23.10.2015 Author: Gordon Duff

America’s Coalition of Treachery

56456323222For days now, an Israeli General captured inside Iraq has been interrogated by what is assumed to be Iranian Revolutionary Guard advisors with the Shiite militias that are currently holding him. From Veterans Today:

“The Foreign Affairs High Representative at the USA Parliament and Secretary General of the “DESI” European Department for Security and Information Ambassador Dr. HAISSAM BOU-SAID confirmed that Iraqi popular Army captured an Israeli officer whose name is Yussi Elon Shahak, based on the Intel provided by the “US international Parliament and European Department for Security and Information.” The officer’s rank is Brigadier and his military No is Re 34356578765Az231434.”

Even though statements made during his interrogation have been released to the public including a blanket admission that ISIS and Israel’s intelligence service, the Mossad, have been deeply integrated for years and that IDF advisors provide both intelligence and command and control functions for Islamic State military forces, the western press has chosen to censor this story.

Instead, President Obama, part of a “magic triumvirate of the unstable” which includes both Netanyahu and Erdogan, has leveled charges of using poison gas against Syria’s President Assad.

Obama’s charges, made in light of recent revelations that President Erdogan of Turkey as ordered renewed supplies of Sarin gas for ISIS and al Qaeda/al Nusra forces inside Syria, are clear signs that President Obama is no longer in control of his own faculties nor is he likely in control of America’s military forces in the field either.

Over the past two weeks, two separate American attacks on the city of Aleppo have damaged that cities power system and knocked out water purification systems. These leave a city of 2.5 million dependent on untreated water from the Euphrates River, known to be a source of cholera.

Confirmations from sources at the Pentagon indicate that this was indeed the rationale for the attacks by American planes from Incirlik Air Force Base in Turkey, attacks cited by Russia’s President Putin as “strange.” We are also told that these attacks were planned and executed by American field commanders no longer under command of President Obama and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

In fact, this has been going on for years, a parallel command structure answerable to a cabal of wealthy right wing extremists, Bush holdovers and Israel’s Netanyahu. This parallel command, often spoken of at the Pentagon in whispered voices, was established by former American Vice President Dick Cheney who “shanghaied” the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) and placed it, unconstitutionally, under his personal oversight. Some in the Pentagon believe that Cheney and former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, though out of government for many years, may well still command American units around the world, particularly in Europe and the Middle East along with powerful naval forces.

There are also very strong doubts about the security of America’s nuclear forces according to Veterans Today editor Jeff Smith, former inspector for the International Atomic Energy Agency and advisor on issues of nuclear security to former President George H.W. Bush. Smith joined by VT editor Colonel James Hanke, USA, SF (ret), former chief intelligence officer of America’s largest nuclear command in Europe at the height of the Cold War, tell a tale of deep intrigue within America’s military and political circles that has led to not only missing nuclear material but the wanton and secretive use of tactical nuclear weapons by the US and other nations.

Particularly telling, however, is America’s treachery in the phony war on the Islamic State. Since the onset of Russian involvement in the air war on ISIS, tensions in the region have risen to unprecedented levels. None of this has anything to do with legitimate air operations against ISIS and its sister organizations, quite the contrary. What it has exposed is a long history by the US, Turkey and Israel of using air forces to support terrorist groups in the field, not only direct air support flown by Turkey and Israel illegally operating inside Syrian air space against the Syrian Army and supposedly US backed YPG forces, but active resupply of terrorist groups as well.

Those resupply flights by American transport aircraft, flights President Obama openly admits are giving TOW and Stinger missiles to groups fighting inside Syria are, contrary to the false statements Obama has made, are quite something else.

These American planes, flying out of Turkey and Kuwait are supplying “moderate terrorists” in both Syria and Iraq with drops being made to the Free Syrian Army and al Nusra in Syria and flying on into Iraq’s Anbar Province to resupply Islamic State units fighting against the government of Iraq.

The current 3000 man US contingent based in Anbar is seen by most factions in Iraq, with the exception of the Kurdish Regional Government in Erbil, as part and parcel to a protected ISIS base behind Iraqi lines.

The key factor that has changed is Russian involvement in Syria and with it, the new “real coalition” combined intelligence and operations center in Baghdad staffed by Iraqi, Russian, Syrian and Iranian military intelligence specialists backed by Russian satellite, drone and signals intelligence.

Additionally, Russia is increasingly exerting control over Syrian air space with not only SU30 but now SU35 air superiority fighters being deployed, planes capable of outperforming anything “in theatre,” including the F22 and F15.

What is more telling, however, is the human intelligence factor, something America has never had in the Middle East. Increasingly, the network of thousands of intelligence sources on the ground across the region that led to the capture of Israeli General Shahak, has also led to the incredible success of the Russian bombing campaign in Syria as well, a campaign the Baghdad government would have brought to bear in its own struggle except for US blackmail.

What we can state categorically is this, America has been not only fully cognizant of Israel’s deep involvement with ISIS but has been, from the beginning, not only supporting the Islamic State but is its real parent.

There has been a “sea change” in American opinion, not only the general public but within military and intelligence circles as well. Assuming that there is a deep divide within these communities with two groups, loyal Americans and those bought, blackmailed or mentally coerced by unsound adherence to extremist religious views, there is no longer any effective or credible command structure behind any American military forces including the 16 intelligence agencies and the up to 300,000 private military contractors and mercenaries, many of whom are the Islamic State.

Within those within the American defense and security communities, the current war mongering against Russia is seen as not only alarming but is recognized as entirely staged as part of a destabilization process that represents a game theory move against the US government itself by extremist elements which include the organs of the press to no small extent.

America is bombing Syrian civilians, destroying Syrian infrastructure. America’s real coalition staged the refugee crisis, as part of a wider destabilization move against the European Union, driven by the same extremist elements that equally hate the United States.

America is fully complicit in the use of poison gas against the people of Syria and Iraq and President Obama has no excuse for ignorance.

America has in recent days moved military forces into Cameroon, to defend that nation from forces trained, armed and led by the United States.

The same is true across Africa.

America is working to destroy Afghanistan as well, keeping on troops to secure the world’s heroin supply while sitting on Afghanistan’s vital mineral wealth.

The wild card has been Russia under Putin’s leadership, an inspiration to voters in Canada who recently threw out Stephen Harper, an American puppet. The same may be possible in Europe and the United Kingdom.

Until that happens, there will be no free press to turn to and only gibberish expelled from the mouth of Obama, a man whose domestic political policies have been, for the most part, laudable. The evidence is there, America’s behavior is pure treachery. America’s foreign policy is pure anarchy, each week becoming more unsound, more cartoonish, more phantasmagorical. People are noticing.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.