03.12.2015 Author: Konrad Stachnio

Simon Elliot Takes Over Europe?

3747538163After the events in Paris, the war with ‘moderate rebels’ in Europe will go on indefinitely, because how would it come to an end? Putin is not going to bomb Paris, Berlin and Western Europe, as he is currently bombing ISIS bases in the Middle East. Europe has therefore become a new, safe home for ‘moderate rebels’.

If the ‘anti-terrorist coalition’ is going to fight against ISIS (Israeli Secret Intelligence Services) in Europe as intensely as it fought for the past year in the Middle East then actually we should agree with the Polish Jihadist Abu Bakr Al Sham, or rather Adrian Al N, who recently said in an interview that “You will die! We will arrange mass executions on St. Peter’s Square”. Because, after all, such scenes are an everyday occurrence in the territories where the ‘anti-terrorist coalition’ has been ‘fighting’ against ISIS for a long time.

Until now, I thought that it would be a real Jihadist responsible for installing an Islamic State in Europe. But after the attacks in Paris, I believe it less and less. Because of the bombings in Paris, all refugees and Muslims are now perceived in Europe as a potential source of terror. On the basis of this attack, Islam was further alienated from the world of the West, now on the scale of the whole of Europe.

It is not a bomb in Paris which is the real terrorist attack in Europe. The real terrorist attack is to create a situation where hundreds of thousands of people leave their homes to travel to another continent. Then you serve terrorist attacks in Europe and blame them. Europe is now flooded with waves of (in her eyes) potential terrorists, and is thus brought to the brink of civil war.

But at the same time, Europe is increasingly gripped by a web of police surveillance and new laws which strip ordinary citizens of their basic rights and the ability to defend themselves. This is evidenced by the fact that it is becoming increasingly difficult to access firearms in the EU, or that we have prison sentences or fines for criticizing radical Islam, which Europe installs itself.

Because now, under the banner of refugees coming to Europe, will be able to carry out any misleading operation. The only question is whether it will be done by some Islamists lunatic militant or just ISIS The blame is so far borne by refugees and the followers of Islam as they are.

Because the question remains: when would terrorist attacks in Europe come to an end? What would have to happen to stop them? Now, when it is too late, because among the masses of migrating, anonymous populations ISIS has already installed its sleeping cells, after explicitly declaring earlier that they would do so. Now, it seems like the only solution for the EU is to install more and more police surveillance.

With this number of people coming to Europe and destabilizing it, it is enough to have a Lone Wolf strategy. Just a few suicide bombers blowing themselves up in shopping centers in several European cities. The intelligence services in such cases will be helpless. If, of course, these same agencies will not be responsible for this, approving of the assassination, organizing it or simply announcing now to the so-called ‘media’ about pre-prepared, fabricated materials.

“The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al-Qaeda, and any informed intelligence officer knows this. But, there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an intensified entity representing the ‘devil’ only in order to drive TV watchers to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the United States.” – Former British Foreign Secretary, Robin Cook.

This quote, in a few sentences, reflects exactly what is happening now in Europe, a continent struggling with an alleged invasion of ISIS, Islamisation and terrorist attacks.

Currently, nothing as radical Islam is suitable for conquering new countries and destabilize societies. After Hitler’s Nazism, it is another totalitarian tool to keep the CIA Jihad going on a global scale. They do this by introducing the police state as now in Europe, or through the genocide of rebuttal ‘regimes’ with which we deal in the Middle East.

Fortunately, my paranoia in this matter is cooled by Peter Sutherland, and if not for the fact that he represents such respected institutions as Goldman Sachs and the Bilderberg Group, I would be tempted to refute.“These data are ridiculous in the context of the overall European population of 500 million. The data we are talking about is literally a drop in the ocean. We can easily deal with it. Germany may take a lot more in and will continue to have a shortage due to the ageing of the population…”

“Governments must pursue a policy of providing positive news that migrants are good for the European environment, economically and in every other way, rather than constantly referring to them as burdens, because they are not really a problem as such. In a very short time, they will have a positive impact on the community in which they live.”

So soon we will see a ‘positive’ change in Europe. You could, however, be tempted to be less ‘positive’ and think about what can we do to stop the CIA’s Jihad in Europe.

First of all, it would have to be the political will on the part of the West to the commit to the destruction of their ISIS business. Although we must here admit that the United States is set to work in this matter, as documented at prisonplanet.com: “In Syria, the White House gives ISIS a warning 45 minutes before bombing tankers, dropping leaflets informing potential jihadists to flee from attacks from the air”.

It would be difficult for us to find more humane bombings than those. Now, we see that the US is not without reason an ambassador for human rights worldwide.

It’s also hard to disagree with Martin Schulz, claiming that we cannot combine the problem of refugees with organized crime from terrorists. Indeed, it is hard for greater expression of truthfulness on the part of such a high-ranking EU politician. After all, most adults know that the attacks in Europe are not carried out by any refugees, but Secret Services. Refugees themselves serve only as a cover and a scapegoat intended to have European societies argue among themselves.

On the basis of this destabilization, in Europe we now see a large-scale police state, on whose size I’d have to write a very large, separate article.

In this context, the question is what will happen to a Europe which increasingly reinforces national governments which are opposed TTIP, the climate package and the intake of refugees, and which is an attack on ‘democracy and ‘European values’ in itself. How to end the opponents of democracy – see ‘the Middle East’. In this context, the threat of ejection from the Schengen Group and EU blackmail to cut their subsidies is just one of the most recent forms of tempering recalcitrant nationalists by our ’empire of democracy’ otherwise known as the EU. Hitler’s coming to power, the mass hysteria in pre-War Germany and the murder of millions of people would not have been possible if it wasn’t for some US companies, about ten years before the outbreak of WWII, sharing military technology through its networks which was then used to build a German military empire. We are dealing with the same sort of story now, as ISIS is at the moment a very lucrative business and an instrument of change ‘regime’ at the same time.

The creators of this creature cannot allow their child to be destroyed by Putin. They would lose a fine tool for destabilising Russia, the Middle East and Europe. Thence the falling Russian planes and terrorist attacks in Paris. Everything eventually ends up driving towards one end: do not permit anyone to actually destroy ISIS.

The CIA Jihad destabilization will lead to conflicts on religious, ethnic and social background, between the Wahhabisation of Islam and the rest of Europe. However, as a result, it will lead to closer relations between the Russian orthodox church and the real (not CIA, ISIS) world of Islam.

In a destabilized Europe, a la ‘democratic’ and lost Ukraine, governments are no longer able to ensure the security of its citizens. That is why we will see the appearance of insurance companies that will take over ‘care’ of the citizens. However, the question remains – what happens to the European States which prove resistant to the ‘democratic process’ served them in the form of refugee intakes? In my opinion, these ‘xenophobic’, ‘racist’ European regimes must take into account the possibility of ‘democratic Maidan’ protests popping up in their countries.

Konrad Stachnio is an independent Poland based journalist, he hosted a number of radio and TV programs for the Polish edition of Prison Planet, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.