28.04.2016 Author: Phil Butler

Romania: NATO’s Graduating Class of 2012

1-800x400A research fellow I know, who receives help from a grant provided a western think tank asked a funny question the other day. “How can you be sure Open Society Foundations takes part in regime change?” Well, such questions only seem funny for those outside the influence of George Soros seed money. Here’s the essence of the unfortunately misguided policy of a unique and influential nation.

Romania is one of the most interesting countries in Europe, and for so many reasons. Politically however, the country is a mess of ambiguous politicians with even more nebulous goals. To say the people of Romania have been marginalized within the EU system, it does not begin to speak of how Romania’s leadership has betrayed the public trust. But I am not here to do a Romanian government policy lesson, George Soros fans need proof they’ve been sucked into the New World Order, and the best proof is that Open Society Foundations pulled out in 2014, along with its USAID and other CIA backed “investors” in democracy. Take a moment to digest this.

Cooking Romanian Loyalty

$200 million invested, mission accomplished, and George Soros’ strategic mission for Romania is done, baked like a loaf of farmer’s bread. The NGO’s website is still there, mind you, but the last post of news on the site is only a two-liner about Romania acceptance of immigrants from July 2015 – and that’s it. While some of the Open Society Foundations infrastructure struggled on for a few months past the 2014 deadline, a lack of substantial funding by the European Commission, or other Soros corporate collaborators, and the “movement” in Romania simply dried up. Or did it?

The reasons for this withdrawal of interest and support of Romanians are pretty simply really. First of all, Soros’ late day interests in Romania only had to do with the Roma people, and strangely immigration into Romania in late 2011 and early 2012. Studies about the strange alien immigration and integration of the Roma, somehow must have tantalized Soros and his strategist colleagues, Open Society and the Romanian Association for Health Promotion (ARPS) joined hands to churn out several reports (PDF). Secondly and most importantly, Romania’s support for NATO and for EU policies, it was set in stone. Short take, Romania’s allegiance to the red-white-and-Soros types had been cemented, locked in, it’s NATO loyalty unquestioned.

Buying Romania on the Cheap

When NATO expanded eastward to the Black Sea, once the mystic ideals of the west were fully implanted, the powers in Brussels, London, and Washington had no further need of great expenditures. There were Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and later Ukraine to stir and stew, to further the expansionist goals of a once invisible elite. All these “democracy efforts”, all the geographic rearrangements, they show unquestionably, an onward march to the doorstep of Moscow. As for Romania, the march ended at the Black Sea for now, so other “fronts” drew more attention and funding. Buying Romanian allegiance was pretty cheap really, especially considering the Baltic states and others still need more. One day I would like to make a graduated scale of the true costs of “democracy” – I am sure Ukraine or some other former Soviet republic will have been more expensive.

What the reader may find most fascinating about Soros’ NGO interests, comes in the form of the aforementioned studies on Romanian attitudes on so-called “third country nationals” (TCN). This is a topic for another report, but it occurs to me that this may have been part of a greater plan to “weaponize” migrants, as we see happening across Europe today. Certainly, a lot can be gleaned as to Soros’ goals for determining Romanian’s opinions on outsiders, but I feel as if this last Open Society Foundations project may have been a litmus test for all of Europe. It could be this study provided a green light for the Syria plan, if there truly was one. Open Society Foundations’ Roma and immigration/acceptance studies during this time were extensive, to say the least.

Turning to USAID for proof western “giving” is strategic, we find something called the “Civil Society Organizations (CSOs)” being oft used to determine how sustainable a society is. In 2012, USAID released something known as the 2012 Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index. Breaking it down, USAID measures local NGOs in order to determine how “healthy” a society’s built in infrastructures are, in order to determine how “sustainable” a people are. And here is the damning evidence Open Society and Soros care absolutely nothing for helping people in crisis. The relationship in between “sustainable” eastern European countries, and Soros or USAID commitment is inverted. That’s right, today Soros and other corporate-NGO “investment” goes primarily to nations with regard to geography and strategic importance, and not to nations and people hurting for help. Short version, Romania and others got the shaft once the “goals” were met. Estonia, for instance, has the highest “CSO” score of any nation on USAID’s list, and Open Society Foundations is thriving there. The keen reader is asking, “How can this be?” Estonia borders Russia is one answer. Estonia is one of those former Soviet states that, in part, took up sides with the Nazis in World War II. There’s my proof that “Russia containment” has moved on past Romania.

Open Society Foundations investments in Latvia, and other “sustainable” countries corresponds to each country’s acute importance geo-strategically, and this can be shown. The exceptions to this are countries like Georgia, where western backed regime change has left unsettled civil strife, or where the new “democratic” instruments of power are not yet fully in place. People in Georgia or Armenia, for instance, have not been totally convinced America is good, and Russia is bad. For Romania, and several other countries now in “baked” mode, investment from Soros and other NGOs has moved to a last phase now. Open Society Foundations’ early investments metastasized into new organizations like the Romanian-American Foundation, which also seems to be out of funds now. The report released back in 2014 by this institution appears to have been about the time Soros pulled his money out of Romania, although grants from other donors seem to go on for now for efforts like the RICAP commercial innovation efforts. The trail of these endeavors leads to a larger network of NGOs catalogued at an entity known as the “European Foundation Centre” (EFC) – a sort of clearing house for US and EU “democratizing” through grants and other mechanisms. The worldwide network of US, UK, and EU backed NGOs is permeated by current or former Open Society Foundations leadership.

A most recent endeavor supposedly focused on enslaved Syrian refugees in Lebanon is just out from yet another agency called “The Freedom Fund”, which was headed by Soros’ Fiscal Advisory Board Chairman, Michael Anderson. The names, places, and people in these networks all mount up to “investments” in human and real capital, and in societal and policy change. And in the case of Romania, the desired changes have apparently been made. USAID (PDF) having “graduated” Romanian from its reorganization efforts in 2008, and with all efforts ceased in 2012, it’s clear for me the poor in the country shall remain poor. Another benefit of USAID help was that Romania now has the highest abortion in all Europe thanks for the $35 million dollars the people of America spent on a reproductive health program there between 1990 and 2004. Such magnificent data about the west’s contributions to Easter Europe abound, I assure you.

The Soros Empire

What began before the fall of the Soviet Union was not some movement to free the peoples of Eastern Europe from communism. The fall of the Berlin Wall signaled a new brand of authoritarianism, and Soros foundations have played a vital role in growing tailor made societies, fit for new commercial projects. Romania is a good example of how public outcry and hope, was met with old school banker strategies. Target, invest, mature, then reap the dividends, this is all America and western freedoms did for Romanians. The “dividend” in the case of Soros-US investment is, a guaranteed NATO stronghold (so they think), and a society led by entrenched “agents” of the western hegemony. Once Romania human capital and real property is optimized, the investors cash in on innovation etc. But the ordinary Romanian gets zero, as per usual.

Just why the Soros promise to Romania is not yet matured, will soon be in history books I guess. Soros’ motives, his real attitude toward all Eastern Europeans was galvanized early on in an article by award winning financial writer, Michael Lewis in the New Republic back in 1994. Framing Soros’ attitude toward the poor in places like Romania’s Timisoara, the hedge fund billionaire was quoted:

 Just write that the former Soviet Empire is now called the Soros Empire.”

Read Lewis’ article and the history of a dozen former Soviet republics will come into focus. For pennies on the dollar, any people’s trust and hopefulness was and is used like disposable any natural resource. Read on, about the pitiful machinations Soros and others acted out upon Moldovans, or other impoverished peoples. But while Lewis’ 1994 characterization of George Soros trends toward self-made evil finance genius, evidence suggest Soros’ Quantum Fund, and other successes were hammered out, by a larger and more powerful group. I diverge though; this story is about Romanian progress.

Investments in Romania paid off big for some, but not for Romanians. As of 2008, before the big melt down, the Romanian economy was referred to as the “Tiger” of all Europe. The economic growth in the country from 2000 to 2009 was three times higher than the EU average. The capital, Bucharest was on its way to becoming the light of Eastern European industrialism, or so the newspapers said. To visit today, the passing guest would not differentiate in between the old and the new Bucharest. The pot holes in the roads will still swallow a small bus whole. As beautiful a city as Paris at one time, Bucharest shows few signs of the $170 billion invested there by foreign entities. There is a reason for this too.

Soros was one of the first to invest in the democratization of Romania. But financial and technical assistance also flowed in from the U.S., European Union, other industrial nations, and international financial institutions including; the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank (IBRD), the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). Also, foreign direct investment amounted to billions in addition. This is where the big payoff for Soros investment comes in.

To simplify here, the profits, interest, and geo-political win from these investments did not stay in Romania. Soros and the others, especially the bankers, took their percentages and their principal investments when they decided the “loan” of democracy had matured. Look at the institutions I have listed, there are no philanthropist or saints listed, all of them live to make money or to change regimes (See USAID and EBRD). Looking at just one of these, the IMF, we see a benchmark entity for world bankers to take their piece of the “democracy” pie.

Guaranteed Debt

The complexity of IMF, World Bank, and other systems prohibits me explaining their part fully here. However, showing how people like Soros’ banker friends leverage the game is pretty easy. The IMF gets money to loan nations like Romanian from member countries, nearly everyone knows this. But the intricate means by which new credit and funds are issued is a lot more complex. The 2008 financial crisis, and something called New Arrangements to Borrow (NAB) can help illustrate how Romania’s wealth flows out, rather than staying in the country. Essentially, banking reserves in several countries lend money to the IMF, which in turn lend to Romania (our case). What most people do not know is, private banks from the US, Japan, China, the UK, and other IMF countries are virtually indemnified from investment losses because of these economic booster shots from the IMF. Here is a quote from the 2009 NAB arrangement:

“As part of efforts to overcome the global financial crisis, in April 2009, the Group of Twenty industrialized and emerging market economies (G 20) agreed to increase the resources available to the IMF by up to $500 billion (which would triple the total pre-crisis lending resources of about $250 billion) to support growth in emerging market and developing countries.”

While the interest paid to the IMF does not go to private bankers, the IMF does serve as is a guarantor of private and corporate investment. The Greek bailout is a good example of how banker thinking dominates here. Between 2010 and 2014 the IMF actually made over $2.5 billion in interest on loans to Greece. Interest from all outstanding loans goes back into the fund, and will cover even a Greek default, this is guarantee one.

The bigger guarantee for bankers and investors like Soros is more complex, and more devious too. Imagine all those Greek investors covered because the IMF loaned cheap credit to Greece, and because of the rules they put in place. Greece (or Romania) meeting obligations to other creditors is a the biggest part of what the IMF and World Bank do. Imagine you invested in a commodity or business connected to the Greek banking system or government, the IMF money would come in handy to ensure you get paid, correct? And rest assured, Soros and larger interests such as the Rothschild banking institutions, they make money at every turn off debt to companies inside Romania and elsewhere. On the Rothschild part, in 2011-2012 alone the banking family assisted mergers and acquisitions, and other investments in Greece to the tune of $6 billion plus (PWC). For further reading, track down what the European Financial Stability Facility (EFSF) is all about.

Imagine all the businesses, all the credit, all the profits migrating back to the investors in every nation. Imagine now how come Romania’s roads are still in disrepair. The “percentage” is not something earned or won, it is something extracted by the money lenders. Business inside Romania, funds coming and funding coming in from the outside all profit the George Soros, Rockefeller, and Rothschild types. The incontrovertible truth is, nobody in the western world is free of the debt, Soros and his ilk guarantee it with a cheap handout to hopeful citizens.

A point of hope exists though. Apparently, even despite the western brainwashing spree, young people feel, life there was better in Communist times…. It’s high time Romania acted in her own interest, and not as some pawn of the Germans or Americans. Romania graduated the NATO school for vassal states, maybe the country needs a PhD in true freedom now?

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.