26.04.2016 Author: Gordon Duff

US: Entering the Panic Mode

986444Presidential politics in the US are leading to a potentially dark future, not just for the US, but to a collapse of NATO and the EU as well. Moves are afoot by the ultra-powerful lobbying machine of the new anti-US alliance of Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, bolstered by Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Poland, to gain control over the American presidency, again.

There is one risk in particular that is raising the bar and that is the missing 28 pages from the 9/11 report, tying Saudi intelligence to the attacks on the World Trade Center, George Washington Bridge and Lincoln and Holland Tunnels.

The pages are believed to make reference to meetings between Mohammed Atta, alleged 9/11 mastermind, and teams of Israeli “art students” prior to the attacks. All lived in Fort Lee, New Jersey, a short distance apart, and were watched meeting together by an FBI team under “Project Able Danger” headed by Special Agent Mike Dick, who later survived an assassination attempt when he threatened to go public.

These pages, and perhaps others withheld, contain not only surveillance records, including wiretaps of the planning of 9/11 but arrest records of dozens of Israeli operatives who were working with Atta.

Now that the long running Israeli-Saudi partnership is made public, this material is considered a devastating threat, one worth rigging a presidential election over and, if deemed necessary, assassinating any candidate who can’t be controlled.

There is a certainty that President Obama was never briefed on other material withheld and buried under the Bush administration including, not only the Able Danger case file which, it is now believed, may well link Turkish intelligence to 9/11 as well.

Then there is the preliminary report on 9/11 from 2003 said to have been taken to Russia by Edward Snowden and, in all probability, continually leveraged by Russian intelligence. Those familiar with that report, including those who helped write it, say it presents a drastically different take on events of 9/11, one that now places the dissension and resignations of the later “blue ribbon” public commission in a new light.

What is clear is that Obama’s visit to Saudi Arabia during which he quite publicly admonishes Saudi Arabia for its support of ISIS, al Nusra and other terror organizations, may signal a “gloves off” military move by the US into the battle in both Syria and Iraq, a battle that is likely to include thousands of American “boots on the ground” and a full-fledged military confrontation with Israel, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

What then has to be made clear is who the real players really are. If you have the Turks, Saudis and Israeli’s on one side and Iraq, Syria and Iran on the other where is this all going to lead? With the expansion of Turkish military into Ukraine and now Macedonia, where they are taking part in destabilization operations, probably aided by Israel, how then do we view Netanyahu’s visit to Moscow this week?

We also have the growing struggle over Nagorno-Karabakh between Armenia and Azerbaijan, where we are now able to confirm that thousands of ISIS jihadists have taken part, fighting side by side with Azerbaijan’s Israeli-trained and armed military.

We now have a secondary Kurdish struggle, no longer simply Turkey slaughtering an ethnic minority as they did with the Armenians, but something far more sinister. With Germany arming the Perg Mersha, not to fight Turkish-backed ISIS but to join with Turkey against other Kurdish factions, the conflict not only broadens but the mosaic becomes clear.

Then another question comes to light, is this Middle Eastern “triumvirate” that seems to be orchestrating so much mayhem, including using a manufactured refugee crisis to destabilize the European Union, working alone? Is Germany a victim or, as most Germans believe, is Merkel very much a part of this and if so, why? This leads us to exploring a hypothesis that a few years ago had seemed, minimally, borderline conspiratorial, perhaps a bit more. Perhaps a reassessment might be due.

Germany had come on the radar with reports of a secret intelligence organization and their complicity in nuclear proliferation. From Veterans Today:

“In May of 2014, a high level informant tied to the U.S. Department of Justice came to us with a story.

He said that Germany has a decades long secret protocol with Israel whereby Germany funds weapons research and production for Israel and supplies that nation with submarines specially configured for launching nuclear cruise missiles and Israel, in return, gives Germany nuclear weapons.

At the time, the “why” of Germany, a NATO power, wanting nuclear weapons wasn’t clear. There had to be more to the story, much more and there was.

What was brought forward was a bizarre tale of Europe’s strongest “liberal democracy” being something quite different, a nation ruled by a shadow government, infiltrated by “hold overs” from Nazi Germany, sworn to bring down the “corrupt West and its effete democracies.”

The Mysterious Article

Yesterday, Veterans Today received an article published a year ago in Die Welt, written by Colonel Hans Rühle, former Head of Planning for Germany’s Ministry of Defense.

It was forwarded to us by a former IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) investigator, a nuclear physicist. What it had to say was both startling and wrought with dramatic implications.

The title of the article, published in German is: Hat Deutschland Israels Atomwaffen finanziert? (PDF)

Such a detailed and gripping exposé written by a retired high level German/NATO official, one not only proving Israel’s illusive nuclear program to exist, but outlining broad criminal complicity by the German government, should have resounded around the world.

Instead, it was immediately forgotten, never translated into English and never cited by anyone, including and especially those whose job it is to enforce nuclear non-proliferation treaties.

The article is, in fact, a broad confession of German government complicity in a bizarre and sinister plot of epic proportions.”

One thing is clear, Germany is underwriting ISIS with billions in aid, some cash, much of it military equipment, funneled through Turkey. It is also clear that Germany, or that Merkel and the DVD, which we will be getting to in a minute, are at the heart of the coup that overthrew the government of Poland, and are up to their necks in preparing the Kiev junta for a broader war as well.

Germany is importing busloads of Ukrainian “tourists”, who are filling off-season tourist hotels near NATO military training centers. British “handlers” from CIA contractors drop them off, while they hide “in plain sight,” with military haircuts, horribly out of shape physiques, and seen doing morning calisthenics while tourists look on aghast.

This new and quite sad Wehrmacht of Merkel’s surrogate army-in-training removes any credibility in the story Germany has leaked to anyone willing to listen, that Turkey is blackmailing Germany by threatening to use their Munich-based intelligence networks to slaughter German school children.

This also brings into question another point, one also sinister, and not so farfetched. Is it Merkel’s “DVD” Germany – and not Belgium – that is the real home to European terrorism?

From Veterans Today 2014:

German Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst

Earlier this year, a British intelligence analyst and author named Michael Shrimpton was sentenced to prison.

He was convicted of informing the British government that a nuclear weapon smuggled from Bremerhaven, Germany was strategically placed within blast range of the Olympic stadium outside London during the 2012 games.

Shrimpton claimed in open court that a German organization known as the DVD or Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (a super-secret German Nazi Continuum Agency), a Nazi “holdover” from World War II with “franchises” around the world, was responsible.

Shrimpton was sent for psychiatric examination, pilloried in the press and clearly railroaded into prison on what can only be considered a bizarre “trumped up” charge.

He was convicted on the basis of having made the threat himself. Thus, the author of Spy Hunter and NSA “asset” sits in a prison cell, silenced, allowed no visitors, no phone calls, no correspondence and no publishing privileges.

Shrimpton claims he was “railroaded” because he had exposed the DVD; the Nazi terror group he says runs Germany but also runs the United States through the Bush family.”

DVD and Christopher Story

In 2010, Christopher Story, known to many as Edward Harle, died mysteriously. Intelligence insiders believe Story was murdered by the DVD.

From Wikipedia:

‘Christopher Edward Harle Story FRSA (1938 – 14 July 2010) was a British writer, publisher and government adviser specialising in intelligence and economic affairs, who is perhaps best known for his collaboration with KGB defector Anatoliy Golitsyn on the 1995 book The Perestroika Deception.

Christopher Story, the son of Colonel Henry Harle Story MC of the Cameronians, was educated at Eton College and Christ Church, Oxford, and then worked as an industrial writer in Canada.

In 1963, he formed his own publishing company specializing in intelligence and founded “World Reports Limited” that year.

Since 1970, Story edited and published International Currency Review, which has included the World Bank, the Federal Reserve, and the Bank of England amongst its subscribers.

Story became an economic adviser to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, and in 1991, a year after her resignation, he published Soviet Analyst due to his continued skepticism about Mikhail Gorbachev, perestroika and the official version of events in the Soviet Union.

Soviet Analyst was a respected journal whose previous editors included Robert Conquest and Tibor Szamuely.’

Christopher Story, a longtime associate of my good friend, Leo Wanta, was an agent of Britain’s secret services, something not included in his official biography, but true none the less.

Story, a respected lecturer on global currency issues and intelligence, told of an organization formed during the late 1920s of a coalition between the Bush family in the U.S., then part of the Harriman/Rothschild banking cartel of New York/City of London, and the “Hitler Project,” so aptly written about by Webster Tarpley in his Unauthorized Biography of George H.W. Bush.

According to Story, this group, which controlled the Federal Reserve in the United States and the majority of the world’s central banks, served an agenda of world conquest, both overt and covert. Story cited Hitler as a “puppet” of the organization that would later be called the DVD.

British Prime Minister Edward Heath was a DVD operative, as was Prime Minister Tony Blair and a significant number of high ranking British politicians.”

Curious New Move

This may be nothing, but only a few days ago, a former United States Marine General, James Mattis, was floated as a “dark horse”(a candidate or competitor about whom little is known, but who unexpectedly wins or succeeds… “a dark-horse candidate”)  during the upcoming Republican National Convention. What is strange about this is that Mattis is being backed by both the left and the right or by key factions in each that are closely aligned with the Israel lobby, which can now be assumed to represent both Turkey and Saudi Arabia as well.

Is Mattis, a general no one knows much about, going to be able to knock out Donald Trump and defeat Hillary Clinton? Does this mean that despite their public statements to the contrary, both Trump and Clinton are not acceptable to Israel and likely to follow Obama policy?

What we are seeing is a move toward a New World Order where America, as we know it, will no longer be active in global affairs. What do they know that we don’t?

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.”