11.10.2016 Author: Phil Butler

Two plus Two Equals Economic Collapse – Not Super KGB Spy Agencies

23421331231Lies, the examination thereof, may well lead the people of the world to the right choices. After almost four years of independent analysis of PR, politics and media in the current catastrophic atmosphere, this is the only hopeful conclusion to come to. News the western mainstream is losing credibility before the people is one highlight, but a lot more meaningful evidence is there to be gleaned. Here are some key takeaways the normal person can get hold of.

Tabloid journalism has always been about a single grain of truth rolled out like bread dough in a mix of utter fantasy and lies. Baked properly by the media bakers, the toasty product is hungrily consumed by the clientele, the waiting public. This is no news, but the fact real news has been totally replaced by sensational bull crap is. Revealing this new media rubric is actually easy, let me show you.

If you search the news in the west for Vladimir Putin you’ll very quickly find 10,000 examples each day of tabloid truth. Let me share a few headlines with you, followed by the obvious intent etc.

The Mirror Online is a self proclaimed tabloid in Britain, a tool of the far left. If American liberals are falling off the world they are so far leftist, Mirror’s backers are on Pluto. A recent headline about Vladimir Putin and a super-duper-uber-KGB would be funny, were it not tied to the mainstream media message.

“Vladimir Putin’s new super-spy agency will be even more powerful than KGB”, sure does grab bull crap attentive. The purpose resonates the same as BBC, Reuters, the Washington Post and hundreds of others that source the Associated Press etc. Having failed the collective wish for United Russia to lose in the DUMA, the fall back position is to portray Putin and the party as authoritarian villains. “President Putin wants to strengthen control over the country’s top spies and dampen any potential protests after a resounding win for his United Russia party”, is the sub-headline. Readers must receive the daily dose of Ad nauseam – tyrants, tyranny, dictator, Stalin-like ruthlessness, etc. Now let’s turn to “news”.

The staccato of the lie machine gun rat-tat-tat-tat-tata – Policy think tanks and media reverberate too, Foreign Policy runs “Putin Has Finally Reincarnated the KGB”, The Telegraph drum-drum-drums – “Russia ‘to revive the KGB’ after Vladimir Putin wins biggest majority”, Forbes insists – “Putin Brings Back The KGB As Russia Moves From Authoritarian To Totalitarian”, and Deutsche Welle tells Germans that “Russia contemplating KGB comeback”…

Turning to the CIA’s propaganda arm, Radio Free Europe and Putin hater Brian Whitmore tell us United Russia’s prominence is really single party rule and a KGB resurgence. The European Council on Foreign Relations, mirrors what the Daily Star tabloid says. The Australian talks about the fantastic SUPER SPY agency too, so Australians can start looking under their beds for Rusky spies too. In Ukraine Putin is turning into the “fascist Brezhnev”, and ABC News lets Americans know to be suspicious of their wives, for everyone knows Putin’s sex appeal has converted many.

All the adjectives have already been used for this media madness by now. Ludicrous, farcical, stupid even – what passes for news in English in particular, is outside the realm of believable. And the implications of such are horrific, to be honest.

Anyone who has two brain cells to rub together knows the KGB never went anywhere. Any suggestion to the contrary is naïve, in the first place, and illogical in the second. When the Soviet Union collapsed, all that really took place within Russia was a reorganization of things. At first there was some chaos, then “gravity” essentially caused a “renaming” of things. That is, where the military and security are concerned. Vladimir Putin and his team reorganized government and society to a degree, and business too, but the vast network of expert intelligence people have always been in place. To consider Putin or Medvedev as having let down Russia’s security guard is just plain dumb.

Now a super-spy agency is leveled at an already dumbstruck populace in America, Canada, Australia, and Britain, and in central Europe to a lesser extent. Unfortunately for the super-duper-tabloids pitted against Putin’s new super spies, the people simply are not buying it. And here is where things get sticky.

Desperation is Vladimir Putin’s and Russia’s worst enemy. And I don’t mean desperate Russians. The level and degree of western mainstream lies means one thing unequivocally – things are about to collapse. The economics running the west for decades is all in. There can be no other reason for utter carelessness on the part of media companies. They clearly have nothing to lose.

Lawrence Freeman from Executive Intelligence Review Magazine told RT news two years ago that the $1.7 quadrillion debt in the west would finally do-in economies. Today, I have my own evidence that imminent economic failure in Europe affects China and Russia investment, among others. There is a genuine fear the Euro and all it is tied to will crash, and the dollar as well. This would explain a great deal. Will Hutton echoed the same via The Guardian in 2015, and Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan professed the same for Fox Business in 2016.

A coming collapse, the desperate hammering on Putin, Russia, China, and for war, all this and more points to real trouble. If media flat out lies without hesitation, if regime change and back stabbing in the open (Obama and the Syrian Army air attacks of late) are commonplace, it’s because they (neocons and liberal investors) are in huge trouble. Russia and China are effectively on the gold standard now. Debt in those countries is virtually nothing compared to the west. The Fed, the IMF, World Bank, the German industrialists, London’s banking elite would seem to be running out of room. At least this seems a valid explanation. But we are to open our closet doors fast to catch Putin spies in the act!

I think people can add two and two better than this.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.