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12.02.2016 Author: Phil Butler

2016: The Year We Realized It’s 1984

S34234234The state of most media today is sad, pitiful, and hopelessly unbelievable. From BBC to the New York Times, any semblance of believability is gone. What makes matters worse though, are what amount to popularity factions in social media. The information world has never been so polarized, while the public sinks into a kind of neo-tribalism. Vladimir Putin is the fall guy, Barack Obama a joke of history, and the new candidates for President of the United States caricatures of leadership for the most part. If only Bernie Sanders could turn out to be something other than a wolf in sheep’s clothing, maybe we’d have a chance!

Not many are aware that George Orwell, of whom journalists today parrot out “Orwellian” this or that, actually fought in the Spanish Civil War. Looking more deeply into the situation we face today, it’s an easy thing to draw parallels between my “factions” at one another’s throats, and those fascists, communists, and the various brigades mirrors American disjointedness. The fear, suspicion, hatred, and even the censored newspapers of Spain in 1936, emit an echo not only in America, but across European capitals now. “Orwellian” in the 1984 sense, is the threshold at which our societies are perched now. Though Orwell developed a sort of Stalin-phobia during his time in Spain, his later work, 1984 reflects well, not some Soviet robot society, but a world of perpetual war, omnipresent government surveillance and public manipulation, dictated by a political system euphemistically named English Socialism. At the time of its publishing, Orwell intended the dystopian novel to feature what communism would be like in the English speaking countries. Ironically the parallels today are vivid, only Britain seem to have annexed America, rather than the other way around. The same perpetual war goes on, only the nuclear aspect has yet to materialize. Big Brother, as we all know, watches intently while pulling the strings on the Ministry of Peace (US State Department), the Ministry of Plenty (Federal Reserve Bank), the Ministry of Love (Homeland Security), and the Ministry of Truth (BBC & CNN).

Some of you may be recalling a scene from the film “Matrix” by now. That “splinter” in Neo’s mind that Morpheus calls to question, the ever present pondering “what’s really going on?” – it’s eating at some of your right at this moment. How can it be that life is so closely mimicking anti-Utopian fantasy? But the looking glass does not reflect simply a fraction of 1984 back into our brains – there’s Orwell’s “doublethink” – to think about. Doublethink is part of a construct of so-called Oligarchical Collectivism, essentially claiming that black is white, in contradiction of the plain facts. A clear case of this exists as western leaders continually contending “Putin did it, “contrary to any proof of the Russian president’s complicity. Yes, it sinks in now doesn’t it? It’s as if someone or some group had read 1984 and set about turning the novel into reality. The perpetual conflict over the so-called “disputed border areas” in between Orwell’s Oceana (America and Britain), Eurasia (an expanded USSR), and EastAsia (China and etc.), we see it exists in the real and in the now. Now I will show you instances of “doublethink” which are symptomatic.

“President Putin ‘probably’ approved Litvinenko murder” at the top of the BBC news, it was followed by the United States Treasury (Ministry of Plenty) condemning Vladimir Putin of corruption. The doublethink was imposed on the masses in this case only 4 days apart. Since late 2013 though, the corporate media (Ministry of Truth) has unleashed continual “newspeak” turning fact upside down. The Russians were going to barbeque gays at the opening ceremony of the Sochi Olympics, while stray dogs and un-flushable toilets overflowed in the western news. Russia invaded Ukraine 100 times, but Kiev is still in the hands of western puppets. The dead children on litters in hospitals across the disputed Donbass region of Ukraine, those unfortunate kids were Putin’s fault too, even though the shell fragments in their tiny little bodies came from NATO backed artillery. The propaganda and one sided coverage of these and other events, it’s unbelievably Orwellian in nature. The Big Brother situation has gotten so bad that even White House controlled media like TIME Magazine has been forced to at least mention Barack Obama’s paranoia for control. As author Justin Lynch put it in 2014:

“According to ProPublica, the Obama administration has filed eight cases under the Espionage Act, which criminalizes disclosing information harmful to national security. Before the Obama administration, only three known cases had ever been charged under the act.”

What we see going on today is a reflection of what Orwell explained as the state protecting its iron clad power with constant and degrading propaganda. Gary Spina, in an article at the Independent Sentinel, goes a step further in describing what has happened since Barack Obama took office. Spina begins his article with:

“When future historians write about the decline and fall of the United States of America, they will write of the Orwellian World of Barack Hussein Obama and the gullibility of the masses who suffered under his tyranny.”

Even 5 years ago anyone who uttered such words was labeled a lunatic conspiracy theorist. Now we see beneath the glimmering hot spotlight our own gullibility, that of our neighbors. In America caricatures of psychopathic liars compete as candidates for the highest office on Earth. A proven liar and corporate puppet, vies for president alongside a billionaire credit junkie. Hillary Clinton wreaks of dishonesty and carelessness, but it’s Donald Trump that reveals America’s real leadership illness. People are still so uninformed, so uneducated as to believe that Trump is a patented success, a so-called “self made man.” Trump, like Clinton and Obama, is nothing more than a puppet to the bankers. This article from back in 1990 shows us behind the curtain of the big TRUMP lie. “The Donald”, you see, is propped up by a huge credit card issued from the top tier investors. Donald Trump, while masquerading as a revolutionary bent on reforming the United States, is in fact the embodiment of Orwell’s character O’Brien, the Thought Police plant. Trump decries Obama’s government, while at the same time depending on the very system that has poisoned the American Dream. If Hillary is a self centered psychopath, then Trump is an even more devious blood sucker who’ll utterly ruin America’s reputation.

This Quartz report shows some of Trump’s “Muslim” backing, including Saudi Prinace Alwaleed’s buyouts of failed Trump properties back in 1990. Trump’s membership to the credit junkie club of puppet leadership is a direct linkage. Investments in Blackrock Inc., which was spawned by Jacob Rothschild’s Blackstone, connections with George Soros, Scotiabank, Evercore Partnership, Protego, Kissinger Associates and the controversial AIG insurance group, and hundreds of subsidiary dealings with notorious investment banking entities cast Trump in the LEAST presidential light imaginable. Even though his operations are veiled beneath hundreds of subsidiaries and holding companies, documents like this one from the Luxembourgish SICAV fund reveal investment ties to companies and funds managed or operated by Rothschild constituents around the world. Trump invests in Obsidian Fund, and SICAV does via the sub-management of none other than Edmond de Rothschild Investment Advisors.

A newspaper editor commented to me the other day; “Phil, I am floating in opinion and editorial pieces. I need some reporting with on the ground facts.” I thought to myself; “Doesn’t everyone?” If mainstream media is losing money hand over fist, and if propaganda is all the rage, then how can even the best citizen journalists compete? With no budget, and only resourcefulness and determination to go on, logic and verifiable digital documentation is the only truth. Let’s face it, most of the news is either made up, or it’s simply misguided mediocrity. This is where 1984 becomes 2016. A recent New Yorker article offers a stinging reality check, and I quote:

“Nineteen Eighty-Four” begins on a cold April morning in a deteriorated London, the major city of Airstrip One, a province of Oceania, where, despite advances in technology, the weather is still lousy and residents endure a seemingly endless austerity.”

No choice. All the power and decision making vested at the pinnacle, and none to the people down below. Lies, deceit, the numbing drone of advertorial, death, war, and taxes for the little people, this is our reality. We suffer largely in silence, our complaints muffled or subdued by cheering at the Super Bowl, or at some FIFA football match. The fear we suffer is baked in the ovens of the Ministry of Love. Future presidents are lent the billions via our Ministry of Plenty. And the Ministry of Peace performs just the opposite function, handing out bread in Kiev, while the Nazis cock and prepare their weapons. As for the Ministry of Truth, once proud journalists are forced by Big Brother, to stab a cold needle inside our heads —- injecting the notion that “maybe” is enough to convict. And now you see, the catastrophic evil unfolding. Our only hope is revolution.

As for Americans, it may be time to pray that Bernie Sanders is not a wolf in sheep’s clothing, for he could be the “party” infiltrator for all we know. Either way, he is the only sane choice for American president.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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