08.11.2016 Author: Grete Mautner

Will the Criminal Election Leave the L Sign on the Forehead of Every American Adult?

3423412312312It won’t be too much of an exaggeration to state that the latest presidential election in the United States exposed the criminal nature of America’s ruling elites more than any other event in the US history. Western journalist would love to claim that such statements are nothing but some kind of response to the blatant propaganda campaign they’ve unleashed against a number of US competitors on the international stage, including Russia and China, but still the moods of the US population and the absolute majority of international players can be summarized in this first sentence. As for confirmations of this fact that, one would hardly have a hard time searching those.

The NBCNews would point in one of its articles:

From now through Election Day and beyond, NBC News is tracking reports of voting problems and irregularities. That includes claims of fraud or intimidation, long wait times, machine snafus, controversies over counting votes and anything else that could threaten the right to vote or the integrity of the process.

This channel would note that a new report on civil rights in the US would find a widespread effort to close polling placesin counties with a history of racial discrimination in voting. In turn, The Federalist notes that this week liberals have been continuously repeating their frequent claim that voter fraud doesnt exist, in spite of the rapidly mounting number of cases of this very fraud being reported. In Colorado, multiple instances were found of dead people attempting to vote. In Virginia, it was found that voter applications were turned in under the names of dead people. In Texas, authorities are investigating criminals who are using the technique of “vote harvesting” to illegally procure votes for their candidates. “Harvesting” is the practice of illegally obtaining the signatures of valid voters in order to vote in their name without their consent for a candidate.

Voter fraud cases are also being reported by the FoxNews, The Washington Times, The New York Times. In turn, the CBS News has recently released its polling results, that show that more than eight in ten voters saying the campaign has left them repulsed rather than excited, with media toxicity making the whole “democratic process” repugnant. In a grim preview of the discontent that may cloud at least the outset of the next presidents term, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are seen by a majority of voters as unlikely to bring the country back together after this bitter election season.

The Foreign Policy Journal is convinced that ruling elites are impotent to uphold the legitimacy of the election process, while the Oligarchy that rules America intends to steal the presidential election, while Western media remain biased in the eyes of most Americans, the CNSNews reports.

The Most Important News says that no matter who wins, the absolute majority of the US population will lose, which will only aggravate the probability of widespread protests across the country once the election ends.

The notorious alternative media source Opednews.com would note:

The attacks on civil liberties and human rights are at the core of the American profit-driven, hierarchically-based governing system, exemplifying the bipartisan collusion of the elites against regular Americans. Much has been written about the unprecedented inequality in the United States. But how can a system maintain legitimacy while riddled with such gross corruption and inequality?

In turn, the WSWS would describe the latest election campaign as a mockery, while stressing the fact that nothing will be resolved in the crisis of the twoparty system, since both the Republicans and the Democrats are only interested in scandals, instead of discussing what matters the most for an average American like constant overseas wars, social inequaity and the rapidly diminishing set of rights a US citizen can still exercise. Therefore, the two most unpopular candidates in the US history are still despised by the absolute majority of the population, so the election result will be seen as illegitimate no matter what.

The Foreign Policy Journal is not afraid to describe the favorite of the election race – Hillary Clinton as a war criminal, that should have had no chance to be elected at all.

Against this background it’s clear that there’s absolutely no difference who will get an upper and in the end, since American won’t recognize him or her as its legitimate representative, which will only aggravate the detoriation of the US authority on the international stage. Are we bound to witness the complete collapse of the “American-style democracy” on the back of this election race, since the it has obviously hit the rock bottom this November?

Grete Mautner is an indepenent researcher and journalist from Germany, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.