03.05.2016 Author: Gordon Duff

America’s Elections, Cheap “Police State Theatre”

34534444America today is a police state, few doubt that yet most assume that elections are honest and purposeful. That belief is not supportable by fact nor is it a reasonable belief based on the realities, militarized police, evaporated voting rights, open corporate bribery and total surveillance. It is probable that this election is a farce, a staged theatrical comedy, put on by the ruling powers who control the dozens of intelligence agencies, the bought and paid for congress, the extremist courts and the militarized police army that occupies America. Let’s take a look.

What if Donald Trump were being run for president, a man with no hope of winning, because of Bernie Sanders, a real reformer who would dismember the police state bureaucracy that now rules America? What if Trump, hopelessly behind in the real polls, unelectable and hated in the “real world,” has bled off disaffected voters who would have put Sanders ahead of Clinton?

This is what Trump has done. Whether he knew it or not, and Trump is not the most “aware” person lapping at the trough, it is quite possible that organized crime, not just possible but very probable, has pushed this ego driven nut case into a failed run for the presidency to guarantee Hillary Clinton in the White House.

If you read some of the press, Americans are lining up behind Donald Trump and his promise to build a 100 foot wall around America, bomb Iran and cut wages to the bone. Truthfully, some are but also “truthfully” he is 20 points or more behind both Clinton and Sanders and is only winning the Republican nomination for one reason.

He is running against Ted Cruz, the foreign born extremist that former House Speaker Boehner says is the embodiment of Lucifer himself.

This week, American presidential hopeful Donald Trump spoke to the world on his new foreign policy beliefs. His hand-picked advisory group, invariably pro-Israeli fanatics, coin the phrase “America first” mindful of the pro-Nazi movement led by Charles Lindbergh prior to America’s entry in World War II.

They obviously never went to school, or if they did, they didn’t study too hard.

Trump vowed to destroy ISIS but he also vowed to destroy Iran as well, in order to prevent it from getting nuclear weapons. Of course there is no evidence Iran had a nuclear program, a fact long backed up by both the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) and CIA intelligence assessments.

Trump, or his new handlers, simply made it all up. Where the judgement becomes dangerous, however, is in the failure by Trump to note recent claims by Iran that they prevented the fall of both Baghdad and Damascus to ISIS, claims that can be verified. Trump’s belief he can destroy Iran and then go on to take on ISIS around the world, re-occupying Iraq and, of course, ending up in uniting both ISIS and the current Shiite government of Iraq along with Iran, Syria, Russia and China against the United States in a shooting war Europe is quite ready watch from the sidelines.

Trump’s policies, as pointed out by almost every analyst despite political leaning, would lead to another disastrous decade of grinding insurgency and disastrous occupation. Real experts universally agree that far from “making America great again,” the bizarre mishmash of isolationism and interventionism, all predicated on sound bites and hokum, would finish what began after the ill-fated 2000 election, that is the decline of the United States into 3rd world “tin pot dictatorship” status. America would finally become the banana republic so many have predicted.

But we are getting ahead of ourselves, just like Trump.

What is dangerous isn’t so much the things Trump says, which change from day to day or that European leaders and American allies, not always the same folks, find his inconsistencies and clowning alarming. After all, George W. Bush was far worse, served two terms though quite probably never legally elected, and the world survived, or at least eventually it did.

Here, eight years later, the American stock markets sit near an all-time high, employment is at record levels, teen pregnancy has plummeted, crime is down and the economic bleeding brought about by the 2007-8 worldwide economic implosion remains a distant nightmare as most American middle class families will never recover from Bush policies.

What also remains is the massive police state bureaucracy that Obama has left intact, something he may well have to answer for at some date in the future. Things have gotten “too good” and Americans are ready for another “pump and dump,” perhaps to be brought on as an aftermath reaction to a strong dose of false flag terrorism. We’ve all been to that dance before, haven’t we?

Let’s look at reality, not “internet reality” but how things are. Most Americans or almost “most,” with current figures at 46%, not only hate Donald Trump, they fear him. Trump has attracted the white disaffected but also “attention deficit” electorate, a combination of mentally unstable, which in America you would think would be more people, uneducated and the lazy.

You see, Trump’s domestic policies are insane. He is George W. Bush, all deregulation, filled with love and trust in the righteousness of the wealthy and powerful. He is willing to clutch onto any conspiracy theory or rumor as long as it allows corporate freeloading, big polluters and pushes down wages and workers’ rights.

What Trump is the anti-thesis of is Bernie Sanders, they are absolute and total opposites. Sanders, hated by many Trumpites” as a “socialist Jew,” almost as bad as being a “Negro,” is the real deal. Sander’s is the only candidate to address reform, killing off the police state, ending organized crime’s stranglehold on congress and eliminating “Citizens United.”

Everything is about Citizen’s United. Suffice it to say money runs everything in the US, everyone is for sale and, according to historian Charles Beard, in his Economic Interpretation of the Constitution, Columbia University Press, 1935, the framers of the constitution, men who were not the founding fathers but rather “counter-revolutionaries” answerable to London bankers, American government was put on the auction block long ago.

When in 2005, the Supreme Court in Citizens United v. the Federal Elections Commission voted in a landmark 5/4 decision to allow full and unfettered bribery by any “corporate” source, no matter the origin of funds, even from narcotics and human trafficking, the Constitution of the United States of America failed, as predicted by Beard.

Sanders and Clinton are sworn to overthrow “Citizens United,” which Trump and Cruz, perhaps because of organized crime ties, support. Were one to assume that Las Vegas gambling boss Sheldon Adelson, is “organized crime,” Adelson being the primary financier of the Republican Party, then the current election might well come into focus.

Even if you choose to ignore “gerrymandering” and attacks on voting rights, software driven “vote flipping” has been proven over and over as the major force in American politics, proven but never reported, proven but unpunished, as is so often the case in police states.

What we do know is this, Sander’s would have ended the $30 billion a year America gives to Israel. Let’s be honest, not to Israel but to Jews in Israel, not to fund a nation but to perpetuate a military dictatorship that has disenfranchised and imprisoned its Palestinian majority despite 150 attempts by the UN Security Council to redress what every international legal expert agrees is a nearly 70 year history of war crimes.

Even clearer still is the violent opposition Israel has expressed against the election of both Sanders and even Hillary Clinton though Sanders and Clinton enjoy almost universal support from America’s Jewish community. Explain that?

What it seems is that we have an election based, not on political parties or political theory, but on “chaos theory” and the desire by an unseen but powerful group to orchestrate events. If Trump is being run to elect Clinton over Sanders, why? Who benefits?

In 2000, whatever theory about the events of 9/11 one were to ascribe to, the end result has been to create a total surveillance state out of America where fear and hatred of government abuse is rampant and growing.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”

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