06.12.2016 Author: Grete Mautner

Failed Politicians and the Failed Decisions That They Make

342342312312334523123123123No matter how hard the representatives of the Western political elites cling to power, the ultimate judge, that is, the history of mankind will put ever event in the right order. And no amount of undeserved international awards, like the Nobel Peace Prize that Obama won, or foolish lies will serve as an excuse for one’s failed policies.

Among the “contenders” in the failed policies of the decade nomination one can find David Cameron that was forced to resign once the Brexit referendum results were announced. Cameron has done virtually nothing to improve the economic and social conditions that his fellow countrymen face on the daily basis, even though the Tories had allegedly started so-called “reforms” a long time ago.

It’s curious that Barack Obama’s policies proved equally disastrous, which resulted in the US Democratic party losing the recent presidential election. As for his attempt to hide the role that his administration played in the destruction of hundreds of thousands of human lives across the Middle East, Africa and other regions of the world, it has only manifested what kind of a loser he is. The failed attempts of US economic expansion, namely the Trans-Pacific and Trans-Atlantic partnerships has left him no praise to reap as well.

It’s only logical then that the announcement that President Barack Obama has been discussing a post-presidential career in digital media and is considering launching his own media company – a show streaming on Netflix, a web series on a comedy site or something else, came as no surprise for anyone.

The political career of Obama’s armour-bearer that is also known to the world as the French President Francois Holland has been equally unremarkable. Under these circumstances one can hardly blame the French Le Figaro for calling him a politician that nobody would be able to remember. Five years in a row the alleged representative of the French people was dancing to America’s tune, instead of voicing his own position. Now he’s leaving the political stage looking exactly the same as when he entered it – a man in an oversized suit, wearing a twisted tie, Le Figaro notes. His fellow Frenchmen associate him with the laughable narcissistic book that he wrote, the drastic rise of unemployment and the rapidly diminishing role of France in European and international affairs.

Well, at least one can argue that Merkel is no better politician, while she’s been entrusted with leading the economic engine of Europe – Germany.The Wall Street Journal notes that a long life for politicians, rarely spells happiness. Gone are the days when a star-struck media anointed her queen or empress of Europe. Her legendary skills at reading the winds has finally failed her as Germany is being drowned in refugees. That is why Merkel faces a set of perfect storms just as her grip on power at home is waning: the “hard” Brexit, the de facto death of “Schengenland” and the euro on the brink. The Wall Street Journal argues that Germany has always been the strongest, but never strong enough to go alone, but it’s unlikely that it is going to receive any kind of support from the Trumpist America now.

And even though Merkel is skillfully playing her cards in a bid to get reelected, by taking down her sole political contender – Frank-Walter Steinmeier, her chances of staying in power look rather slim.

The recent string of events has shown that the two-party system that prevailed in most Western states for a long while has failed them. What this system effectively meant was that the ruling elites were retaining all power, while being unable to provide an adequate answer to the challenges that their countries faced. Alternative political movements are now gaining a massive public support for this reason alone, since they are prepared to address such challenges like the looming global financial crisis, conflicts along Europe’s borders (namely in Ukraine, Syria and Libya) and the unprecedented migration flows. The EU is on its last legs now, with the delusional eastward expansion, crumbling quality of life and its massive bureaucratic machine.

Who’s to blame then? The answer is obvious, the above mentioned failed politicians and the failed decisions that they made. What they don’t understand, however, that there’s a growing public outrage that will sweep them all, and it’s coming.

Grete Mautner is an indepenent researcher and journalist from Germany, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.