09.10.2016 Author: Jim Dean

Syria: American Un-exceptionalism Laid Bare

234123123“Never think that war, no matter how necessary, nor how justified, is not a crime.” 
― Ernest Hemingway,

Like the terrorist that sends an anonymous threat, the US current psyop against the Syrian anti-terrorism campaign has utilized anonymous sources to report that Washington is considering “limited” attacks on Syrian and Russian forces to encourage them to break off their driving the Western backed terrorists out of Aleppo. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Because such attacks would be an illegal without a UN resolution, something impossible with Russian and Chinese vetoes, that speed bump would be overcome by using “covert” airstrikes. A quick VeteransToday survey of retired Intel pros showed a consensus that this was one of the dumbest ideas by a US government since the Bush(43) gangsters went into Iraq to get Saddam’s nukes and chemical weapons, which he did not have.

The Pentagon-CIA pitch was that such strikes would drive Assad to the negotiation table. We call this the language of lunatics, who want to start a war because they feel impervious to being labeled the wanton aggressor. They are lunatic supremacists, a term I just invented.

We have been watching the war of words built up to these overt threats over the past two weeks. The US ended all pretense of seeking a Syrian war resolution by announcing it would discontinue joint efforts with Russia in Geneva. To embarrass the country even more, US officials once again attempted to blame the failure on Russia by claiming it was violating the ceasefire with its bombing missions to support ending the terror siege in East Aleppo.

These officials ignored the simple fact that the ceasefire expired after the first week, so the Syrian coalition could not have broken it by acts taken afterwards. I would not have used the harsh term un-exceptionalism if the ceasefire had simply failed. It did not. It was strangled by those that wanted to kill it – by the Jihadis, their Gulf State supporters, the Pentagon, and how much by Obama and Kerry we can’t be sure at this point.

When Obama did not ask for someone’s head from the Pentagon for the Deir Ezzor bombing of the Syrian troops there, he effectively put his seal of approval on the act, adding another
unexceptional stain to his record. He allowed his administration to instantly blame the Syrian coalition for the nighttime attack on the aid convoy on the testimony only of the pro-insurgent White Hat relief group, when his own Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff told Congress that he had no evidence of Russian involvement.

General Dunford lied by omission because he knew that the Syrian Airforce was not equipped for night strikes, and that, with the US total battlefield surveillance, he knew exactly where every Russian plane flew, and would have shared the radar plot of alleged Russian involvement, which he did not. That again was very unexceptional.

John Kerry did not miss getting on this bandwagon either. He made the mistake of having a frank talk with an insurgent group on the sidelines of the UN conference in New York, where it was taped.

“We don’t have a basis (to intervene), our lawyers tell us, unless we have a UN Security Council Resolution which the Russians can veto or unless we are under attack from folks or unless we are invited in. Russia is invited in by the legitimate regime,” said Kerry. Oops!

That was followed my screams from Western media that Assad was guilty of war crimes for doing the same kind of decapitation precision strikes inside the city to “degrade” the jihadi command structure that the US has claimed it was doing. Obama’s own spokespeople joined in the invective language piled onto Syria and Russia, including the UN’s Samantha Power. That was very unexceptional.

State Department scamsters had invented their own legal cover, that the reported attacks by Syria on the civilians in East Aleppo invalidated Assad’s legitimacy under international law doctrine known as the “right to protect”. The problem with that is the accused Syrian regime is a member in good standing with the UN, and no move has been made to change that. What has happened is the US has attacked and killed countless Syrians via its proxy terror war, thus making it guilty of breaking its own standards, or lack thereof.

When the subject of reparations comes up when the Syrian War is over, we will not need Mr. Kerry as a witness, because we already have the Nuremberg precedent for “waging an offensive war”. And we have the statutes world over for “aiding and abetting” terrorism that are the golden keys to making a case for rebuilding Syria paid for by those who are guilty of destroying it.

The governments will hide behind their sovereign immunity. Their outside contractors that do the dirty work will close their front corporations down, leaving them empty for anyone looking for money later on. But NGOs, many of them up to their eyeballs in supporting terrorism, do not have that golden parachute to protect them, or enough money worth going after, so they are safe in that regard.

Where pocketbooks cannot be made to suffer for endless crimes committed in Syria, then reputations certainly can. The US has been wrecking its own. The CIA could not carry the total logistics support load for the Syrian jihadis, so the military was the only place to turn to for training. The Blackwater-type companies have been very busy throughout Obama’s term, handling the War “of” Terror.

The Pentagon’s reputation took another big hit this week when the Bureau of Investigative Journalism presented its well-documented investigative report on a massive disinformation campaign upon the world public, including here in the US. It is against US law for the government to propagandize its own people, a law that has been routinely ignored using thinly veiled legal ruses, like hiring a foreign contractor to do the work. The Bureau found the UK firm, Bell Pottinger, got $660 million in contracts from 2006 to 2011.

That huge amount has a strong whiff of a CIA front operation, where much of that money went to fund all kinds of other operations, easily done when they are classified at the time. While our children were being taught the fairy tale of the American democratic model of “government by the people and for the people”, we had their parents’ taxes going to fund just the opposite, a total control and manipulation system that one would expect from an occupying army after having lost a war.

This unexceptional behavior may have started under Bush (43), but it was carried on in its shape-shifting forms with Obama, as Ash Carter and John Brennan were carry overs from Bush.

Where the Syria war will go from here is anyone’s guess. We have seen the all too familiar demonization campaigns against both Syria and Russia being rolled out — the kind historically used to justify military interventions.

I can’t see Obama doing something like this on the eve of a presidential election. But I can see him setting Hillary up, hoping that not only will she win, but that the current hawks in the Pentagon will be more than willing to head up more aggressive US involvement.

There is not much to save in Aleppo. The city is basically destroyed, Erdogan’s hoodlums having looted all the factories early on, moving them lock, stock and barrel to the new Turkish proprietors, supporters of his own party.

As the US failure in Ukraine becomes more evident, Washington could become desperate for a “save the world“ diversion. We are getting intel reports of a wave of terror being planned for Europe, a Gladio tool useful to those who see the devolution of the EU on the horizon. Hungary is already talking about an East European sub-union within the EU.

No one will say it, but the Jim Dean concept of “Redo the EU” is slowly easing itself unto the table. As Britain and the EU hammer out their divorce settlement, I predict the demands to reform the EU will keep growing.

The talk of its just going away is just silly. The EU will go through some kind of a transformation. That could be a destructive process, but certainly not its intent. Europe does not want to go through a three or four year property distribution settlement with the Brits, only to have a couple more countries lined up for their turn at the exit.

Chaos theory has been let loose upon us, the modern Frankenstein of our time. As to the chances of a peaceful resolution for all of these conflicts, I would not bet a dime. John Donne the poet knew about this when he wrote, “Do not ask for whom the bell tolls, it tolls for thee.”

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for Veterans Today, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.