19.11.2015 Author: Gordon Duff

Ending the Business of Terror

634089The Paris terror attacks were expected. Paris is the “soft target” of all time with a huge Islamic population, but there is something not spoken of. Paris is also laden with cash, NGOs that have supported terrorism in Syria and Iraq are headquartered in Paris.

Paris is also home to a number of “diplomatic” organizations whose members, not just Qatar, Bahrain or Saudi Arabia, are in bed with terrorists for not just money. Funding terrorism and supporting terrorists is a way of inexpensively manipulating world events without buy aircraft carriers.

If terrorism buys quasi-national players a “place at the table,” that table is in Paris.

Unlike a decade ago, any media pundit can openly cite the CIA or even NATO’s Gladio organization as the foundation of the terrorist organizations that are talked about and still openly funded, armed and supported, the “household pets” of American Senator’s Lindsey Graham and John McCain or US State Department’s “Donut Dollie,” Victoria “Noodles” Nuland, tied directly to planning the infamous Odessa massacre.

To begin with a bit of perspective, let us remember the 224 Russians who died at the hands of, well we don’t really know. What we do know is that the aircraft exploded at 31,000 feet over Sinai in a region under United Nations control while a massive combined Israeli/NATO air combat simulation was going on less than 30 miles away.

We also know a video crew was positioned more than a day in advance to “record the event,” not unlike the mysterious “Dancing Israeli” video team from 9/11 picked up with video equipment, automatic weapons and, from a 2014 Snowden leak the media refused to carry, 3000 pounds of high explosives as well.

The media role, beginning with Qatar’s Al Jazeera, started with planting a false story about “engine trouble,” sources say was fabricated to “stand down” security to allow the video crew to escape to Jordan by boat. Subsequent stories tell about imaginary bomb timers, hotel maids placing bombs in suitcases and much wilder conspiracies as well were planted until the Paris event pushed the Russian tragedy off the front page.

Our choice is to be led by either the media and their masters like sheep, or use the tools “think tanks” would apply were they really independent, which of course none are.

Occam’s Razor, the analytical tool made famous in the Sherlock Holmes novels by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle still applies:

“When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.”

In this case, an Israeli missile shot down the Russian passenger jet and NATO, whose planes including AWAC radar and command aircraft, knew about it and are either covering it up or were fully complicit from the beginning.

Now we turn our attention to Paris where Occam’s Razor applies as well. We begin by looking at what we know, what we can hypothesize and then by examining the timing to see who benefits, or “cui bono,” another phrase, this time Latin, that is useful in determining responsibility.

We know that there were no staged events in this attack unlike the actors hired using blanks during the “Charlie Hebdo” false flag event of January 2015. We cite “Charlie” as a public relations event ordered personally by Netanyahu, any other answer is patently absurd.

How then, in this inexorable set of circumstances, do we now assume that terrorists, who we are told entered Europe as “refugees,” planned and executed this attack, this one act of terror among so many that actually looks like an act of terror?

To broaden our perspective we point out that only a short moment before the Paris attack 40 were killed in bombings in Beirut and “moments” before that a series of attacks were perpetrated in Baghdad as well. Then again, such attacks such as the terror rocket attacks on Latakia killing 23, are a daily occurrence inside Syria.

In the midst of this, we have reliable reports, some from Tel Aviv, that Israel attacked Damascus with missiles. As is always the case during such incidents, intelligence requirements prevent any feedback as to results. What we do know is that if Israel has been engaging in such acts to enhance the political stranglehold on Israel that the Jewish ruling class has assumed, protection of and full complicity with terror organizations is part and parcel to such efforts.

Stepping back to our analytical model, we look at the Russian attacks. The benefitting party is NATO and its ability to draw Russian “innocent blood” without potential for reprisal. It is most likely that the Israeli Air Force or US supplied Patriot batteries were the chosen methodology.

The Beirut bombings walk us into a wider conflict. While Israel battles Hamas at home, thousands of Palestinian fighters, including rogue Hamas factions, have been transited through Jordan by Israel to fight the Damascus government. The current battles in Daraa and Yarmouk are against such forces who are, as confirmed by both reports and Israeli captives and dead, a story too hot for the western press, fighting alongside Israeli “boots on the ground” inside Syria.

Could the destruction of the Russian passenger aircraft be a response to Israeli casualties at the hands of the secretive Russian air attacks on the Golan Heights?

As for Paris, the idea that France was to be punished for its role inside Syria is absurd. Al Nusra’s leaders strut around Paris like they own it, perhaps purchased with the Qatari cash they bask in. Qatar has been bankrolling terrorist groups in Paris quite openly. These groups are ISIS. What is the difference between a group of terrorists living in Paris for “political reasons” no one seems to know but the French “leadership” has long accepted and “terror cells” such as those now being described as “Belgian” that recently butchered over 100 French citizens?

What we are saying is simply this, France has been quite hospitable to ISIS and Al Nusra and these organizations have no reason whatsoever to bite the hand that feeds them, French, Saudi or Qatari, no more than they have never done anything against Israel.

From this, we make the also inexorable jump to Turkey and the terror attacks there that led to the Erdogan victory in a “snap election.” We know quite well who benefitted, we know this as well as we also know that after 200 days of Erdogan’s announced air war on ISIS, Turkish planes have not flown a single sortie against a terrorist target other than Erdogan’s own political enemies.

Our hypothesis again broadens when we look at the refugee backlash the Paris attacks have brought on. Germany just agreed to pay Erdogan $3bn to “take back unwanted refugees.” Is anyone asking who paid Erdogan to send them in the first place?

A short delve into history is useful now. We know that al Qaeda began in 1985 based on a Reagan presidential directive, according to White House Intelligence Coordinator Lee Wanta. Reagan, whose administration was rocked with scandals over narcotics and arms trafficking, “Iran Contra” it was called, opened this floodgate through empowering the creation of a CIA operated and funded terror organization to be run by Colonel Tim Osman, AKA “Osama bin Laden.”

At some point, “bin Laden” became an enemy though it is impossible to find out exactly when as there are more than voluminous accounts of the US both “hunting” and “paying” bin Laden at the same time, up to and after 9/11.

Now we see America working with al Qaeda again. The US backed forces in Northern Syria have, for at least a year now, been entirely ISIS and al Nusra. There have been no Free Syrian Army units in Northern Syria for a very long time. The US has openly given thousands of TOW and Stinger missiles to al Qaeda and ISIS and now, according to French sources, is acquiring Ukrainian BUK missiles to be used against not only Russian and Syrian aircraft but American as well along with any commercial air traffic that might accidentally be wrongly directed as happened with MH17.

Thus, if the US started al Qaeda and backed them openly before and back them openly now, was there a time when the US had stopped backing al Qaeda? Are we missing something here?

It has become impossible to separate any existing terror group anywhere in the world from the intelligence agencies that are drawn to them like rats to a rotting corpse.

What is true of al Qaeda may well be true for Boko Harum for instance, the African group that hates technology and western education but carries sat phones and travels the Sahel in Toyota Hilux pickup trucks Toyota claims they never made and never sold to Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Where does this lead us in regard to the Paris attack? We have a long list of questions for the French government.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.