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02.12.2015 Author: Gordon Duff

The Madness of King Erdogan

435345444America and Israel, in playing up to Erdogan, perhaps even underestimating his grasp but more likely overlooking his long history of mental instability, have turned Turkey into a de facto nuclear power.

For those who aren’t afraid, its time it sunk in. The US cut a deal with Turkey long ago, they are a nuclear power. As a Cold War trade off with Turkey, America was allowed to place nuclear missiles in Turkey and station nuclear bombers there as well.

Primitive Jupiter nuclear missiles in Turkey were what really led to the Cuban missile crisis of 1962, what pushed Russia to positioning nuclear weapons in Cuba.

Well, the problem is back again, back in spades. Not only are there American nuclear weapons in Turkey, with up to fifty B61 nuclear bombs in Erdogan’s hands with limited oversight, Turkey is that other nuclear power in the Middle East along with Israel, and the two of them have been working closely together since the 1940s.

It gets worse, and we haven’t even scratched the surface. You see, these B61 bombs, dangerous as they are, have been slated for what the nuclear non-proliferation community has termed an illegal modification. From the Guardian:

“… In non-proliferation terms however the only thing worse than a useless bomb is a ‘usable’ bomb. Apart from the stratospheric price, the most controversial element of the B61 upgrade is the replacement of the existing rigid tail with one that has moving fins that will make the bomb smarter and allow it to be guided more accurately to a target. Furthermore, the yield can be adjusted before launch, according to the target.

“The modifications are at the centre of a row between anti-proliferation advocates and the government over whether the new improved B61-12 bomb is in fact a new weapon, and therefore a violation of President Obama’s undertaking not to make new nuclear weapons. His administration’s 2010 Nuclear Posture Review said life extension upgrades to the US arsenal would ‘not support new military missions or provide for new military capabilities.’

“The issue has a particular significance for Europe where a stockpile of 180 B61s is held in six bases in five countries. If there is no change in that deployment by the time the upgraded B61-12s enter the stockpile in 2024, many of them will be flown out to the bases in Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Turkey.“

But there is more to this story, much more. There is a reason these bombs are being modified, made more accurate, more dangerous. You see, they are carried on the F16, an aging but still lethal fighter bomber.

In early 2015, Turkey had 117 of its F 16 aircraft modified. These upgrades included avionics, electronic warfare and targeting, but also included upgrades for some of their aircraft to nuclear capability.

The United States keeps its nuclear inventory in Turkey at Incirlik Air Force Base, where specially modified NATO F16s are intended to carry these weapons against Russian cities. However, by agreement, none of America’s specially modified planes are actually stationed in Turkey.

The “work around” that Erdogan and select NATO commanders found was a simple one. As Turkish and Israeli pilots had always trained together against the “common enemy,” that being Iran, Israel could train Turkish crews to deliver the newly modified and much more lethal B61 guided warhead, and Israel could complete the modification on some of the upgraded Turkish planes, believed to be 20, to full nuclear capability.

These aircraft with targeting intelligence stolen from the US by Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, are ready to hit Russia at any time or, as part of a “yet to be determined” cabal of other “unannounced nuclear states,” such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Israel or even Germany, could prove a “first strike” capability in a scenario right out of Dr. Strangelove.

A second “work around” involves Israel marketing nuclear weapons to Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Germany and others, with an IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) investigation halted in 1998, headed at that time by IAEA investigator Jeff Smith and CIA agent Roland Carnaby. Smith is now an editor at Veterans Today. Carnaby was murdered by an Israeli agent in Houston, Texas, in April 2008. The IAEA offices in Houston for this project were also the offices of former President George Herbert Walker Bush, who worked directly with Smith and Carnaby on this project, which involved the theft of 350 nuclear weapons “pits.”

Along with the “pits,” the core of every nuclear weapon, the investigation also covered the theft of intelligence required to “match” the pits for re-machining and refurbishment, an investigation that led to Washington’s highest levels.

There was a time when the public believed that leaders such as Netanyahu, Merkel or Erdogan were incapable of such folly. That time is long gone.

With Barak Obama as president of the United States, such a scenario is unlikely, but Obama will be leaving office soon. Taking his place will either be Hillary Clinton or one of a bevy of Republican candidates, such as Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, each as mad as Erdogan or even Netanyahu — individuals who have long demonstrated personality disorders of the highest magnitude, malignant narcissism, paranoid delusions and utter grandiosity.

Were the scenarios presented above to pass the hypothesis “sniff test,” there would have to be evidence of planned escalation of tensions, of collusion between the “partners” and control of the political processes in the US and Turkey.

  • Thus far we have seen a “snap election” in Turkey, which has been coordinated with a press crackdown.
  • Turkey has shot down a Russian plane and has done so not only from within Syrian airspace, but while signatory to a Memorandum of Understanding with both the US and Russia that would have prevented even arming their planes with air to air missiles.
  • With a Turkish intelligence officer named as murderer of the Russian pilot, we have evidence of pre-planning of this destabilizing event as well.

There are other less publicly known issues that support our hypothesis as well, less well known but far more threatening:

  • The close working relationship between Ukraine, Turkey and the ISIS and al Nusra terror groups will now focus the real and covert investigation into the downing of the other Russian aircraft, the Airbus 321 with 224 passengers and crew on Turkey and Ukraine and not Israel and Saudi Arabia, as so many Western intelligence agencies had carefully leaked.
  • The recent Russian carpet bombing of a region of Northern Syria near the Turkish border is not only a response to the killing of their pilot, but to evidence of bases run by not only Saudi, Turkish and Qatari security services, working with US-backed “moderate rebels,” but to the presence of CIA death squads.
  • These CIA teams, made up of US Navy SEALS, are said to have been brought into Turkey to “hunt down Iranian officers” and to “capture or kill Russian advisors or pilots”.

The report on the CIA, in concert with Turkey and others seeking to capture or kill Russian pilots, was received a week before what is now clearly a staged event to “capture or kill Russian pilots.”

The Russian response had been to bolster security on the ground, never imagining that Turkey would face Russia’s wrath by openly downing one of their planes.

Thus, when we speak of the madness of Erdogan, we feel we have a strong confirmation.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.


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