01.03.2016 Author: Konrad Stachnio

Is Soft Minded and Feminized Europe No Longer Able to Fight Back?

4353453434543What is happening in Europe nowadays has all the signs of overthrowing the State. In fact, it is almost a textbook example. First, we have destabilization, then crisis and so called normalization. In my opinion, at this point we are still at the level of destabilization, then we will go into a crisis which signs are increasingly visible. They are even seen by the sponsor of ‘grassroots democracy’ movements, George Soros, who has already been calling to cooperation between the EU and Russia.

However, you do not need to be a multimillionaire with political prerogatives to know that something wrong is going on in Europe. Even the heads of the EU countries has begun to express their growing discontent.

‘The Roman Empire showed us what we all know: the great empires fall if the boundaries are not well protected. Stop the migrants – we need to stem the flow of migrants coming to Europe, we cannot maintain the current level,’ said Dutch Prime Minister, Mark Rutte, to a small group of journalists from Brussels, later he was also quoted by the Financial Times.

It should be added that the Dutch government made the subject of migration one of its priorities during the EU presidency in the first half of 2016.

The issue of closing borders to refugees is not so simple. In healthy societies, the number of employed is much higher than the non-working population (i.e. pensioners, mothers raising children, etc.). In the States in 70s. this ratio was 4:1 and it was a healthy level. Now this level in Italy and Germany is only 2:1. In the United Kingdom, France, Spain and Hungary the level is about 3:1. In the US, Romania, Russia and Poland the level is more than 3:1. It is difficult to maintain the pension and health care systems for the elderly part of the population when the ratio is 2: 1.

The sign of a crisis in a textbook style is the fact that after the destabilization, the crisis which branches to a civil war and external interference, comes.

Right now we have in Europe a growing conflict between supporters and opponents of the refugees. Between Pegida and so-called the left wing. Between Muslim and their opponents. A feature of destabilization is also a total disintegration of State services. If you look at the incompetence of e.g. the German Police in relation to offenses committed in Germany, such as those in Cologne, it is hard to find a better example of State services disintegration.

Another example of destabilization is that people organize themselves into self-defence groups because of the lack of an effective defence of the State. We are currently experiencing that in several European countries.

These are just a few indications of crisis aggravation, that can lead to a civil war in Europe, especially if this lead to the creation of mass ‘Islamist movement’ in Europe, something like the ‘Arab spring in Europe’.

The second element of the crisis that emerges after the destabilization is the interference from the outside which we have to deal with right now. ISIS sends to Europe its cells and smuggles weapons including the chemical and biological ones. What is more, ISIS, via the Internet or in person, recruits new members to its cells in Europe.

After this stage we have time for so-called normalization, namely the establishment of a new order and get rid of all those who have helped us to stir up the fire so far. In this case they are so-called liberals who contribute to the disintegration of Europe with all their strength. In my opinion, ideology that could lead to the collapse of Europe is precisely liberalism.

‘Islam removes these problems and then there will be enough money for procreation, health and all the rest. Now you live in a system-oriented for exploiting the human. The only way to survive on this planet will be make it all illegal. The introduction of Islam and Sharia’. Said Imam Choudary.

Is this an antidote for Europe’s humanitarian suggestions and actions express by such representatives of the so-called West like Bill Gates.

‘Software substitute, whether it’s drivers and waiters or nurses … progressing … With time, technology will reduce the need for jobs, especially in the lower end of the skill set […] In 20 years, the demand for labour for many basic skills will be much lower. I do not think that people have this in their mental model,‘ said Gates speaking before the Washington economic think tank of the American Enterprise Institute.

Given the above, was it the awareness that a large proportion of people with so-called ‘basic skills’ will not be able to get work in the future being superseded by ‘software substitute’ that inspired him to philanthropy to cut population by 10-15%?

In this context, his actions may soon acquire the status of humanitarian action- relieving the poor people with the so-called ‘basic skills’ from the unequal and lost competition with ‘software substitute’. It should be added that most of the refugees have ‘basic skills.’

However, it seems that the revolution of the masses without work is not the only thing that is waiting for us in the nearest future. As you can see, some people try to plan in detail the future of our ‘grassroots movements.’

One of the think-tanks of the United Nations, called Tellus Institute, has described for the United Nations the whole plan to implement a global, grassroots civic movement, stating in its report that such a movement is necessary to create social acceptance towards global government which is being created.

‘The model of expanding circle’ predicts a gradual process of organizational development, starting from a relatively small group of committed people supported by loosely linked network of people and organizations. In pursuing its activities, the initial circle will develop strategies for expanding into the next circle, a pattern which will be duplicated at each stage. In this way, the organization will periodically stop to evaluate, adjust and reorganize for greater circle and to improve the program.’

‘We have created expanding Circle, a new organized effort designed to support the formation of a global civil movement. Instead of a rigid plan, TWC strategy assumes an increase in successive waves, adapting to changing circumstances, including development and diversity.’

A serious problem to run process of destabilisation, crisis and normalization of Eastern Europe is still its faith or the irrational element which is the hardest to break conquering the State. For this reason the Eastern European countries, where the Christian faith is still relatively strong, become at least for the time being Safe Haven for European women.

Europe and indeed the whole world is in a very awkward situation because we have two aggressive and clashing approaches to the future of our planet. One represented by Islamic extremists.

‘Now you live in a system-oriented for exploiting the human. The only way to survive on this planet will be make it all illegal. The introduction of Islam and Sharia.’

‘There will be enough money for procreation, health and all the rest.’

On the other hand, we have an approach of billionaires, like Bill Gates, who push their solution for 10% – 15% of the population, calling it a ‘really good job.’ Perhaps the popularity of all Islamic extremism results from awareness of this choice. And which way do you choose? Anyway, feminized men in Western Europe, who in protest against the rape of women in Cologne dress up in skirts, will certainly not be those who are able to locate threats from Islamists or from this or another ‘solutions’, which I’ve mentioned earlier, not to mention posing these challenges.

Konrad Stachnio is an independent Poland based journalist, he hosted a number of radio and TV programs for the Polish edition of Prison Planet, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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