14.05.2016 Author: Phil Butler

Will the New World Order Finally Get Its Own Nuremburg Tribunal?

453454444The people behind the scenes of today’s world crises could not have succeeded in reshaping so many nations without help. Creating a robotic billionaire monster like George Soros, and unleashing him on the former Soviet republics, it could never have led to so much turmoil. There have to be more adjutants, armies of them in fact, in order to reshape the world’s image. Today I will focus on Swedish politician, Carl Bildt is but one of a brigade of “pliable” lieutenants in the new world order scheme of things. By the end of this report the reader will better understand why so many fear Hillary Clinton, and why many in the UK desire an exit from the EU.

Carl Bildt’s Wikipedia page says he is “notable internationally, as a mediator of the Yugoslav Wars”. But I think the Wikipedia editors should amend the word “notable”, and replace it with “notorious”. Maybe I will do that myself, after writing this report. Bildt, who was instrumental in helping slice up Yugoslavia into management chunks, took part in something known as the Dayton Peace Agreement, where the ground rules for so-called peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The former Swedish Prime Minister later served as the United Nations Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for the Balkans, the perfect position for sewing up the former Yugoslavia into a tight little bundle of mini-states beholding to the US, Britain, and NATO. The effect these henchmen have in our world can best be seen in this paragraph from the DC World Affairs blog on the fate of Bosnia after Bilt and Dayton:

“With the constitution, police, central bank, refugees and “human rights” in the hands of foreign officials for the rest of the century, it is difficult to describe Bosnia and Herzegovina as a “state” in any meaningful sense. It has been turned into an international protectorate at best, or a laboratory for political and social experimentation at worst.”

Experimentation is what Soros’ Open Society Foundations and US government agencies like USAID have been at play at since before the Soviet Union dissolved. It turns out the USSR, the “Evil Empire” of US President Ronald Reagan, was a lesser evil than the hegemonic monster we see rampaging today.

With a focus on Mr. Bildt’s involvement in the Yugoslavian debacle, we see how this eventually led to his role in what’s known as the EU Eastern Partnership, from whence a takeover of all the republics surrounding Russia could be facilitated. Discovery on Carl Bildt need only go so far as his involvements in a now suspect EU, and early endeavors with the Young European Federalists back in the early 1970s. This movement, revealed as a strategic tool for none other than Gen William “Wild Bill” Donovan, and the American wartime Office of Strategic Services, precursor of the CIA, paints the Swedish politician vividly. Declassified documents presented by The Telegraph in this piece, they show linkages in between not only the US Government and key business entities, but the Ford and Rockefeller foundations and key politicians and regulators in the UK. It’s an untidy secret that the European Union is, in fact, a creation of those who control the CIA, and Bildt is another whipping boy for those string pullers too.

In his book “The CIA, the British Left and the Cold War: Calling the Tune?”, Hugh Wilford provides the linkages in between these CIA efforts and the 60s push to get the United Kingdom bound to this whole EU concept. The notorious “Bilderberg Group”, and our oh so apparent new world order are portrayed appropriately too, as crucial to building what was once termed a “United States of Europe”. Familiar names like Senator J. William Fulbright (President Bill Clinton’s mentor) show us how early “foundations” were created to support the expansion of their ideas via a now vast network of NWOs and other entities propping up regime change. Cavernous and ultra-intangled as this NWO is, the Internet now allows anyone to find its roots. The “agenda” of these organizations is a bit less clear than the collusion going on in between people like Bilt, Soros, Italy’s Emma Bonino, and a brigade of others we’ve begun to illuminate. This manifesto over the refugee crisis brands them all, as co-conspirators in a very nasty game of weaponizing human suffering. But these people are not just bent on recreation the face of Europe, a real new world order is simply a reorganized and expanded, old world order.

A recent Bloomberg story gives us further evidence of how people like Bildt factor into the new chaos. Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban characterized Soros as someone whose name: 

“… is perhaps the strongest example of those who support anything that weakens nation states, they support everything that changes the traditional European lifestyle. These activists who support immigrants inadvertently become part of this international human-smuggling network.”

The Soros efforts, Barack Obama’s fanatical policies toward Russia, Bildt’s associations with notorious Russophobes like former Carter adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski, tells the world regime change is planned. The US State Department webpage telling framing Bildt with the Fulbright Scholarships and Brzeninski is gone, but the US Embassy Brzeninski blog still tells of their proud efforts. Bildt is up to his royal Scandinavian neck in all this world chaos, this SVT report outright frames (Use Google or Yandex translate) the politician as a longtime CIA asset. Make no mistake, these people cannot be trusted even as far as they can be physically thrown out of the international community.

Finally, a letter I found from US presidential hopeful, Hillary Clinton ties in the rest of the American psychopaths and puppets, with the money spent to coerce thousands of young people into the fold. In her letter to Bildt, Clinton applauds the over 2100 Swedish and American collaborators in Fulbright’s 60 years of efforts (until 2012). Even more damnable for this writer is a WikiLeaks cable showing Hillary Clinton in her capacity as US Secretary of State in 2011, communicating with George Soros, along with mention of Bildt for more “mediation” magic. The discovery for me was a real revelation, as it should be for anyone interested (Sic Donald Trump). Instead of following Soros’ instructions and sending Bildt, Clinton instead leveraged in Miroslav Lajčák, Bildt’s colleague from Slovakia. It was the job of Bildt and his co-conspirators to institute NWO policies and puppets from Croatia and the rest of the Balkans, to later transition countries like Ukraine. All along the slithering path of these politicians we find Soros, Clinton, military figures like Wesley Clark, media celebrities, and billionaire western oligarchs playing prominent roles. 

Today, Lajčák’s and the NATO position has carried forward in the dubious dealings of the Visegrad Group . The so-called Visegrad Four is made up of Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia, and has now forged a military arm known as the Visegrád Battlegroup, a precursor to Chancellor Merkel’s EU military force. The V4 battle group, in unison with Ukraine’s military, is the first step toward Europe donning bayonets for the new order of things. The implications are truly deep and for peace loving peoples, sickening. A Visegrad scholarship program mirrors Soros’ student conversion efforts, alongside the Fulbright scholarships, aimed at regime change or NATO expansion from Moldova to the Far East of Russia. Visegrad scholarships are openly supported by George Soros and his Open Society Archives etc. I highlight the V4 Group just to show that George Soros money and influence, the mark of the CIA, the US State Department, the Clinton, Ford, and Rockefeller foundations, and hundreds of NGOs all tie directly or indirectly to these politicians. Even I am having trouble grasping the scope of this EU/NWO network. Just as I was about to finish this report, something called TRIALOG came into view. This was a project that ran from 2000 to 2015, ostensibly to “strengthen civil society organisations (CSOs) in the enlarged EU for active engagement in global development”. In other words, to further the expansion of the NWO vision to the borders of Russia. The reader will be very interested in just who was funding TRIALOG. Grant seekers were directed by TRIALOG to seek funding from not only Soros’ NGOs, and the Visegrad Group, but from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the MacArthur Foundation, the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, and dozens of others. Money, tons of it, has been funneled into an absolute takeover of all of Europe, and for the purposes of undermining Russia, finally and totally. Mr. Bilt’s part, while that of only a second lieutenant, represents a thematic for myriad ministers across Europe. To quote Lyndon LaRouche’s Executive Intelligence Review:

“The EU Eastern Partnership was initiated in December 2008 by Carl Bildt and Radek Sikorski, the foreign ministers of Sweden and Poland, in the wake of Georgia’s military showdown with Russia in South Ossetia. The Eastern Partnership targeted six countries that were formerly republics within the Soviet Union: three in the Caucasus region (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia) and three in East Central Europe (Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine). They were not to be invited to full EU membership, but drawn into an EU vise through so-called Association Agreements, each one centered on a Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA).” 

As we see now, LaRouche’s words from 2014 resound for 2016. The efforts of men and women like Bildt frame our best case for showing what Putin and other dissenters face in combating the western banking elite. LaRouche’s people claim both Carl Bildt and former Swedish PM, John Reinfeldt are noting short of war criminals for their parts in the Libya mess, and the current Syria debacle. As for me, I can find nothing in 8 hours of research to falsify the LaRouche claims. Not only do these people systematically take part in regime change, but they then blame the revolution victims for the killing and chaos. The whole foreign policy nightmare could end if any nut house were emptied to replace the EU Parliament. Just look at the country reports from TRIALOG, and you see whole societies propagandized and leveraged by NGOs like Soros’ Open Society Institute.

The Latvian – Georgian NGO Forum ‘Moving towards the EU’ took place in Tbilisi in 2005 (PDF). The move, organized by LAPAS and the Open Society Georgia in partnership with the SFL, OSI East-East program, the MFA, the UNDP office in Latvia and the Tbilisi City Council, show how this network is interconnected, in order to forge the greater EU/NATO/NWO eastward expansion. Wherever these NGOs and ministers go, war soon follows. For Georgia it occurred within 3 years. As dramatic as al this sounds, the reality is something Hollywood could not even portray. Vast, comprehensive, and imminently powerful is the only way to describe this phenomenon. If the people of Georgia had an inkling Soros and these other people were the cause of their war with Russia, Bildt and the rest would never be able to travel there again. And when the total truth comes out, the Nuremburg tribunals to punish the key Nazis may end up looking like traffic court. Billions of people are affected by these elites, billions.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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