04.04.2016 Author: Martin Berger

Ukraine – the Precious Deadwood of the EU

345345345444It is curious how, as April 6 approaches – the day of the referendum on the approval of the Association Agreement between the European Union and Ukraine in Netherlands – two increasingly confrontational parties are starting to appear, although the referendum is purely advisory in nature and therefore not binding. So it remains to be seen whether those who are voicing reasonable concerns are going to get an upper hand or will Washington apply enough financial and political pressure to obtain the result it wants, instead of allowing people to decide for themselves.

The US has been heavily engaged in the struggle for Ukraine for some time now, aiming at tearing this state away from Russia and in turn, invest heavily into anti-Russian sentiments. This policy is being actively supported by certain American financial circles, who seek to obtain an impressive return on their “investments”, by getting control over fertile Ukrainian lands where they will be able to produce GMO crops, while paying no heed to legislation in the neighboring EU and Russia. Monsanto couldn’t care less if its products bring health issues and premature death to the people of Ukraine, as long as it can get a healthy profit out of it.

In a rush to get their share of the Ukrainian “pie,” Western businessmen, politicians and military contractors have already gotten themselves a red carpet rolled out in Ukraine before them, taking advantage of the corrupt nature of the sitting Kiev regime. By the way, the fact that Washington has deliberately installed this particular reign of corruption currently presiding over Ukraine has been noted by numerous Western media sources like The New York Times. It has also been frankly noted by Forbes that the sitting Ukrainian president received one hundred million dollars over the last year alone at the height of a bitter economic crisis in Ukraine.

Representing not only US political interests but his own personal welfare as well, US Vice President Joe Biden has got most of his relatives engaged in the teardown of Ukraine as well, by establishing hand-in-hand with his son, an array of US-Ukrainian companies. A number of US journalists are however convinced that this step is not simply violating Ukrainian laws, but American ones as well.

To protect their own interests, the financial and political elites of the US have installed a Neo-Nazi government in Ukraine over two years, a step that has been carefully documented by prominent alternative media source, Global Research. Unfortunately, the result of this “experiment” turned out to be truly disappointing – thousands of civilians have been massacred in the east of the country, since Kiev didn’t hesitate to turn heavy artillery and cluster bombs on the civil population they were allegedly sworn to protect. Those who survived have consistently been deprived of drinking water, food supplies, heat, and electricity. There’s ongoing genocide of the ethic Russian population being carried out by these so-called authorities under the very nose of the international community.

It is therefore not surprising that US State Department spokeswoman Elizabeth Trudeau urged Dutch voters to support the association agreement days before the vote. It’s even less surprising that American billionaire George Soros has allocated hundreds of thousands of dollars to launch a propaganda campaign in favor of the association agreement with Ukraine across the EU, while applying a considerable amount of pressure on Holland’s officials.

One should draw their attention to the fact that we are witnessing two persistent attempts to accede to the EU, which are being pushed forward by states seeking accession, namely Ukraine and Turkey along with the overseas sponsors of these states. For the latter, the possible damage from this process bears minimum political risks. As for the potential damage to the EU, it can be quite considerable since it will be swarmed by both radicals and migrants once the gates are opened.

In recent months, Ukraine and Turkey have both been promoting bilateral contacts at the highest political level in a bid to promote mutual support of one another’s foreign and domestic policy. Behind the scenes, agreements reached between Poroshenko and Erdogan are astonishingly cynical toward both Middle Eastern migrants and Ukrainians, since the Ukrainian leader proposed to accommodate migrants in several regions of Ukraine. However, it seems doubtful that those displaced souls will have the desire to stay for long in a Neo-Nazi-controlled territory, so it’s clear that they will be making attempts to cross over the poorly protected Ukrainian border with the EU, thus creating yet another major headache for EU officials.

The only comfort one can find in this situation is that certain European officials still possess a clear understanding of the consequences of the accession of both Ukraine and Turkey to the EU. Thus, the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker has recently announced that Ukraine was not likely to join the EU over the next 20-25 years.

Therefore, the referendum in the Netherlands coming April 6 will be, to a certain extent, a test of the ability of EU citizens to make independent decisions that are based on their own best interests.

Martin Berger is a freelance journalist and geopolitical analyst, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook.

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