23.11.2015 Author: Phil Butler

If You Disagree, You Must Die: Obama Wills It

 AC130bout 19 months ago I started to wonder, “What is wrong with my countrymen?” When America’s and Britain’s leadership decided to try and trash Russia’s Sochi Olympics, I figured our leadership had sunk to a new low. Since then my thinking has been proven wrong, our leaders are hired killers devoid of any sense of honor whatsoever. Evidence of their complicity in worldwide suffering floats to the top of the new media cesspool every day. The most recent case is Barack Obama’s unforgivable breech of etiquette and conscience over the downed Russian airliner over Egypt. Simple disdain cannot cover the depth of pain and suffering world leadership now conveys, but I will try.

The western media is sometimes forced to let us know bits and pieces of what is really going on in the world. The gentle uproar we heard when the United States attacked a field hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan proved that the corporations that control your news do not have complete control of your mind yet. I guess knowing the story would get out via MSF’s president Dr. Liu and a hundred or more caring doctors who staff the organization prompted the Rupert Murdochs of the world to release the reins on news, if only for a moment. Why even the White House press office was forced to post a statement from Obama, which I quote below:

“President Obama spoke today by phone with Doctors Without Borders (MSF) International President Dr. Joanne Liu to apologize and express his condolences for the MSF staff and patients who were killed and injured when a U.S. military airstrike mistakenly struck an MSF field hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan.  During the call, President Obama expressed regret over the tragic incident and offered his thoughts and prayers on behalf of the American people to the victims, their families, and loved ones.  Acknowledging the great respect he has for the important and lifesaving work that MSF does for vulnerable communities in Afghanistan and around the world, the President assured Dr. Liu of his expectation that the Department of Defense investigation currently underway would provide a transparent, thorough, and objective accounting of the facts and circumstances of the incident and pledged full cooperation with the joint investigations being conducted with NATO and the Afghan Government.”

I feel the need to punch somebody in the nose. Sorry, but this statement does not begin to address the utter savagery of this attack on defenseless human beings. Folks! Listen to me please. This hospital was not hit by some malfunctioning bomb. There was no idiot pilot in error. A US military madman was not responsible, nor was there any real mistake in identifying the target – THESE PEOPLE WERE BLOWN TO BITS THEN STRAFED! Get it, shot to pieces effectively and efficiently. I quote now Dr. Liu’s and her colleagues’ statements on the nature of the killing.

“The hospital was razed to the ground after a wave of attack from the air. We lost our ability to treat patients at a time when we were needed the most. Thirty of our patients and medical staff died. Some of them lost their limbs and were decapitated in the explosions. Others were shot by the circling gunship while fleeing the burning building. We were forced to leave patients to die on the operating table and others burning in their ICU beds.”

The good doctors who risk their lives every day in a war zone in order to save lives, their opinion is that the attack was conducted for a singular purpose – to kill and destroy. Kill and destroy…

I cannot imagine how these people must feel. I can however imagine how decent, hard working human beings can be transformed into terrorists and jihadists. It is simple for any southern boy from America like me to grasp the utter transformation such carnage and brutality as this provokes. Where I come from we hate Yankees for a century over simply burning some planter plantations and bending railroad tracks around trees. When “Johnny” did not come marching home to Atlanta or Charleston, a simmering disgust formed in the pit of our stomachs every time somebody said they were from Ohio or New York. Yes, rebels in my own country know all about bitter memories, or at least we did once. What if a child of ours gets machine gunned right now, right now today, back home in Georgia or Alabama? Somebody, anybody would pay.

There is it. Can you feel it? I know you can Georgia, South Carolina, or Alabama, and Mississippi and Texas too. Some country just flew over and drew down on a place of mercy and caring, and shut the lives down, down, down into the ground. It’s not a movie reel my fellow Americans. Afghanistan and Iraq, Ukraine or Syria, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt and poor pitiful Gaza are not a Bruce Willis flick. We’re gathering enemies as fast at Obama and the Neocons can lie and cheat. A lot of enemies.

Maybe some of you reading this just started thinking; “How can all this death and killing really make us safe?” Let’s pretend for a moment we are in a Bruce Willis or Arnold Schwarzenegger flick. America has pissed off 100 countries by either invading them, bossing them around like step-children, or by trying to break them financially by stealing natural resources or business. Let’s say Bruce or Arnold only have Britain left as a true friend, and of course tag along Canada. Is our military so mighty it can take over the world? Will our nuclear weapons somehow save us from the final, unequivocal pissed off moment when the world gets enough? Have we really become so sensational as to believe Die Hard or Missing In Action with Chuck Norris is real? Or are we blessed with just as many retards in office and in uniform as the next country?

I made some of you mad, now didn’t I? It’s okay, cuss me out and run on out to Walmart, get a new pair of undies for your iPhone 6, medicate yourself with the 2 for 1 pastries in that oh-so-cool deli section. Go home, switch the TV on, and watch some blonde bimbo with an IQ of 90 smile her truth at ya. That’s it, sleep, sleep the unmistakable sleep of the medicated society. Yes, you pissed me off too, live with it. But for those of you like me, kids who got all grown up believing America is special – get off your ass and do something about these psychopaths! You see surely, they are destroying the country and the world we believed was possible. Here is one of the surgical tools the Obama administration is leveling on people around the world.

The worst president in the history of the United States of America cannot even utter in decency America’s sympathies for the dead Russians littering the desert there in Egypt. You read somewhere I know, how only a mumbling John Kerry conveyed your “give a shit” over that tragedy. And even when a big ass white and read flag is painted across the roof of a hospital with the words “Médecins Sans Frontières,” some dip shit officer with zero conscience to match his superiors gave the order to decimate the infirmary. Obama and his minions, then proceeded to conjure a similar incident in Syria, so the Russians could be blamed too. Our president and his advisers came up with a plan to water down the guilt, and to “double down” on Russia with another allegation unsubstantiated. It is unbelievable, the sort Americans have given power to. I cannot even fathom it, to be honest.

Obama’s weapon of choice in the hospital attack described was a killing machine of devastating precision and lethality. The gunship that rained death on those people in their hospital beds was an AC-130 Whiskey aircraft equipped with the most advanced targeting and strike armaments available to any military. The video seen above details the capability, how proud our military is of it, and the true nature of this attack. Crewmembers of this attack aircraft zoomed in on exactly who they wanted to kill. Exactly. The video below of a separate attack in Afghanistan gives us an idea of how the hospital attack went down. The crewmembers of the gunship using infrared targeting to fire incdendiaries at first individual people on the ground, then using missiles to blow up a building not too dissimilar from the hospital the doctors were treating patients in.

Now I cannot know what your attitude is toward American policy. Frankly, all I care about is your humanity and logic. How anyone on this rock we live on can imagine killing as a peace building tool, is beyond my comprehension. Defending ourselves, that is one thing. Projecting horror and decimation on people in these other countries, in a way no other country on Earth even pretends to, it’s savagery. No one has attacked the United States of America in force in over 70 years. The Washington arms dealers tell us it is because we kill foreigners like we do. The world thinks we’re crazy, bad ass, war like, and they are fearful to tread on us. This is the logic, it simply has to be. But there is another logic, another truth. Maybe the rest of the world just wants to be left alone? Maybe we are the ones stirring up all the chaos? I leave you to imagine a Bruce Willis movie where America minded her own business. A film where we killed no one overseas, a drama with a happy ending not paid for in buckets of blood. Do you think it is possible I am right? Have our leaders ever tried a new approach?

Oh I forgot, peace is not worth taking the chance.

I leave you with the lead in from Military.com about this situation.

“An Air Force AC-130 Special Operations Command gunship may have carried out the strike in Afghanistan that allegedly hit a Doctors Without Borders hospital in the embattled northern city of Kunduz, killing at least 22, including 12 staffers.”

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter called the event a “tragic incident”, but stopped short of an apology.

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.