30.11.2015 Author: Konrad Stachnio

The ‘War on Terror’ is Already in Europe

45345444With the attacks in Paris, the ‘War on Terror’ has started in Europe. This what the US were doing after the collapse of the World Trade Center in New York, and now from the Middle East it has moved to the center of Europe. Nobody feels safe anymore. But that seems to be the whole point.

Now, a frantic search will begin for this or that terrorist from this group or another… The arresting of these or other terrorists, the reports of further attacks that killed or will kill so many and so many people… Information about further acts of terror perpetrated by extremists across the capitals of Europe… Propaganda of fear, chaos, helplessness and hopelessness.

Except that in this case the propaganda already has a soundly-laid foundation, which is what convinced the victims of Paris attacks. Now, Europe, as in the past in the Middle East, will start to look for these or other terrorists. What will this lead to in Europe? Just go and see what the Middle East looked like before and after the search for terrorists started there.

After the ‘War on Terror’, a Western coalition began to fight ISIS. Umm… well, now you have them at your gates. It is therefore important that representatives of the so-called European ‘nation-states’ realize what happened in the Middle East, with opponents to fight against ‘terrorism’ and ‘democratic change’ in their States: Gaddafi, Saddam and what is now happening with Bashar al-Assad.

Therefore, a key issue are countries such as Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic. These countries oppose the taking in of refugees, because they may include ISIS militants. And that in itself is almost a ‘crime against humanity’, and certainly a crime against ‘democracy’. How to counter the opponents of ‘democracy’ I mentioned a few lines above? Some time ago, I also wrote that ISIS is planning a terrorist attack in Poland on World Youth Day.

The interesting issue is also that less and less people believe in the so-called ‘official version of events in relation to both the refugee crisis and the terrorist attacks. Firstly, it is not accidental that Europe is moving hundreds of thousands of refugees and willingly accepting these refugees, without checking, introducing buffer zones and other basic precautions, which, incidentally, Europe is not prepared to implement. This behaviour is even stranger considering the fact that, according to research, thirteen percent of refugees supports ISIS. ISIS is hiding its terrorists within migrant groups and informing public opinion about that half a year earlier. Then we learn that none other than one of ‘the greatest philanthropists’ of our time, George Soros, is urging the EU to offer shelter to one million refugees annually. An organization funded by the Open Society Institute will even help find new homes for refugees in Europe.

Then, none other than Peter Sutherland [a member of the Bilderberg Group], the Special Representative of the UN Secretary General on international migration, in an interview published on 8 October by the UN News Centre, when asked “What is the message to governments?” said: “I will ask the governments to cooperate, to recognise that sovereignty is an illusion — that sovereignty is an absolute illusion that has to be put behind us. The days of hiding behind borders and fences are long gone. We have to work together and cooperate together to make a better world. And that means taking on some of the old shibboleths, taking on some of the old historic memories and images of our own country and recognising that we’re part of humankind.”

Suddenly, we are seeing a great hysteria, the statements of the so-called ‘experts’ and declaring war on terrorism in whole Europe. Is it all a coincidence? Before you answer this question, do watch this movie. And if I am drowning in illusions, please help me to understand what is happening here.

Ph.D. in Deception

Sheikh Imran Hosein, currently one of my favourite thinkers, puts it very accurately and funnily when he says: “If these people say that the sun is shining, do not listen. Go and see for yourself. They have a Ph.D. in deception.” It is unclear whether bombings in Paris and in Mali and other planned attacks in Europe will be carried out by real ISIS terrorists, special services, or (as conspiracy theorists would like to have it) Islamic assassins with laundered brains. It does not matter. The main thing is that Europe has finally launched its own ‘fight against terror’ that will become an endless, pointless search for terrorists.

Although it sounds a little scary, it would be better for all Europeans if these attacks were carried out by real ISIS terrorists and not special services. Why? Because in the first case, at least theoretically, we can count on these services in the event of an attack ISIS. In the second case, we can no longer rely on anyone, except maybe Santa Claus, or that is what the people of Syria are counting on now.

The attacks in Paris and other attacks being prepared in other cities led Europe to the fact that at this point, under the banner of the ISIS, everyone can assassinate, murder, assault, thieve and blame it on ISIS.

In this context, it is worth noting that the British government intends to introduce a bill that will give their special services the power to hack into telephones and computers of private individuals. The law is intended to help in the fight against the Islamic State. Under the new law, the contents of our phones, tablet devices and PCs will become accessible to the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6), Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) and the Security Services (MI5).

The strangest thing in all of this is that the same people who used to refute ‘regimes’ in the Middle East, now out of nothing are able to carry out attacks in the heart of Europe. But those who, until now, trained and infiltrated them do not know anything and admit to the tragedy in Paris.

Now, in Europe we will probably see a war against political dissidents and Wahabing of all Muslims. However, it is important to ask: who prepared the ground for what happened in Paris and what is happening now in Europe?

It is clear that certain people, after the defeat of Western propaganda about their anti terrorist operations in the Middle East, could not afford to have Putin ridicule them openly and globally, in a few weeks, smashing what they built there in a year. I’m sorry – whit – what they ‘fight’ for a year.

Of course, we can still be persuaded that ISIS and the types of attacks such as in Paris are only ‘mistakes’ committed by the US government in the fight against terrorism in the Middle East. If you can believe it, probably you also believe in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

The so-called supporters of immigrants in Europe will be seen as useful idiots, in the same way as was the case in Ukraine. Where indirectly, through their support of ‘democracy’, they contributed to the collapse of that State, handing it over to the power of oligarchs, the revival of neo-Nazism, Banderism and horrific crimes committed against civilians. Then they lost interest in the affair.

The same process will take place in Europe, only in this case, after they lead our continent to ruin, they will not be able to escape back to their safe and peaceful homelands, as the residents of Paris have already discovered.

Konrad Stachnio is an independent Poland based journalist, he hosted a number of radio and TV programs for the Polish edition of Prison Planet, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.