25.08.2016 Author: Phil Butler

Clinton or Trump: This May Be the Beginning of the End

43524234234234“Colin Powell made me do it”, or so says presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton in her latest defense of an illegal US State Department email fiasco. Isn’t it amazing how Clinton’s every dishonest, extreme, or slipshod move is excused in such a way? If news the Clintons took cash bribes from child sex pornographers, CNN would dig into blaming somebody else. America has gone mad ladies and gentlemen, and it’s about to get even more zany. What if Election 2016 is one great big con game?

It is about time Americans come to terms with the probability that the US presidential race is rigged top to bottom. Looking at all that is going on, what other conclusion can be drawn? Forget the mountain of allegations and the seedy dealings of the Clintons since they came to prominence, what kind of a possession is in effect when a society considers electing “families” of leaders? What manner of collective psychosis is cursing America when one failed administration after another succeeds? Bushs or Clintons, a Reagan or an Obama, nothing at all clues the people of America as to past or current disasters. The mightiest nation that ever was is in need of an exorcism, but nary can a priest be found! The Democratic Party is rigged, the DNC hacks prove it, and the devils underneath just laugh their heads off at us. NOTHING happens! Clinton cheats Sanders, Clinton steals votes by whatever means, and nobody is accountable. Then Sanders deals for his silence! Or at least this is how it appears. Hello America!

Leaving off Clinton and her WikiLeaks troubles for a moment, let’s look at Donald Trump for president. What manner of candidate vies for the highest office in American government, only to pull out his six guns and blow both his feet off? How does a billionaire developer/celebrity even pretend he’s “presidential” by pissing off everybody in America, and even his own party? There’s only one logical explanation, right? Donald Trump as a part of what is known as “the long con”, and in a role as a grifter (con artist), this explains perfectly how this election is being carried off. Election 2016 is nothing more than a confidence con, and the “suckers” are the American people of both parties. Now that I have your attention, let’s look at Clinton and Trump as con artists in an elaborate scheme finally rob America and the world of everything.

With the foundation work and the approach of this ultimate con set up, we can now see how the “build up” phases of Con America was set up so easily. In a normal con game, this phase offers the “mark” (us) an opportunity to profit. In the case of Clinton, the profit is in maintaining the status quo, or in the security of “what is” in America. While outsiders wonder how anybody could ever vote for such a reprehensible figure, the reality is that Americans mostly want to continue consuming, to keep bombing the nameless and faceless, in order to reap the rewards. Sad as this fact is, American has been benefitting from the loss of foreigners since forever. So Clinton’s role is as “good guy” for billionaires and hapless lower middle class people alike. Trump is obviously the “conspirator” who has put his “investment” in the game, in order to convince Americans there is a choice. His role as anti-hero accomplishes a lot. First and foremost, Trump’s outlandish behavior scares the hell out of fence riders. Second, the fringes and moderates within the Democratic party are galvanized for Clinton. The Bernie Sanders supporters having already been cheated, the only logical move is to Clinton. Trump also serves to alienate marginal Republicans, and to virtually assure Clinton has magnanimous support, no matter what scandal ensues. This all amounts to the “pay off” phase of the con, where the mark (us) eyeballs the ultimate win. This would be Clinton as president.

The “Hurrah” phase of a con involves an emergency situation that forces the mark (us) to very quickly make a decision. In this presidential election, the “Hurrah” is pretty much constant. The media hammers Trump like a drum, dampening opposing forces (what is left of them) efforts to reveal Clinton’s malfeasance. In other words, the crooks are covering for the crooks, while the honest bystanders cry into the night. In the final phase of any confidence con, the “In and In” another conspirator appears as a sort of neutral bystander with the same interest as the mark (us), in order to accentuate the legitimacy of the con. This role was played by Sanders, and to a certain extent the billionaire Trump. All these players would seem to have an equal stake in “making American great again” etc.

Now that you can see Election 2016 for what it really is, a kind of “medicine show”, predicting the outcome becomes easy. The outcome will be, more heaping piles of debt and chaos, and the further diluting of any semblance of what America was supposed to be. If Americans do not care about graft and corruption in their leadership, and if conspicuous consumption is all that matters, then a crisis point will be reached, and soon. The world grows weary of our despot-like control of world policy. The people suppressed by our supposed democratic ideals grow poorer by the day. In places like Romania or even embattled Ukraine, the lie that capitalism leads to a veritable “promised land” stinks of a con game. In Spain and in Italy, where the “American Dream” fostered facsimiles there, austerity and unemployment, broken banks and corrupt politics wreak of democracy’s failures. And in the Middle East millions suffer, not from their own despotic leaders’ corruption, but because unseen forces vie for resources that are not their own. The Bushs, Clintons, and Obamas, and yes the “Trumps” too, they’ve made America enemies on every continent. The world grows sick of us, to be blunt.

The unanimous support of the elites for Hillary Clinton is a sign. Miraculously, very few seem to notice. Bipartisan politics dawns the same clown suit in America, but the confidence game has never been fixed so. Trump is meant to lose, but even if he wins the elites win. Not many reading this know about the billionaire’s indebtedness, but nearly everyone knows of his racist views. It is rumored that Trump owes billions that will be forgiven should he follow his role as conspirator in this election. On the racist note, Trump rails daily against a wide disparity of groups. In between all the rumor and legend on Donald Trump, the logic of a presidential campaign makes no sense whatsoever. That is unless my “grifter” theory is correct. But readers want to know the ultimate outcome.

Clinton is 80% sure of being elected. Her administration will differ from Barack Obama’s in one distinctive and horrendous way. By electing a known purjuror and opportunist, a woman WikiLeaks and other sources have revealed as the vilest politician in decades, the American people will have “rubber stamped” the complete takeover of America by the corporate. It is crucial that people understand this simple truth. Wall Street, the London and Luxembourg bankers, the Frankfurt industrialists test the waters of profit daily. Bill Clinton and Yugoslavia was a passed test, so NATO moved onward. Iraq and WOMD was another positive, so the militarists moved on. Georgia, Arab Spring, and Ukraine failed to end in Washington uprising, and here we are. America is using up its last resources like a runaway freight train. Global warming nor nuclear meltdown matter to a people so absorbed by themselves. Electing psychotic opportunists is a clear choice, when lazy human beings just want a simple celebrity choice. There are only two possibilities after this election. Another world war, or America struck down like a third world regime, torn to bits after some economic cataclysm.

Clinton or Trump, maybe this was the ultimate goal after all – the end of America as we once knew it.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.