03.06.2016 Author: Gordon Duff

British Overload, a Nation Drowning in Lies

45345345345The British are a patient people, perhaps to a fault. Long before 9/11 they traded their freedom for security over the decades long Ulster wars. The “milking” that starved and emptied Ireland during the so-called “potato famine” presented a bill to the British people, a bill paid during the blitz, on the Somme in 1915 and eventually in their subservience to Germany within the corrupt Strasbourg regime currently misnamed the “European Union.”

There is little question that American is a police state, certainly after 9/11. The game was clear, steal trillions of dollars, blow up a few buildings, wipe out Israel and Saudi Arabia’s enemies for them and feed off the American people as though they were cattle.

The American people, however, haven’t taken any of it quietly though their reactions, often orchestrated by a controlled press, may well lead to “more of same” or worse, perhaps much worse. There is little doubt that a nation with more assault weapons in circulation than the entire population may well explode in a frenzy of slaughter that fewer each year dread.

This is what is behind the Trump phenomenon where those who hate his politics and love of the rich and powerful hold onto the hope that he may well go crazy and arrest the Supreme Court or send into mobsters to machinegun Congress in mid-session. Americans dream about that and that dream is far from a nightmare.

With Britain, it is different, perhaps strangely so. If the City of London banks, Rothschild/Goldsmith controlled, rule Britain as they own majority control of the American Federal Reserve System and control, minimally America’s currency, as well, their role in pushing both nations into two world wars needs to be examined in context.

Let us assume, as many do, that 9/11 began a 3rd World War. Can we also assume that economics is always behind wars? If we do that, and taking into account that the US has officially been economically subservient to the European banking consortium run out of London since 1913 with the passing of the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Act, then Britain and America shared a common government as well, something far more substantive than the much vaunted “special relationship.”

If you see where we are going with this, we need to look at the Chilcot Inquiry expected to cite former British Prime Minister Tony Blair with orchestrating a two-decade war knowingly using the same kind of lies that send a dozen or so German leaders to the gallows following the Nuremburg trials after World War II.

Of course it will all be watered down, we expect this. Suppressing and controlling this inquiry, burying questions such as whether 9/11 or the 7/7 London attacks were staged false flag terrorism will be left out. There will be no discussions of building Afghanistan into a massive heroin processing center as well nor of the regime of persecuting and murdering endless thousands, rendition, drone attacks, even car bombings, all seemingly part of a greater plan.

What began those decades ago in the 1970s, the bombings, the assassinations, the militarization of police, the surveillance state, led, in Britain at least, to traffic cameras being used to hunt down delinquent tax payers, people who are late in paying automobile insurance or those whose child support is really in arrears or, as is too often the case, under legal dispute. All are watched, all are judged, all may be stopped under a regime that has criminalized an endless number of infractions, some directly tied it seems to our global banking friends.

The British were being trained, first to give up all to be safe, then to give up their jobs, their wages, their trade unions, trained to give up their farms to benefit “needy nations” in the European Union like Germany or the Netherlands, a nation conditioned to first fear terror then fear their own government.

Let us then point out, of course, that the government they fear, and the “free press” that would voice those concerns, were there such a thing, which there is not, is all owned and controlled by the banking families that formed the European Union and seemingly run the government in Washington as well.

Today, the British papers, led by the Reuters news agency, reported that Russia had “carpet bombed” hospitals and orphanages in Idlib, a city in Syria controlled by terrorists funded, trained and aided by Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia and, moreover, the CIA and in particular, British MI 5.

By terrorists, we mean “al Qaeda” under the name Jabat al Nusra.

This news today came from, what has now been recognized, to be the British recruiting center for al Qaeda along with their propaganda arm. The organization is called the Syrian Human Rights Observatory, ostensibly run by one man, but investigations have shown to be a coordinated effort between the Israeli Mossad, MI 6 and the Reuters news organization, each working hand in hand with the terror groups known as ISIS or the Islamic State, and a virtual cornucopia of “moderate head choppers” across Syria and Iraq.

Funny enough these terror groups spend considerable time killing one another off, not over land or politics but over who gets the largest share of the Saudi cash bounty that has financed the murder of nearly 600,000 across Syria and Iraq since 2013.

To the British people, who have seen the same players exposed as what they are over and over, Blair the stooge of Bush or Blair the “war criminal,” or Cameron and his willingness to play into the utter destruction of Britain as well, there is an open expectation that there is nothing that can’t be done in Britain where being above the law is the norm.

Then again, the British people don’t have 300 million assault weapons nor do the British people see the inevitability of another civil war, one millions of Americans are preparing for. Neither the British people or even the more politically awake but equally misguided Americans understand the nature of the enemy.

Thus, when Turkey’s Erdogan floods Europe with refugees, interspersed with terrorists allied with Turkish intelligence terror cells long in place, Cameron, Merkel and Hollande feel a secret satisfaction. This “deflection” will guarantee that their game will never be exposed, and with Trump in America and his continual pounding against the world’s Muslim population, the real enemy, an economic enemy, will never be named.

Thus, in Britain millions will continue to abide surveillance and dehumanization, distracted by a controlled tabloid press and the monstrosity of NATO and the corrupt Strasbourg regime.

In the US, as reported this week by Russia Today, American “patriots” smear their bullets with pig’s blood and pork fat, oblivious to the fact that the savings stolen from them, the home foreclosed on or the job shipped overseas. The American states where these misguided grass roots “freedom fighters” can be found are sparsely populated, have no “Muslims” or even African Americans and share a long history of poor electoral discernment and moral flexibility. Quick to hate, quick to blame, fodder for a corrupt controlled press, many Americans are, in reality, little better off than their pacified and browbeaten British compatriots.

Worse still, if even the watered-down version of Chilcot, even read between the lines, calls for imprisonment of Blair, the fact that Bush is far guiltier, Bush and those around him including all at the upper levels of the CIA, FBI and Pentagon, and there will never be an American inquiry even one to whitewash, tells much about American corruption.

Yet it is Britain that gave up their sovereignty to the EU, Britain that embraced the surveillance state, testimony to Orwell’s predictions from long ago.

Will guns, even guns in the hands of most Americans including those whose beliefs support a lessening of freedoms and more and more government control over daily life, we are referring to “the right” of course, be the deciding factor in differentiating between the hopefully divergent paths Britain and the US choose?

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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