05.02.2016 Author: Phil Butler

The Italian Connection and “Girlfriends” of World Chaos

54353454An analyst colleague of mine told me the other day; “World War III is already underway Phil.” His assertion only confirmed my own conclusions. 24 months of my research has uncovered untold warlike initiatives. Many agree now, we’re caught in the throes of an unforeseen Armageddon. So, today I would like to confirm this by focusing on a single NATO country, and a key political player’s role for this real “axis of evil” setting fire to the world. Make no mistake, Italy’s contribution to the global chaos is a significant one.

The focus of my most recent research is Emma Bonino, a career politician who came to prominence about the time Jimmy Carter and his National Security Adviser, Zbigniew Brzezinski set out to trap the Soviet Union into its own Vietnam. Famous as an Italian version of the quintessential “bra burning” American feminist radical, Bonino’s most notable contributions to humanity include; getting abortion legalized in Italy, being part of the European Commission’s most notoriously corrupt leadership, and by many accounts being the European evangelist of genetically modified organisms, or GMOs.

Introducing the Telltale Signs

The former Minister of European Affairs and International Trade (17 May 2006 – 7 May 2008), she later became the Minister of Foreign Affairs (28 April 2013 – 22 February 2014) of Italy. Ms. Bonino has and does also hold countless board positions, trusteeships, and has been part of many initiatives that lent credence to corporate, banking, and politicizing strategies involving Europe’s elite. Her signature on the so-called “Soros Letter”, and the associations implicit there, it speaks to the question “Who is controlling chaos?”

Soros, who we see continually at play destabilizing currencies and markets since his career began, is now busy spurring the refugee crisis. Now looking at Emma Bonino’s constituency and co-conspirators throughout her political history, her activities are suspicious at the very least. The radical activists this Italian politician/celebrity stands for, at some point joined hands with Soros-like billionaires and what I call “Frankenstein academics.” The resulting network formed a monstrously powerful click (club) with one goal in mind, turning the world on end. The Soros “appeal” to break down economic and real borders in the EU is ongoing, but he is only another bit player. Underneath Soros and key figures lik Ms. Bonino, and an array of other bit players, there is a vast network of professions, institutions, idealists and vested interests. It is these “actuators” or soldiers which the upper tier players (Rothschilds and Rockefellers) toy with using grants, loans, influence or outright coercion. As a case in point, there’s a man who played a fundamental role in this global chaos game, the imminent German sociologist, the late Ulrich Beck.

Beck, like so many other associations of Ms. Bonino, was unquestionably brilliant. One of the world’s most prominent sociologists, his body of work can only be categorized as voluminous and significant. The focus of this work was essentially an investigation (maybe even experimentation) into a sort of new modernity. Beck was also a key investigator in something known as the Cosmo-Climate Research Project, as well as being one of the petitioners of the aforementioned “Soros Letter.” Examining Beck’s late career, he believed in something that became known as “transformative democracy”, and as we see now, the origins of what some today call a “New World Order”. Beck’s part was in the formulation and study of risk, politics, and the reflexive aspects of crisis, just the sort of scholarly input men like Soros and his colleagues seek out. Let me boil down Beck’s part in all this succinctly.

Philosophy for Disaster

The concepts of Beck’s “Cosmopolitanism” play out well for our NWO hierarchy. This new modernism construct Beck advocated is against nation states and nationalism like we see in Europe and the world today. Cosmopolitanism is also differentiated from “globalization” in that the theories are not intrinsically based on Western capitalism. Finally, the other “enemies” of Beck’s Utopian new society are the targets we see at war today.  You see, the new Cosmopolitan (NWO?) world cannot tolerate either sectarian particularism, uniformism, or violent universalism. But Beck’s philosophy, and Ms. Bonino’s, and Mr. Soros’ are all flawed. Cosmopolitanism is a lie, for while the theories profess to tear down nationalistic structures for a socialistic ideal, the ensuing mechanisms are only an expansion of current nationalistic structures. Basically it is just replacing the nation-society on the “local” level we now know, with a global level of control. (Frank Ejby Poulsen)

Now we arrive at the crux of our societal difficulties today. Beck, Bonino, virtually everyone involved in the International Crisis Group type organizations linked to Soros and other bankers, they bear the mark of that NWO we’ve heard so much (and so little) about. Radicals to their core, these people inhabit the halls of every powerful institution in the Western Hemisphere. It’s irrefutable now, their mission is to reshape the entire world, but in whose image?

For her part, and Becks, Bonino has been involved in trying to reshape policy around spheres she has had control over such as; food production, human rights, radical liberalism, and so forth. Hers and her collagues strategies, not unlike those we see at the US State Department and the White House, are to pretend to be the voices of human rights and other causes, while simultaneously being the worst abusers of humanity the world has ever known. Beck and his academia colleagues studied every aspect of our existence, you see, and not for the purposes they professed either. Human nourishment, production, identity, fear, memory, pleasure, fate, power and politics, all these “variables” and more were meticulously entered into new theorems of change funded largely by either NGOs or direct EU grants. Short version, EU citizens have been paying to install a new government without borders, one run by the people behind Soros and these quasi-academics. The former Italian Foreign Minister is lauded as the ultimate defender of human rights, an anti-radical superhero of sorts, when reality her contribution is to create chaos and radicalism, not to extinguish it. Ms. Bonino is a fairly easy player in all this to narrow down. Either she is an unwitting (narrow minded) feminist only interested in female equality, and willing to side with anyone or any group to win her ideal, or she is complicit on a higher level, intent on being a delegate to the brand new ruling elite of Earth. Evil genius or narrow minded feminist psychopath, the new world government will certainly have its share of ruthless leadership. We’ll have the true Orwellian legacy then. “Secular world unite against intolerance!” – this is the most recent battle cry of Bonino.

These days Bonino performs her functions within the International Crisis Group framework, while leveraging and lobbying for the bankers and NGOs via at Politico and other media, as well as the houses of power within the Brussels establishment. This article recently about the Libya situation is intended to keep that country in chaos mode. Bonino “explaining” to the magazine’s readership how the UN should be more patient with ensuring peace in North African country, it is characteristic of the subtle control these people exert over us all. From here in Germany, I am sure citizens can’t wait for the stream of refugees from Libya to stop, but perhaps Europe can wait just a little while longer. My distaste for these people is transparent, I know, but it’s the flaming liberals and bankster molls of the world who have been the cause all of this. Looking at this Italian political celebrity’s jaded past, her clear support of GMOs like Monsanto and others, her part in think tank strategies from Kosovo to Damascus and beyond, her ties to all these banking elites, I have to wonder what kind of idiots we are to put such people in positions of influence. Imagine the Italian politician’s subtle power, magnified by the resources of Soros, Rothschild even, and especially the media controlled by the likes of Rupert Murdoch and others. The “cumulative” message, the reverberations through academic and civil society, they drive the world in a chosen direction. Lest anyone reading this doubt, you simply need to magnify your school yard fantacies of success, by trillions and trillions of dollars in control mechanisms.

Force Feeding Ideals

In 2008 Bonino is quoted: “It is necessary to look at GMOs without ideological prejudices, carefully evaluating its potential especially for countries hit by the food threat.” In December of 2015 she carried the practiced the patented double speak Neocons in America love so well. With the immigrant crisis threatenting to destroy the EU, Bonino writes:

“Most EU member states are selfishly focusing on their own interests. This pits them against one another and has precipitated panic, putting refugees in even greater peril. A smart, comprehensive plan would calm the fears. Instead, Europe has preferred to search for scapegoats – and Greece is the latest to be targeted for blame.”

The woman has no shame. She and her co-conspirators help create the immigration crisis by setting fire to the Middle East. Then they pit one country against another over accepting immigrants, while at the same time suggesting tolerance, tolerance, tolerance, and then they use the whole affair to the idea of one-world-governance! Unfortunately for humanity, most human beings have zero time, and little understanding of any kind of socio-political theory, let alone a grasp of foreign policy. The “sheeple”, as some refer to the mass of people, are busy finding food.

I could continue running down the lists of people associated with the International Crisis Group, the Soros pawns worldwide, and the connections so apparent in between governments, big bankers, energy, and so on, but space prohibits. I almost feel back using the learned Mr. Beck as an example, since he is gone. Maybe I should have pointed out Sweden’s Anders Aslund, who helped create the evil Russian oligarchs we saw arise from the Yeltsin presidency in Russia? Aslund occasionally writes for the Kyiv Post now, via regurgitated papers from the Washington think tank, the Atlantic Council. Ashland was just in Kiev, and arrived back home thrilled to evangelize the reforms going on in war torn Ukraine. Or maybe readers would be interested in the man who led students in the unrest in France in 1968, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, the next poster child for a pro-pedophilia revolution to make the recent LBGT spectacle look tame. This EU parliamentarian has been called everything from a new form of Nazi, to an outright proponent of legalized sex with children. I could delve into the footprints of another signer of Mr. Soros’ whim, a Greek named Stelios Zavvos, who is CEO of the somewhat mysterious Zeus Capital. The trail there ends up in Luxembourg at the offices of Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild Europe (PDF) though, as do many other business/political dealings. “Crisis” please remember, is one of the key “study” areas for our new Cosmopolitanism elite! And Greece sure is integral where all crisis evolves since 2008.

It’s all hard to wrap your mind around, isn’t it? Big brain economists and Karl Marx-ish philosophers intermingling with the far fringes of societal experimentation, WOW! comes to mind easily even typing all this. Politics today blurs into high powered business and investing in ways never before seen. In America we’ve become used to the “pot calling the kettle black”, it’s almost our swan song now, for sure. But Americans are not the first to “pretend” angelic qualities, while perpetrating hell’s fury on the world. Italy, by any account, has expertise that makes a Manhattan broker blush. Final case in point here, is one that befits wizards and magicians of misdirection. The CEO of Fiat, Sergio Marchionne, Fiat chairman John Elkann and Ms. Bonino, both starred in a documentary which condemned former Italian PM, Silvio Berlusconi a Mafioso in the documentary “Girlfriend in a Coma”. Censored in Italy, the film was directed and narrated by former Economist editor, Bill Emmott. Not much is mentioned of the blood feud between Italian factions in the film, let alone Elkann’s grandfather, the man called “kingmaker”, Italy’s renowned industrialist, Gianni Agnelli. When Berusconi’s media outlets attacked the Agnelli after his death on tax evasion, western dignitaries like Henry Kissinger flocked to rescue the Agnelli’s gentlemen reputation. The point I would make here is that, one does not get to be considered the “King of Italy” and a friend of the Rockefellers by virtue of angelic qualities. As charming and intelligent as the late Agnelli, he was a ruthless businessman when the need arose. So, one has to question the motives of Fiat bosses and Italian Foreign Ministers going on record in a film about how evil Berlusconi was. I’d say pointing the finger and misdirection serve to deceive as always. Not that Berlusconi is a saint, but “crisis” and reshuffling the world are not godlike qualities either.

A final note on our Italian dignitary

Whether or not Emma Bonino is a dedicated but misguided idealist, or a malevolent extremist complicit in helping subjugate humanity, the evidence of her inappropriateness exists. Some reading this will say; “How can he say this about a so humane a political activist?” My answer is this. These people have all failed us. Their records clearly show, the world is not better off with any of them in any place of power. Crisis is everywhere. Earth is increasingly succumbing to abuses like the ones they allow. Climate change to outright genocide, disease, hunger, everything they have endeavored to cure is worse today than ever. Billionaire’s increase in number today, in direct proportion to the millions with growing need. News is all lies, truth is nowhere to be found, refugees flee once stable homelands, and as Russian President Vladimir Putin chastised at the UN recently; “These people do not even realize what they have done.” Or they do, and crisis is being used to create their coveted Utopia, our new Cosmopolitanism. Unless a new order is the goal, then these leaders are utter failures. Please think about what I have presented here.

To be continued…

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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