19.12.2015 Author: Jim Dean

NATO Nuclear Scam on Iran Now Carved in Stone

454335454The IAEA has finally retired the Iranian nuclear military use folder with a unanimous vote which clears the way to removing most of the sanctions. It has been a long day in coming, but the wooden stake was put through the vampire hearts of all the Iran haters with the IAEA declaring it had found no military use of Iranian nuclear technology.

All those who had claimed that Iran had a hidden nuclear weapons program are now proven to have been lying. Why?…because all during the P5+1 negotiation process, during the hard fought Congressional vote on the final agreement, and during this last shot “military portfolio” issue did any intelligence agency reveal its secret stash of proof they had been holding off for the last moment.

The coordinated scale of the Iran threat hoax I viewed as a psychological terror campaign in itself against all countries East and West. Every time Obama or high Pentagon officials mentioned “all options are on the table, including the military one”, they knew they were sending a message to us all that they already had evidence of either weapons grade uranium diversion, or nuclear weapons technology in the works, which would have had to include warhead designing and some initial testing.

For Israel the matter was even worse, due to its constant threats that it would “go it alone” to stop Iran from “getting the bomb” if it had to. Netanyahu and his general staff were also sending a complimentary message that they also had solid Intel on an Iranian weapons program or they would never have risked a preemptive attack. Israel was aiming to justify any future such attack as a defensive move on its part. Even the holocaust card was played repeatedly as part of their “never again” PR cover.

Western media played along with the hoax game, with the stories of Iran being a terrorist nation and wanting to wipe the Israelis off the map. CNN was patently guilty of the purposeful mistranslation of a statement whose literal translation of “Zionist regime removed from the sands of time”…that appeared in English as “wipe Israel off the map”. This translation swindle was still being used during the Congressional vote debate.

Militant Israelis had been claiming for two decades that Iran was two years away from having “the bomb” if something wasn’t done. But when time passed without it happening they just continued to keep making the charge with no major institutions accusing them of bad faith.

We all watched a Western assassination program on what we now know to have been innocent Iranian nuclear engineers under the guise that they must have been working on a secret nuclear weapons program, as why else would the US, Israel and Britain have been involved in that nasty work?

British MI6 chief Sir John Sawyer’s remarks are representative of the depths of perversion used against the world public to prepare it for a preemptive Iran strike. In 2012 speech at the Civil Service Live event Sawyer dramatically told the 100 attendees that by 2014 Iran would be a nuclear weapons state. He also said that, but for covert British Special Operations, Iran would have had nukes by 2008.

“The Iranians are determinedly going down a path to master all aspects of nuclear weapons; all the technologies they need… It’s equally clear that Israel and the United States would face huge dangers if Iran were to become a nuclear weapons state, ” said Sir John.

This presentation was a psychological operation in itself. There is not a shred of evidence that, even if Iran had nukes, they would be used other than as a deterrent against a first strike. Everyone listening to Sawyer assumed he had proof of an advanced Iranian program; and we know now he was lying as the evidence was never presented. So we must ask ourselves, who was the bigger threat to our security — Iran or the liars?

Why was Sawyer trying to sell top British public servants on the idea that Britain must protect Israel and the US from a nuclear Iran, when it never had the evidence? It must have had another motive. Our own Veterans Today experts told us for years that the US had the satellite technology to pick up weapons-grade reprocessing and any weapons trigger testing practically in real time.

Acquiring nuclear weapons safely today involves stealing weapons grade material and buying ready-made detonation technology, or finished bombs. The list of sellers is a short one. Germany is a number one suspect for having obtained these from Israel as part of its Dolphin submarine discounted price scheme, which has given Israel a sub launched nuclear cruise missile capacity. Many consider this a major rogue elephant threat to the world.

We had the recent story leaked of the Israelis having asked the US for support on a strike on Iran’s Fordow underground uranium reprocessing plant which was disclosed to the IAEA in September of 2009. As part of Iran’s counter sanctions pressure, including upgrading and building more centrifuges, it had said in 2011 that it was moving its 20% reprocessing operations to Fordow.

The Israelis were asking for “special equipment” for a commando attack to blow the place up. The consensus is that they wanted our stealth helicopters. They were refused, as the White House considered it a suicide operation that would have then had US fingerprints all over it.

Fast forward to today. No evidence of a weapons program was ever presented by any Intel agency. The Fordow facility is now going to be converted to isotope production exclusively for medical and industrial use under IAEA supervision. Under the agreement, Iran is selling all of its 20% grade uranium, and 3.5% in excess of 220 kilograms to Russia in exchange for raw uranium so that the transaction can be completed quickly to show the world it is in full compliance on the reduced stockpiles. Russia will supervise the plant conversion.

But AIPAC is still harshly criticizing the IAEA’s closing Iran’s military nuclear file, claiming a risk still exists, with the disingenuous claim that the IAEA did not look hard enough for the evidence. This is a diversion to keep public attention away from the issues I am writing about now. It was the obligation of the “preemptive strike” proponents to disclose the Intel they inferred for many years that they had, when they were just scamming us all along.

The world public has to decide if it is going to take being victimized by the liars on the Iran nuclear hoax by doing nothing, or demanding extensive investigations into the threat fraud that was pushed on us and hold those guilty responsible for nuclear threat terrorism — the first time that this phrase has ever been in print.

There is an undisclosed hoax that has remained behind the scenes in the story. Weapons grade material is not essential to building mini-nukes. This is an open-secret in the weapons industry. Hence mini nuke cruise missiles are everyone’s weapon of choice now.

They are lighter, cheaper, harder to detect and destroy with their terrain-hugging flight; and are one-shot kills. There is no need for vulnerable B-52s or expensive B-2 bombers to deliver the big ones. Fighter bombers can deliver the 2000 pound ones from distant launches, or the big bombers can launch them in salvos. They are easier to hide on railroad cars, regular reefer trucks or even disguised merchant ships.

The big secret is that the warheads can be made from fuel rod material coming right out of any nuclear facility, so all the big bomb science and technology can been done away with, as mini-nukes are basically the triggers for big nukes and “testing them” does not come under the ban on new nuclear weapons testing since triggers have to be tested for deterioration safety reasons. The major country old warhead stockpiles are going to be converted into tactical mini-nukes, and they have already been used.

This is one reason that Israel ALWAYS pushed for a ZERO nuclear program for Iran. It knew that Iran had the technical depth to be able to make mini nukes to put on its medium range and future modern cruise missiles.

NATO, Israel and the Saudis, among others already have them, and don’t want anyone else to. But have them they will, to defend themselves from those who do. And we will end up going from nukes so bad that no one would use them, to little ones that they will… and we will all pay dearly for it.

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for Veterans Today, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”