02.11.2015 Author: Phil Butler

Good Morning Damascus: Damascus Vietnam!

1312123Obama and the Neocons are “all in” as the American president gives notice “boots will go on the ground” in Syria. Make no mistake, this report is a test of the will of the American people, please pay close attention, we are about to relive Vietnam.

In a previous report which called for the impeachment of President Barack Obama, this author presented a list of possible alternatives to America’s “so far” failed Syria posture. Here’s a look at this administration’s most recent scheming in the Middle East. If we let our leadership get away with this one, we’re in very big trouble indeed.

CNN reports cannot always be taken as fact, but this one announcing Barack Obam’s decision to put “boots on the ground” in Syria can. Vladimir Putin’s air posture having revealed both US forces’ inability to destroy ISIL, as well as Russia’s obvious seriousness, it’s forced the hand of Obama and the Neocon US Congress as well. My previous argument for my country to save face in the world of power politics, it must have provoked some deep thinking in Washington. NEO’s Tony Cartalucci fills us in on the gravity of this situation, but let me recap my earlier assessment.

The people of the United States are becoming nearly as fed up as the rest of the world with America’s horribly ineffective “peacekeeping” actions globally. The situation in Syria is a black eye and a bloody nose for all Americans, for a citizenry to have allowed policy to have become business. Energy and corporate business vestments having always been one set of administration goals, millions fleeing or dying wherever the US military flies, sails, or lands, it’s now embarrassing. Last time I offer impeaching Obama over continued proxy warring, CIA meddling, letting the Russians take over, and the unlikely positive of joining the Russians to kill ISIL. It’s apparent now, the think tanks and the Pentagon want to play more mind games with people’s lives. Obama is posturing to put US Special Forces in, but not for the reasons you might think.

My Dutch colleague, political analyst Holger Eekhof contends the Special Forces objective will be a rescue mission to extract key jihadist operatives and assets from underneath the Russian-Syrian-Hezbollah front, in order that they may be useful for future projects in the region. In this, I feel quite sure Eekhof is correct. What more could 50 specialists manage to do in such a war zone. Embedded with the Kurds in the North and East of Iraq, the teams can easily make incursions to extract “moderate” ISIL assets. In this operation, Eekhof contends, the Americans have an easier job than in post Nazi Germany times (for instance). This time, unlike in the de-nazification process, American service personnel only have to ask one simple question; “Have you been photographed, or do you normally use a mask?” The implication is clear, and so is the dual purpose of this latest “Obama mission objective” – erased all evidence of CIA and American asset manipulation, and insert Americans under the guns of the Russians to ensure it works. This is why it has been announced officially instead of owning up to the fact Special Forces are already there. Special Forces teams are never given away in this fashion, BEFORE their missions are completed. The American Secretary of State, John Kerry, has already begun the de-islamification of ISIL, or IS, or Isis or wtf…. once again renaming the terrorist organization “Daesh.”

For the last year the United States and the coalition have been essentially flying air cover for ISIL over Syria and Iraq. Looking at the utter destruction Russian air forces are heaping on jihadists and the ISIL terrorists in the last couple of weeks, it’s evidence enough western military forces were spending $10 million a day bombing ant hills in the deserts out there. Nothing positive from Centcom can be shown really. Interestingly, and I must say complimentary for me, the Russians took the advice to essentially televise air war success, to out do the American ant bombers, if nothing else. Sorry, this media war has tended to inflame my personal sense of irony, and of cynicism. Carrying on with the current bad ideas from Washington though, these maniacs are going to end up getting millions killed. Here’s why.

If I am right, if the Russians are right, and the United States of America has been funding and flying interference for jihadists, anti-Assad extremists, al-Queda, and in fact ISIL , then putting US Special Forces “advisers” on the ground training al-Queda and the like will prevent Russian air and Assad forces from killing them. Think on this for just a moment…. really think….. and then I shall continue.

I am doing another investigation concerning the broader picture of US foreign policy overall. I mention this because within that story commentary and faces from the most recent Armed Services Committee meetings in Washington play a significant role in the global mess Obama’s leadership has been practiced under. US Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter (please read all of this) appeared before the committee to reveal the latest strategy mind boggle. I’ll let the reader watch the CSPAN video, but what you will see is at least one utter psychopath, Senator Lindsey Graham of my home state of South Carolina calling for all out confrontation with Russian forces in Syria. You read that correctly. The sidekick of Arizona Senator John McCain not only brow beats Carter and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, he arrogantly and bombastically forecasts US and coalition forces fighting Russia to beat Assad – period! Don’t take my word, watch Graham play god of war in the video.

My friends, these people are quite insane. I know this is what level heads will think, once they read the Central Command Report about Carter, his (get this) “Three Rs” solution to ISIL, and especially after listening to South Carolina’s resident war monger. (Please read my in depth report to come) Now get this, most urgently. Central Command all but certifies the plan is to “engage Russia” in the wording of the report I linked you to. The subheading “Russia Won’t Impact Counter-ISIL Campaign” let’s the reader know for sure, impacting Russia’s effective campaign is EXACTLY the purpose of the Pentagon plan. Forgive western media people, and the Pentagon, they think you are all idiots.

Carter goes on the differentiate the US-Russia strategies in Syria, but here is the most stunning fact of US support for jihadists in Syria, please ponder if you will the fact the Pentagon, the State Department, the Presidency, not our Congress really informed the people of the United States that “killing Assad” was the mission after all! With 500,000 news reports blaming Vladimir Putin for anything negative on planet Earth, America arming, funding, and flying air cover for terrorist groups we in fact created ………. It’s nowhere on the news radar in my country. Nowhere, I tell you. Once has to be an expert internet researcher simply to find out about Bush’s policies to create the Syrian opposition to Assad.

To conclude, this most recent policy shift has emergency consultations with Washington think tanks written all over it. This Sputnik International report with my analysis offers up the Brookings Institute to the altar of chaos causation, not to mention Pentagon asymmetrical strategists. South Carolina’s Graham, his lunatic friend John McCain, and other caricature corporate puppets out of Dr. Strangelove, they’re going to get a lot more people killed. The CNN report alludes to an escalation past a token Special Forces group already being planned. The whole affair wreaks of pre-escalated Vietnam, and mark my words this is where things are headed. In my coming report readers will be struck by the parallels between Senator Graham, and past rolls of South Carolinians in war advocacy. The bottom line for now is, this Washington play should not be allowed to stand. I’ll try and further enlighten early next week, but for now let me leave you with a quote from CNN:

“America has bombed targets in Syria since September 2014 without stopping ISIS, and it has largely failed in a mission to recruit and train moderate rebels in Syria to take on the terror group. In recent months, the U.S. has also bolstered its aid to local forces, air-dropping weapons, ammunition and other supplies to rebel forces inside Syria.”

Phil Butler, is a policy investigator and analyst, a political scientist and expert on Eastern Europe, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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