13.01.2016 Author: Henry Kamens

Sarin Gas: The Guy Who Told Us So Is Now Telling Us This

564564545The other day I said the following in an email to Gordon Duff, Editor in Chief of Veterans Today, an online journal for the intelligence community:

“I watched the interview programme with you and Kevin Barrett. See minute 4:15 However, you need to keep in mind that the Sarin gas story, broken by the Turkish MP and Russia Today, is old news, and much more is involved.

“One only needs to take a closer look at the PR in support of the bio weapons lab in Tbilisi, who is involved and who stands behind them. Let’s not forget that former US Senator Richard Lugar called it the “latest advancement in protecting Americans against global biological risks and how this and other labs identify and report potentially deadly pathogens before they can spread.” However, it does not stop there.

“Consider the players, aside from Bechtel National. CH2M Hill and Battelle, two of the main contractors to Bechtel and DoD, are still there conducting maintenance. Others in the project include the U.S. Army Medical Research and Material Command (MRMC) which claims it is backstopping international norms for bio security in Georgia’s national repository of infectious disease pathogens (bio weapons depot).

“I realise that you [Gordon] are tossing some red herrings “here and there” but in case push comes to shove keep this in mind. The push will come to shove sooner than later, with US policy unraveling in Syria and a massive bio attack imminent, and we may be able to stop yet another false flag. Gordon, it is time for us to go whole hog, take a step further.”

The history of this biolab has been well documented by New Eastern Outlook and Veterans Today columnist Seth Ferris and Georgia-based American journalist Jeffrey Silverman, amongst others. It has been well reported in the Georgian press too. Many have raised the same concerns about the organisations involved in this facility, and issues such as the fact that this so-called research lab has not produced a single piece of research, thereby apparently wasting millions of dollars. But its real importance lies in what it demonstrates merely by its presence.

If you want to know what US foreign policy consists of now, and will consist of in future, you should look at what is happening in this lab rather than the latest trouble spot. There’s not much you are allowed to see of course, but what I and others have have seen has been right all along, and only came about because of this lab. What the US is about to do now will equally be the product of this lab.

In plain sight

Officially the Central Public Health Reference Laboratory in Tbilisi, Georgia, opened on 18 March 2011 and promotes public and animal health through infectious disease detection and epidemiological surveillance. It was built by the United States Defense Threat Reduction Agency, a part of the U.S. Department of Defense, and has both Georgian and American staff.

I have copies of the original plans for the bio weapons lab and command and control centre. They were shared with me by a Turkish contractor in 2011, because he had safety concerns. I also have other documents, which were the basis of the 2013 story that “Veterans Today investigators in the Republic of Georgia, working with Russia media outlets and Press TV, have discovered a secret American-built weapons lab, designed by Bechtel Corporation, in Tbilisi, Georgia.”

The Turkish source who provided me the bulk of the documents had read one of my online articles on the subject. He asked to meet me and then handed over a pile which included the design plans. These confirmed all the information that I had on the lab—confirming my suspicions that bio weapons development was its real purpose.

He complimented me on how I had been able to find out so much about the project and told that me that I knew more than the managers did, or at least more than the managers would admit to knowing. I was told that it would be good to keep close records, as sooner or later there was going to be a new international scandal related to the lab. This is, in fact, exactly what is about to happen.

Pulling the other one

Some of us remember who was selling a cocktail of poisonous chemicals to Iraq in the 1980s, which were used to gas the Kurds. Georgian, American and European journalists have carefully researched the history of Anthrax for Export – and how Bechtel and other US companies sold Iraq the ingredients for a witches brew (The Progressive, April 1998).

This “research laboratory”, which is heavily guarded, warehouses weapons grade bio materials – as in bio warfare. It was built by Bechtel. In Georgia it has aroused a number of safety concerns, not merely because of what’s inside it but due to shoddy workmanship.

Of course, if anything leaks out of the plant, this shoddy workmanship will be very convenient. It has already served some of its purpose. An early VT investigation into this plant revealed that a female Turkish safety engineer had been fired after it become obvious that the welds in the stainless steel tubing (of bio stew vats) leaked. The steel structure of the entire building had to be reworked, which gave Bechtel the excuse to bring in a bio-maintenance engineer to backstop the so-called Technology Management Company (a Georgian front company) which has been hired to make the structure safe.

A multitude of “fly-in-and-fly-out” contractors then followed, supposedly to conduct turn-key certification, preventive and corrective maintenance on the duct system and laboratory equipment, etc. Most of what they actually did, especially their personal activities, is a poorly-kept secret which includes massive hidden cost overruns and social sheningans at the expense of the US taxpayer. As one source said – and excuse the language – “Outside contractors were brought in, in short “to clear up the fucking mess and to get fucked in the process.”

All this is very strange behaviour if we are to believe this is a public health laboratory. It implies callous disregard for public health. It does however make a lot of sense if it is a facility protected by officials who are using it to behave as officials tend to do – dump their problem people there and express it as a reward, whilst using its official status as a cover for nefarious activities. Look at the prominent politicians who end up in unelected jobs at the EU, particularly as Commissioners, and you will see that this is common practice.

Georgia is not only on a straight line between the US and everywhere bioweapons have been used in a conflict the US is involved in. It also inherited a number of biolabs from the Soviet Union, as did some other republics. Giving control of these to the US was one of the hidden clauses of the defence agreements these newly independent countries all signed with the US.

The Lugar lab is an updated version of the sort of lab local staff had already worked in, but now directly under US control. Although the new Georgian government claimed soon after it was elected in 2012 that it had taken it over, the US Department of Defense thinks otherwise, according to its website and several official statements. Of course the US still owns it – it does not want to have to bother with things like obtaining permission for what it intends to do.

Too bad to be true

The official reason for building a new lab in Georgia, rather than just taking over the old ones, was that new infectious strains, such as anthrax, were evolving in the wild amongst cattle herds in the rural regions of the country. Apparently the biolabs, and native public health facilities, weren’t able to investigate or do anything about this. This is hardly surprising, because this or any other lab would have published a paper on the subject by now, giving facts and figures and suggesting solutions, if such a thing were actually happening.

If there is anthrax in Georgian cattle it can be assumed that many people will come into contact with it, through being in proximity to the animals or eating them. Then, despite the lack of evidence, it can be assumed that if people have anthrax in their system this is how it got there. But of course anthrax is often used in bioweapons, including those currently being deployed in Syria, and on several occasions airlines have asked those ENTERING Georgia to fill in questionnaires about proximity to anthrax, so even Georgia tacitly admits that infected cattle are not the only source of any problem which might exist.

Some, including Jeffrey Silverman, have long claimed that the US government is using Georgia and its population as white rats. Biologiocal agents such as anthrax are not occurring spontaneously, the biolab is introducing them into the food chain to see what effect this has on people. The US has a track record of doing this, having experimented on its own population over the years whilst telling the unknowing victims they were part of – you’ve guessed it – a public health programme.

As Silverman says, “If the strains introduced turn out to be antibiotic resistant, ongoing research into viruses that eat bacteria, and attack such infections, can be quickly accessed. Whoever has such information controls the bio weapons battleground.”

Writing on too many walls

The US now thinks it has the information it needs to exert that control. How do we know? It has now been demonstrated that Turkey has used Sarin Gas on its opponents in Syria. It got this gas from somewhere, and NATO knows where all the bioweapons facilities are in its member countries. There isn’t any evidence so far to suggest this gas was manufactured in Turkey. But the Sarin Gas used in the false flag attack at al-Ghouta, Syria, in 2013 came from Georgia.

Silverman and Veterans Today exposed where the al-Ghouta gas came from at the time, they traced the shipment. Then no one wanted to listen. So I’ve asked him what we can expect next, and here’s what he had to say.

“The US wants a way out in both Syria and Turkey. It can’t be seen to be defeated or wrong, so it has to have a reason to leave which will preserve its self-image. The best option is a natural disaster. Either it can seed the clouds, as in Vietnam, or it can release pathological agents, which would oblige it to withdraw troops on safety grounds. Then Turkey and the Syrian opposition would have to sort out their own problems, for which the US could not be held responsible if there were officially no Americans in the country.

“The Tbilisi laboratory is located next to Tbilisi airport, which makes deliveries easy. There’s another in Kutaisi, Georgia’s second city, whose airport was upgraded to “international” status with the help of US contractors. Most of the deadly material – the stuff which can’t be readily shipped out of flights from Tbilisi in an emergency – is actually stored in Kutaisi. There is also a UK-owned biolab in the seaside town of Kobuleti, whose materials come in and go out by ship via the ports of the autonomous region of Adjara, which are controlled by Turkey under the agreement which ceded them to Georgia.

“Everything I’ve always said was going on in the Tbilisi biolab has been shown to have transpired. Just look at the unexplained spikes in certain infections in Georgia, the lack of research output from the lab, the beatings for those who get too close to it (one Norwegian journalist was attacked by five masked men for looking at it) and the histories of the contractors involved and the individuals employed there. I told you all that, and now I’m telling you this.

“Sarin Gas was only the beginning. Having treated Georgians as white rats the US, is about the use the Tbilisi lab to mount a deadly chemical or biological release, covering a wide area, to get it out of Syria and Turkey. The consequences may well be severe, for health, international relations, trade and many other things. But the US only cares about getting caught, not what it does to people, and that isn’t going to change unless we make it.”

Henry Kamens, columnist, expert on Central Asia and Caucasus, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.