thought “If this man can deliver another pack of lies for some Americans, then I can speak my tiny bit for the others.” Today the New York Times and the other media owned by the western elites is trying to make an immortal out of a little obedient penguin of a leader.

The story of yesterday is a one I think millions of Americans can identify with. In fact, I think most of the people who supported Donald Trump over the criminal psychopath Hillary Clinton will be in a moment of Déjà Vu when they read it. All of us come up against the same wall eventually. I am talking about the place where a person who has seen and heard enough arrives as a wall of security, safety, and moderation. My wife is a PR expert you see, and when I told her about the upcoming interview she gave sound council. “Don’t insult President Obama. Tell the people he is not a believer in what he says. Tell them what you think without being angry or unhinged”, she said. “He deserves respect”, she went on. Like I said, sound public relations counselling before an interview. Only Barack Obama is not deserving, here’s why.

Yesterday the New York Times ran a story entitled “Obama Confronts Complexity of Using a Mighty Cyberarsenal Against Russia”. The story is written by one of journalism’s most respected authors, Pulitzer Prize winning David E. Sanger. Ordinarily this author’s awards, accolades, and accomplishments would serve to lend great credibility to our subject’s plight. There’s only one problem, Sanger bats for the same team as Obama. He is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Aspen Strategy Group, right alongside some of the evilest warmongers and destroyers in the history of humanity. The reason I focus on the author is because Barack Obama is not “confronting” or “perplexed” by America’s cyber capabilities, he and the author are two of the developers and operators of it. The New York Times story is a lie, as is most of what you read or view about Barack Obama. Sanger is a good example to show how the men and women behind Washington control “the mission”. To understand this one only needs to glean the “missions” of these various think tanks and groups. Take the Aspen Institute for instance.

Aspen Strategy Group is a membership-based forum made up of current and former policymakers, academics, journalists, and business leaders bent on exploring the preeminent foreign policy and national security challenges facing the United States. People like former Secretary of State under Bill Clinton, Madeleine Albright are a haunting and fearsome talisman for ASG. Albright is a Russia hater only surpassed in her hatefulness by President Carter’s NSA man, the now notorious Zbigniew Kazimierz Brzezinski. Make no mistake, Cold War dinosaurs with giant talons still orchestrate in Washington. But this is another story, let’s stay focused on Mr. Obama via the cloak western journalism adorns him with. Back to Sanger’s piece, the lead paragraph is brilliant. Brilliant if you are on the new-fascist ultra-liberal team, that is:

“Over the past four months, American intelligence agencies and aides to President Obama assembled a menu of options to respond to Russia’s hacking during the election, ranging from the obvious — exposing President Vladimir V. Putin’s financial ties to oligarchs — to the innovative, including manipulating the computer code that Russia uses in designing its cyberweapons.”

“A menu of options”, this instills the reader with a sense of the “shock and awe” of what these people created. That NSA-Google-Facebook network that spies on us all, its awesome, yes awesome. Now that you agree, the skillful Sanger makes concrete the “Putin did it” propaganda. Evil oligarchs are thrown in for good measure, and more badass capability is there too, as if Sanger is proud of what his colleagues have created. And well he should be, for they almost put a raging maniac in office to deliver America the final coup de grace. Beneath all this subterfuge is a diabolical truth though. This New York Times story, I believe, is not an editorial aimed at theorizing Obama’s coming strategy against alleged cyberwarfare, it’s a recommendation being tested on the public. I began my story by telling you Barack Obama is not worthy of respect. Now I can show you why.

One of the biggest weaknesses a person who seeks omnipotent power can have is vanity. Pride betrays the inner cause, the essence of reasoning in human beings always ties to the self. Barack Obama, his journalistic colleagues like Sanger, even the decaying urchins behind like George Soros give themselves away in arrogance and underlying agendas. Take a look again at the NYTs article, there within the proud typing a name appears, the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs. Like me, you probably never heard of this think tank at Harvard, what with so many think tanks doing our thinking for us. America’s oversite on these institutions and the people within them is our harbinger though. We are expected to believe that Barack Obama is at once perplexed by all this ultimate power, and at the same time the angel of vengeance of America? The New York Times journalist cannot resist cluing us via a recollection form a meetup his beloved Belfer Center sponsored. Citing David H. Petraeus, this quote reflects the out-and-out arrogance and idiocy of these people. This is what Obama means when he spews about “who we are” and “how we roll”:

“Is there something we can do to them, that they would see, they would realize 98 percent that we did it, but that wouldn’t be so obvious that they would then have to respond for their own honor? “The question is how subtle do you want it, how damaging do you want it, how do you try to end it here rather than just ratchet it up?”

Some of you will be all caught up on where I am now. “Who the hell do these people think they are?” This is my take on Obama and his ilk. This is not how America rolls, this is not who I am by God. These people do not speak for me or for hundreds of millions of decent folk. Let me move on before I break my keyboard.

In eight years President Barack Obama has accomplished no singular good for the people who gave him his caveat to power. His entire presidency has been a giant, ongoing, Machiavellian lie. Our own sanity was tested when he received the Novel Peace Prize. Then when he dumped on the Copenhagen Climate Summit, our silence further empowered. BP almost killed the Gulf of Mexico, and his Coast Guard command under Admiral Thad Allen lied and covered up the extent. Having sworn to close the black stain on America in Guantanamo, he lied there too. Even the Fukushima disaster bears evidence of Obama administration cover-ups and impropriety. The list of Obama disasters is too lengthy to begin to list here. Arab Spring, Libya, Syria, the Saudi massacres and ISIL support, a resurgent Taliban in Afghanistan, back stabbing the Russian, NATO forward, spying on allies, Obamacare, insult, injury, and America fracked, fragmented, and on the edge of being a Godless oligarchy.

From Solyndra and “Fast and Furious” to direct aggression against Russia and his so-called “arm twisting”, what the world has witnessed the last eight years is not the work of someone to be respected. Barack Obama is one of those rare people one meets who is deserving of a slap across his face. A fist is always reserved for someone respected enough to give due. Obama is beneath America, beneath us all if the truth be told.

No president in history has had such unparalleled support or resource. Under Obama, with the help of a waiting world, $10 trillion dollars in useless borrowing might have altered the human course for the positive, but it did not. What Barack Obama might have accomplished is his legacy for me. Instead of creating 2,000 more billionaires, this president might have wielded his mightiness like a man on his own mission. No, Barack Obama chose the easy course instead, dancing to the puppet strings of Wall Street. What’s far worse than stabbing the Russians in their backs, more impactful then printing bribe money from the US Treasury for allegiances or weapons, is the man’s manner in trashing our reputation. Gloating, bragging, touchdown dancing his way across the world stage America’s outgoing president quips his mediocrity and malice with; “I’ll Pass My Own Laws”, calling fellow Americans “bitter” gun clingers on, the London Obama portraits, “Israel Doesn’t Know What Its Best Interests Are”, the selfie at Nelson Mandela’s funeral, “those against gun control just want kids to die”, the IRS targeting Obama enemies, and on his family’s $100 million dollar Africa safari vacation – “A great bang for our buck”. Trust me, the evidence on this man’s narcissism and unimpeded self-worth is limitless by now.

The people who put Obama in office, the “team” he bats for, the unwitting Americans who supported or stuck their heads in the sand, they spit in the face of “who we are”. The man threatened to attack Syria even without Congressional approval if you will remember. Please recall how many times Barack Obama made use of the brave, the downtrodden, the young, the old, and how he became whatever chameleon identity the people wanted to see. Obama is a method actor, and not even a very nice human being in my book. He can disrespect his US Marine Guard, and we must accept it. He can launch a drone strike on some poor bastard in a desert somewhere, then laugh about it. He can tell the Russian president he’d “deal” once he gets elected, then backpedal and push to stick ABM weapons in Eastern Europe, take over Ukraine for NATO, help create terror, do whatever his handlers want!

Now that the silent Americans who usually stay home voted Donald Trump president, the powers behind Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton have gone stark raving mad. Obama meets with the German toy Angela Merkel, and the both “warn” Trump on how Europe works? Vladimir Putin is the cause of all this bad, all the ill that threatens the world, everything is somebody else’s fault!

Barack Obama is a sad excuse. The saddest thing is not his warmongering. His worst crime is not padding the pockets of Silicon Valley billionaires, nor is his peddling of madman George Soros’ poison. Dismantling America’s Constitution, creating a morally deprived playground out of his country, clowning when others suffer, even getting valiant American soldiers killed is not cause to disrespect a US president. No, the reason my sweet and smart wife is wrong about respecting the president is not because of mistakes. Barack Obama is an unrepentant failure in leading his people. This is why he should be shunned, why he should leave the White House with his tail tucked between his legs. Instead the New York Times, CNN, the major networks, the sellout news, the Jeff Bezos types who bought up media, and the crazy liberals must prop him up. The empowered must have their champion intact.

No. Barack Obama betrayed America in no uncertain terms. He could have stood up, he decided to go along. He could have paved the steady way, but he caved in to the empowered self indulgers. He could have made peace and prosperity for all, instead he shunned billions of people in favor of a few. Barack Obama could have made us all proud to be Americans, instead he showed the world our vilest characteristics, our worst sportsmanship and fair play, and how “we” are worth more than “them”. A good man does not respect such things, he despises them. I lost respect for Barack Obama not for his mistakes, but for the vast possibility he left in the dirt.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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