26.10.2016 Author: Phil Butler

Under the Big Top – America’s Three Rings of Evil Clowns

342342131231As an American, someone raised to believe truth and justice will prevail, I am appalled at the foreign and domestic policies of my country’s government. The level and scope of the deceit with which the Obama administration has laid out onto the world stage is embarrassing. For the first time in my 61 years I realize why some figures in our history were ashamed of being known as American. Our leaders have shamed us, done irreparable damage to our heritage and our legacy as a people, and still most of my countrymen sit idle. America today reminds me of a traveling circus, three rings of evil clowns entertaining a peanut gallery of onlookers. Or are we participant clowns?

For over the better part of Barack Obama’s presidency we’ve witnessed the most respected nation transformed, step-by-step, into one of the most dreaded empires the world has ever known. 300 million people, all their ancestors, and their future generations will pay the overwhelming cost of Obama’s mistakes and malfeasance in office. While I do not personally believe this man is evil, I am sure the people behind him are. The lies, the impact, the unbelievable devastation these people have unwrapped, it spells the end of a perfect dream for humanity. I wonder as I type this, how many people reading it will realize how true my words are.

John Kirby, the spokesperson for the US Department of State is a prototype for all that is wrong with our nation. He is a mirror reflection of Secretary of State John Kerry, who is in turn a further reflection of Barack Obama and the people who stand behind. They lie, cheat, steal, kill, maim, or at best coerce in order to achieve goals their constituency (the people) have no inkling of. All of us knew politicians have always been liars and crooked, but the degree to which we can be betrayed is unheard of today. This press conference on the alleged bombing of Aleppo hospitals by Russia, it is damning, damnable evidence of what I am saying. This is, of course, if one watches intently and then reasons. Compare what Kirby says, with what you have seen or read from the Wall Street Journal or the New York Times. Measure the tone and content of this unique message. Bear with me, and I’ll help you convict these warmongers of their crimes.

The Circus of Liars

I must point out that Barack Obama has had more State Department spokespersons than any president in history. First there was Sean McCormack, from 2005 to 2009, a leftover from the Bush administration. After McCormack’s tour of administration liar in chief, he joined Boeing in 2009 and serves as the as vice president of Communications in Government Operations. McCormack left the Obama administration to more or less help Hillary Clinton and the “click” extend the growth of companies like Boeing. This Washington Post piece (amazingly) condemns both Hillary Clinton and McCormack for their apparent collusion to morph policy into business with, guess who? Why Mother Russia, of course.

Philip J. “P.J.” Crowley made his “deal with the devil” from 2009 to 2011. The 2011-2012 recipient of the General Omar N. Bradley Chair in Strategic Leadership (? The Military ties to State) is a War College bred and reared pentagon puppet. The fact most recent State Department liars are former military begs the question; “Why is our foreign policy institution lined with CIA, spooks, War College graduates and command grade military officers?” Crowley is an interesting example of how our foreign service is infested with war hawks and military industrial minions. To Crowley’s credit, his candidness in the wake of the mistreatment of whistleblower Chelsea Manning, and his subsequent resignation redeemed this old soldier by comparison to his colleagues. He is emblematic of a system that uses good soldiers in order to mislead the people, and to misdirect our policies toward the wrong goals. Crowley is pretty much off the radar now, but somehow still semi-loyal to the Obama-Clinton team. His tweets on Twitter hum the Democratic Party line. He’s now a Fellow at The George Washington University Institute for Public Diplomacy, which means he’s been let out to pasture.

Next we come to Victoria Jane Nuland, the pin-up girl of soulless and reprehensible US bureaucrats. From my perspective, as someone who has covered the Ukraine civil war extensively, Nuland in Kiev reminds me of the worst parts of the rise of Nazi Germany. I cannot possibly be bombastic enough in characterizing this Hillary Clinton spawn. It is not my nature to be unkind, or less than a gentleman, but this woman is no lady. Her hacked conversation, with fellow psychopath, US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt, lives in infamy amidst volumes of horrid US intentions. “Fuck the EU”, along with the clear regime change the Obama White House was behind, should have spelled resignation for this demonic Washington witch. She, and her colleague Pyatt, are complicit in the deaths of thousands of innocent men, women and children in the Donbass. Nuland, who most agree will be Hillary Clinton’s Secretary of State should he reach office, is the most deadly psychopath the American people could possibly put in charge of our foreign service. For the Russians who still have to deal with her, I am sure 20 minutes looking at her is unbearable. This is America fiddling, while our reputation abroad burns. She is the queen of regime change, she and her husband children of the ideology America needs to forcefully alter world governments. This is the “WOW” persona, the caricature of disastrous Washington policy. Don’t take my word, research Nuland starting here, and see where it leads.

Jen Psaki lied so well, and stuck up her nose to the dissenting press so expertly, she graduated the US State Department right up to the White House. Those of us who winced at her nonchalant misrepresentation of facts, also understand she is part of the click that now inhabits the halls of power in Washington. Psaki is part of a country club that runs it all. If the Democrats win in November’s presidential election, people like Psaki will become monsters, an empowered American politburo kin to the worst fascists in history. Psaki is the official cheerleader now, of a White House campaign to create a legacy for the worst president in American history. Catch her Twitter feed her, and figure out why in the world Barack Obama would want to be a Wired Magazine editor for a day. Despite her pallid and docile appearance, make no mistake, this Obama minion is as deadly as Nuland, maybe even more so. I recall Psaki launched a social media attack on Russia that was nearly universally ridiculed as “hash tag diplimacy.” Her “hot mic” comment on her own points on Egypt at a press conference as being “ridiculous”, they remind me of Obama being caught promising then Russian President Dmitry Medvedev he’d “fix” the ABM missiles issue if he won in 2012. What makes this spokesperson so dangerous is her forward enthusiasm, and her seeming happy-go-lucky satisfaction with being part of the biggest lie ever perpetrated. Lying is transfigured into truth, a job well worth doing. Good God.

Finally we come to John Kirby, Naval War College trained mouthpiece for Emperor Caligula (look him up and compare to our presidents) and whichever Nero we elect next. A Public Affairs Officer (PAO) at the command level in the US Navy, he’s what many former military people would refer to as a first class boot licker. I’m a squid myself, so I am familiar with the type. Kirby would climb a tree to tell a lie, if ordered to do so, and show righteousness in doing so. Kirby, Kerry, the whole Obama administration is utterly absurd. This recent press conference reveals just how out of bounds US policy is. Furthermore, Kirby’s contention the Syrian war cannot end without airpower being grounded is likewise idiotic. The State Department’s stance on Russia’s hammering of jihadists only makes sense, if the overthrow of Assad and his legitimate government is a goal. John Kirby: Syrian War Won’t End Without Grounding Aircraft – this is the headline that calls our attention to the fact Assad is about to wreck Washington’s plan. Regime change has become such a common term now, that media consumers are immune to what it really means. Since the first Bush took office, since the fall of the Berlin Wall, more governments have been turned upside down than at any time since World War II. And the “Kirbys” of the world are accomplices to massive world chaos. Kirby’s “Russians in body bags” threat has pushed the Kremlin’s panic button now. We have descended into crisis policy, an all or nothing lunacy that can only end in war.

Three Rings of Evil Clowns

These people are all deplorable. But compared to the linchpins of war they speak for, each is insignificant by comparison. This message for instance, the New York Times headline “U.S. Officials Say Russia Probably Attacked U.N. Humanitarian Convoy”, it did not originate with them. Our new “probably” dogma is a function of a failing freedom, the complete takeover of a free press by western oligarchs that make Russian mafia types seem impotent. Watching this evil circus reminds me of a twisted horror movie, a guttural glimpse at wicked clowns betraying the children they are supposed to love and entertain. The Soros and Rockefeller types, those Rotschilds and the Goldman Sachs sharks, Silicon Valley fakers and Wall Street urchins the Clintons take money off of, the whole mess in our nation’s capital stinks to high heavens. Just how my countrymen stomach it leaves me breathless and clueless at times.

America is taking part in a wider broadcast of the movie “The Turman Show” these days. Raised up to believe in freedom of the press and the merits of democracy, my countrymen have been conditioned to rely on their media, their leaders, and the seeming implausibility that one group can take over the world. Well, a group has taken over half of it, and with the proper time and funding, this can be proven. Since me or some other researcher has no such investigative grant, the case against these evil clowns goes untried. The Nation, Slate, Global Research, RT, and myriad independent media attempt to dissent. But trillions of dollars flow back and forth fueling the paranoiac message – Russia is the enemy again! The first ring of circus clowns wield more power than Xerxes, the Bilderbergs probably even believe their own cause – perpetuating the elite order is, after all, a noble genetic cause.

In the second ring business types and the oh-so aggressive and ambitious, they will literally do anything to succeed. The Clintons, Bushs, and Obamas out there are the master puppets. Their mission is pretty clear, pay the devil his due and cash in. It’s really as simple as all that. Today’s Washington is a bit like Chicago during Capone’s time. Once the “Man” has you, he’s got you but good. La Cosa Nostra hasn’t got anything on the numbers games along the Potomac. The little crime bosses, grown up from their internships and grant designations, they pepper every institution in America. As they graduate, God knows what goals the Kirbys of the world set out to achieve.

In the wider center ring, it’s easy to see the Clinton Foundation workers really do drink Bill and Hillary’s Kool Aid. Mind washed into believing in the ultimate bullshit, naïve middle intellectuals become squirming opportunists, oblivious to the fact they sold out. The “Man” has got them, and early on. Meanwhile, the whole mess is cloaked in the guise of democracy, and hidden underneath people’s fear they’ll be called conspiracy theorists. George Orwell’s 1984 seems to have been written to exclude the possibility complete control could be achieved. But isn’t that how complete control is ultimately achieved? Above the center ring, high up on the flying trapeze liberty defies death. The people are doing a high wire act without a net. We are the third ring of clowns, only we are hesitant to see our role as sellouts too. America is life under the big top, with our favorite pop stars handing out peanuts.

I don’t know how you feel about it, but I feel utterly betrayed.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.