15.09.2016 Author: Phil Butler

On the Huff-and-Puff Hillary-Huffington Po-Po Post

34523423423423Ludicrous is one term that approaches describing western media these days. Webster’s dictionary tells us that something; lu-di-crous – is a person, place or thing “so foolish, unreasonable or out of place as to be amusing; ridiculous.” In this sense, nearly everything on the Huffington Post these days is at this level of absurd. While this is no “new news” for most readers here, it is still necessary to call down the errant children of stupidity.

A post this morning entitled; “Putin’s View Of Trump: A Pushover, A Weaker Version Of Neville Chamberlain” should serve readers here for proof positive drugs are being put in the water in America. Of course, writer Paul Abrams has intended this little rant for the incurably naïve readership Arianna Huffington has made millions off of. The rocket scientist inventor is no dummy, but he is insulting the intelligence of even Huff Po faithful with his most recent diatribe. As for Arianna and Huff Po owners AOL (owned by Verizon now), they are desperately in need Hillary Clinton in office. I guess most of you already know Verizon has thrown bucket loads of money at Hillary’s campaigns, at the Clinton Foundation, and directly to the her via quarter of a million dollar speaking engagements. So naturally, Paul Abrams is sucking up to the gilded cow, telling “Killary” fans what they want to hear…. How mean old Tump, and bad old Putin will recreated the Nazi beast and rule the world. Oh boy.

The rationale of Hillary die hard supporters these days, it is reflected in the Huffington founders view of needful politics. Huffington recently said; “Hillary Clinton is the only thing standing between us and a Donald Trump presidency.” As for Arianna’s stooges down in the content department, Abrams claims he has “eyes and ears” inside the Kremlin! Then again, he claims he’s a rocket scientist grafted to an economics and political science professor, and nutty professor inventor too? To give it to you straight from the horse’s mouth:

“People in Putin’s inner circle say that Putin considers Trump a buffoon, easily manipulated by flattery, without a scintilla of knowledge or depth about the world outside his golf courses.” 

One does not have to dig down too far into a Hillary supporter’s digital profiles in order to find the vested interests. In the case of the Huffington Post contributor Paul Abrams, the biotech Dr.’s profile leads directly to other Clinton supports like Professor Kathryn Hinsch, who was a marketing expert for Microsoft, who founded the Women’s Bioethics Project. Abrams sat on that board, and Hinsch has given a bundle to the Clinton effort, as have others in their mutual association of Clinton liberalism.

The first person Abrams followed when he started his Twitter account was Christian Sinderman, Washington State vote getter and PR. Everywhere moderate people look online, the wild eyed Hillary gang congregate, arms stretched forth in a wanting gesture, drizzle and blood oozing from their jagged toothed mouths, their zombie walks so mechanical and cartoonish – this is a scary lot I tell you. These are the people who made Bill and Melinda Gates, Steve Jobs, and all the Silicon idols out there famous. These are the people who force fed us all a load of “nowhere” venturing crap. Their slug-like trail of colleagues conjoins drug company and FDA rules “experts” with legislative and executive government – Clinton’s henchmen are really, really, really a country club of money interest. Wow, this is a “wow” moment in my researching endeavors.

The more I read into these Clinton supporter profiles, the more I see Donald Trump as a kind of savior figure. Even if the loud mouth gunslinger mystique attached to the Republican candidate sticks, even if he is batting for the “money” team, at least we can all hold out hope he will be a “sidewinder” against most corporate elites. If Clinton is the only escape from Trump, then Trump is our only hope of freeing ourselves from these liberal psychopaths. Digging down, down, down, I find names like Merrill Lynch and Salomon Smith Barney, huge pharmaceutical conglomerates like Eli Lilly, and on to venture capital in everything from gold processing in Nicaragua to breast cancer imaging and cleantech. If you wonder at how Hillary Clinton can get by with murder and still be in the presidential race, about a million whacked out academia/business leaders, hard wired into the billions being invested around the world, they influence 100 million of the Kool Aid drinkers out there.

My report ended up turning into a kind of rant I guess. But at least I am not getting paid to support Vladmir Putin or Donald Trump. From the former I expect two things. First, a fishing trip, and second – continue serving the Russian people as you should. On the latter, I am not a fan or Mr. Trump at all. But here is the thing, I do not even know Donald Trump. He is successful and capable, of this I am sure. On Hillary Clinton, I do feel I know her via her record. Born and convicted liars, both the Clinton’s possess zero conscience. At first they were stooges to the Walmart billionaires. Then their genetic capacity to follow corporate orders became legend in the “Bill” White House. Hillary helped Obama turn a Nobel Peace Prize into a carnival trophy, Libya and Arab Spring becoming their version of Bill’s Afghanistan. Regime change and corporate payoffs reached all time highs under these people. And now every academic on Earth wants a piece of the pie. This is ethical carnage.

So here is 1000 words that a picture of Earth’s peoples being betrayed could more easily show. The Huffington Post is not worth a digital bonfire, and neither is the New York Times. The more these people rant about Trump and Putin, the more honest people will ask; “What is it they expect Hillary to do?” Oh, that’s right. Russia or somebody has to be the enemy, so that the robbery can go on.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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