29.01.2016 Author: Phil Butler

Liquid Freedom Reaches Europe – Citizens Beware!

3453453444The other day a lone tanker ship carrying a cargo of US shale oil dropped anchor in the French port of Fos. Laden with oil destined for refining by a company called Vitol Group at a facility in Switzerland, the fruit of US President Barack Obama’s Russia gambit now trickles into Europe’s conscience. If not for a few news and investment articles mentioning a company called Enterprise Products Partners, then the greater significance of a world energy war waged would escape the world. What you are about to read is a damning expose of the most bloodthirsty killers since the Nazi holocaust. By the time you’re done reading, this writer hopes you’ll be hunting a tall tree and a rope.

Liquid Freedom – Bloody Crude

Dubbed “Liquid American Freedom” by American lawmakers, the tanker cargo was the first crude oil delivery to Europe in 40 years. The first such shipment since then President Gerald Ford banned exports, it arrived as a result of President Barack Obama’s December decision to sign a bill ending the export ban. The significance of the shipment, while apparently an economic decision by a US congress and executive branch, is in reality the end result of a global corporate strategy involving governments, dictators, huge banking interests, and the military industrial complex vital to the investment endgame. As millions leave their homes, and hundreds of thousands bury their dead because of business-induced conflict, the leaders of the so-called “free world” bid to rape the last of Earth’s resources, and simply for profit. Most people already suspect what I am suggesting here, but what you may not be aware of, are the brands, billionaires, and disasters that will arrive on your shores before it’s all over.

The Vitol company mentioned in these sparse stories, it is the largest independent oil trader in the world. This shipment of crude also shines a spotlight on a key partner in all this, the notoriously low-profile Carlyle Group in this American bid (IBT) to further marginalize Russia and other competitors. Before characterizing these players though, it’s also important to galvanize the significance environmentally, crisis wise, and strategically for the reader. This tanker, and the Seaqueen which docked in Amsterdam last week, were filled with shale oil fracked from depleted wells in Texas and shale deposits in North Dakota, bay ConocoPhillips. The shipments, which Financial Times and others called a “trickle” as far as overall flows of energy to Europe is concerned, reveal the real strategy unfolding in foreign policy and west-vs-east tensions the last few years.

Remember first, the Ukraine crisis, which is essentially a Cold War II game of full spectrum war on Russia, was not only about NATO expansion obviously. Russian energy flowing to Europe through this region, and through other regions (see below), were really the primary focus of Washington and London geo-strategy. Quite simply, if NATO could no expand into Ukraine, then Russian energy revenues and influencing power over Europe could be choked off with a war there.

Secondly, the Caucasus has already been made into an energy “choke” point by CIA inspired Chechnya conflict and Russo-Georgian War, were prior warning signs of the conflict we see today. The first sign was the United States led coalition to invade sovereign Afghanistan and Iraq, but as most history buffs will note, the real Russophibic mission goes back many generations. What we see happening in this region is a sort of investor feeding frenzy now, with middle level opportunist vying to sop up what deals they can. We need not enter into a history lesson to prove Russia has been continually assailed since the Berlin Wall was torn down. The Russians, with no need nor desire for more territory historically, have been battling for breathing space in front of NATO since the Soviet Union fell.

Finally, North Africa and the Middle East are renewed “hot spots” in the battle for financial domination of the world heats up today. Again, this is a very deep and diverse subject we’ve only a need to acknowledge here. Oil, natural gas, and the transportation geography of those resources is of paramount interest to the money men in London, Frankfurt, Luxembourg and New York. While Moscow, Tehran, Beijing and other countries have peaked interest also, no nation or group of nations have so far enacted more catastrophic strategies than the Americans and British. The power brokers Vladimir Putin said he would no longer deal with in backroom meetings; they’ve thrown caution to the wind in what some experts think the end game. “Desperate” or emboldened, the end result of the onslaught against competing nations here is more than dangerous, it is potentially catastrophic. If we can accept for the sake of argument these “powers” are indeed at work, we can more readily identify the root causes, and the perpetrators of these conflicts. We can more easily follow the blood trail of crude oil conflicts.

Megalomaniacs’ Mug Shots

3423423432I’ve mentioned Carlyle Group as one of the latest investing groups to emerge in this US-Europe oil trade situation. The names of those in governance there read like a “who’s who” of investment rogues, a new breed of robber barons that wield horrific control over everything from insurance and banking to academia, commodities, pension funds and even hospitality. However, this group only serves as a facilitator, when compared to others competing for oil & gas dominance. Focusing on Enterprise Products Partners just got a massive investment from none other than Genesis Energy LP, Goldman Sachs and some other familiar names. This deal, combined with the already notorious tendency for Barack Obama to help the likes of George Soros and other billionaire’s complicit in world affairs, it speaks volumes. It was Soros, remember, who condoned releasing these strategic American reserves to “Punish Putin.” And when the banksters punish Putin, guess who else suffers? What Soros and the others are doing is akin to mobster arm twisting from the Chicago mob days, only the lever is mostly money and credit. Through an intricate web of holding companies and investment funds, Soros and names like Rockefeller and Rothschild intertwine to form a credit/investment trap of immense proportions. Stocks in Genesis and other such companies, are held by intermediary companies like Alerian MLP ETF, and an array of funds inhabited by the likes of Soros, Rockefeller, the Rothschilds, and so on. If US oil headed outbound is “Liquid Freedom”, then western billionaires are the vampires sucking the energy life’s blood out of America.

This “delivery” brings ConocoPhillips into the limelight. An offshoot of the Rockefeller family’s Standard Oil, the company’s board of directors is infested with notorious purveyors of chaos such as former Bush administration blunt instrument, Richard Armitage. For those who are unfamiliar with the former Deputy Secretary of State, Armitage is the government official who admittedly released the fact Valerie Plame Wilson was a secret agent for the CIA, which triggering the so-called Plame affair. The former Annapolis graduate and Vietnam vet was also at the top of Sen. John D. Rockefeller IV’s list of prospective CIA candidates in 2004. Furthermore, the CEO of ConocoPhillips, Ryan Lance is bound at the hip to the Rockefeller family, and the Bush family. This can be seen via his board membership in the Asia Society Texas Center, the strange Texas-Asia connective brought into being by former First Lady Barbara Bush and former Ambassador Roy M. Huffington back in 1979. The “vision” statement of this organization clearly framed the overall vision of John D. Rockefeller 3rd. So, Lance is the poster child-evangelist out there convincing people hydraulic fracking and selling the last strategic reserves of oil America has, it’s a good idea. A last note on Armitage, he’s a trustee if the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the same think tanks notorious Russia haters Dr. Henry Kissinger, and Zbigniew Brzezinski cohabit as trustees. In effect, what we have tightly woven into these new strategic energy deals is a criminal lineup of spooks and other war mongers, the most powerful people the world has ever know, considering their sway on the lives of billions of people.

Let me just insert here the concept of fracking as an environmentally viable method of energy production in the United States, before I move on. This quote from an article on The Nation, bears some thought on your part:

“The toll fracking takes on water supplies makes unconventional natural gas a dubious energy source for a warming world, where droughts are more common in some regions. Fracking uses 70–140 billion gallons of water every year, according to the EPA. Currently, nearly half of fracking industry wells are located in parts of the country facing high water stress, based on a report by the organization CERES.”

Issuing the Wanted Posters

They’re ruthless, arrogant, and should be considered extremely dangerous. The crisis the world finds itself in today is not the result of some deadly African germ, nor is it the result of a declared jihad on America. The circus of death and blood we see spotlighted in the regions surrounding Russia is, part and parcel, a strategy for control and gain by known perpetrators. The Rockefellers and Rothschilds of the world, the Donald Trumps and Hillary Clintons we are beset with, they cannot claim stupidity or ignorance, not even insanity. The people you witness at galas and at meetings in Davos, Switzerland, they know full well what is going on today. The credit and controlling instruments the Rothschild organization experts over even billionaires, it’s powerful, and at the same time crippling for any notion of idealism or decency. What, you think Trump and the others use their own money to operate?

As I sit here reading a report (PDF) from another glee club called the “International Crisis Group”, I’m reveling a bit in my own capability as one of the greatest Internet researchers on Earth. This group, with the ostensive mission to prevent conflict, is comprised of many of the criminals creating death and destruction. Any criminal mind would tell you, having strings everywhere is a necessity, as is subterfuge.

“We are giving the KRG a very strong weapon against Baghdad: the promise of one million b/d. This would lift the KRG over 17 per cent of the national budget, and thus the KRG would be a net provider to that budget. This would give it lots of leverage and a seat at the table. Or it could contemplate becoming independent.”

Dated April 12, 2012, the report entitled “IRAQ AND THE KURDS: THE HIGH-STAKES HYDROCARBONS GAMBIT” lays out a systematic plan for the current mess in Syria and the region. Mind you, the recommendations and suggested strategy are worded in “reverse” logic. One has to review the recommendations, then apply this logic. You see the key players, the members of this group, communicated in a kind of code. The evidence we see is in the fact NONE of the remedies to the Kurd-Baghdad problem (which Washington created in the fist place) were put in place. Here is one example that concerns a company tied to Rothschild, BP’s Tony Hayward, and others, Genel Energy. From recommendation number 7 from the group:

“Refrain from signing contracts with either the government of Iraq or the KRG for acreage located in disputed territories; and suspend all operations in disputed territories until the status of internal disputed boundaries has been resolved.”

Remember, this was in 2012. Genel Energy, the company former BP CEO Tony Hayward started with Rothschild backing, the one named in the aforementioned report, they signed numerous deals after-the-fact of these recommendations. Now the ambitious among you will certainly ask; “Just who are these International Crisis Group people?” Now comes the really good part.

Brzezinski and Armitage are there alongside billionaire George Soros. Former top US diplomats like Thomas R Pickering, head up the group too, and there’s even General Wesley Clark, former head of NATO (He works with Blackstone now). On this note, it’s significant to note Lord Jacob Rothschild is also on the advisory board of Blackstone, as well. And, in an interesting note on the former US Ambassador, is that Mr. Pickering headed up the State-Department-sponsored panel investigating the Attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi. I won’t further bore the reader with this veritable “who’s who” list of former diplomats and current big deal corporate scoundrels. Another interesting (damning) fact I found within this “Crisis” report is the fact the US government spent half a billion dollars paying the Kurds monies Baghdad supposedly owed the would-be independent state bordering Syria, Turkey, and Iran.

“According to U.S. officials, the federal government has made two payments so far to the KRG for oil company payments: $250 million in May 2011 and $204 million in September 2011. Crisis Group interview, Washington DC, February 2012. The KRG claims that Baghdad has paid nothing since May 2011 and is $1.5 billion in arrears.”

What’s Warranted?

Now, let me be clear here out of fairness. All these people negotiating for energy across the world, they’re not necessarily the people who need to be on the “wanted posters” I have suggested. However, by the power of association with those who perpetrate disaster, a great many are guilty of inciting war, chaos, and misery on the people of Earth. What I am suggesting, is that anyone found to be associating with known traffickers in ISIL oil, black-market energy dealings, or defrauding/betraying the people of the US or Britain should he under the most severe scrutiny, even more so than the Muslim cavity searched at some US airport. Let me refer to another finding in this document from 2012, if I may. If I may frame a suspicious moment for you, for the court of public opinion concerning the sale, transport, and payment the Kurds have received over the years. Special attention should be paid where the major fields which Genel Energy holds leases. The following passage from the “Crisis Group” report seems relevant:

“Baghdad has allowed export of oil only from the two companies, DNO and Genel Enerji, that signed contracts with the KRG prior to the 2007 breakdown in negotiations over a federal hydrocarbons law, at which point the KRG passed its own oil and gas legislation. In the absence of export channels, the KRG has allowed operating companies to sell oil to private (Kurdish) traders, who have trucked it across the Iranian border.”

To sum up, the trucks Vladimir Putin’s air forces have been blowing up by the hundreds, they have been part of the Kurdish oil dealings all along. The pipelines monitored and controlled by Baghdad were never an option for the New Kurdistan. Instead, until someone footed the bill (They tried to force Obama to) for a new pipeline to Turkey, trucking black market and other oil extracted from the ground by Genel and others, it has been shipped via trucks to Turkey, then Israel, and onward to Europe.

The bottom line is, everybody in a position to do something about these “crisis” situations has had the foreknowledge to do so all along. We’ve put the foxes in charge of the hen house, as my Dad always used to say. It’s fair at this point to suggest brilliant business and investment moves are derived from superior knowledge and intelligence gathering. With this inmind, I’ll leave you with my recommendations for cleaning up crisis and war on Earth. Condemning thousands of business and government leaders to jail or worse, this would be an extreme measure in my view. For the citizens of planet Earth, dragging just a few of the worst perpetrators of death into the streets should suffice. The arrogance and forward momentum of such people falls short of any kind of courage, you see. The rich and powerful are fond of setting examples, they always were. Perhaps it’s time for the citizens’ example to be set. Maybe then we can have some peace.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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