25.09.2015 Author: Konrad Stachnio

“European Spirit” and the Manufactured Migrant Crisis

033A4788It is hard for a better comment on the refugee issue than what Germany recently did. Due to lack of place for refugees, they sent them to the Buchenwald concentration camp, where 70 years ago, the same nation murdered people from the whole Europe.

The European Parliament also supported the recent proposal of the European Commission about dividing 160,000 refugees between Member States. Perhaps, this as well is a reference to the well-known, German tradition of ‘management’ of ‘human resources’. Whether refugees from the lack of places will be transported to other German concentration camps is still a mystery.

However, there is a chance that not all refugees ‘will be sent’ to the camps. In North Rhine-Westphalia, an ‘innovative’ idea emerged to confiscate private homes and settle refugees in them. According to ‘Deutsche Welle’ in Gelsenkirchen, authorities have already called the owners of empty homes to give them at the disposal of immigrants.

Direction of Euro-Islamic integration under the baton of Germany has been clearly demonstrated by the head of the European Parliament Martin Schulz who said that ‘… We need the spirit of the European community. And if necessary, it must be imposed by force “. ‘… I belong to those people who say that in the XXI century, the age of globalization, global problems cannot be solved by nationalism. At some point, you have to fight and we must say: if necessary, also by fight against other, we will get our own way.

Is the fact that Germany have set in standby four thousand soldiers and defence minister Ursula von der Leyen has ruled mobilize more forces a sign of the ‘spirit of the European community’ ‘imposed by force’? Austrian Chancellor expressed his opinion in a similar way ‘We should consider sanctions, for example, reduction of the structural funds that benefit primarily the countries of eastern Europe’. In this context, it is worth noting that these two countries, Germany and Austria deserve a ‘distinction’ from the IS. As it was reported by Deutsche Welle, militants of the Islamic State, on September 9, posted a video in German on the Internet, in which they threaten German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. They also promise to destroy all the infidels in Germany and Austria.


The world is surprised by the fact that 75% of the refugees are healthy young men who left their children and wives in the middle of war. It is not like that: they go to Europe, that is, for a war so they did not take their children and wives.

‘The paradox of this whole situation is that people who actually need help are stranded in camps in southern Turkey and Iraqi Kurdistan. They desperately try to get visas and papers that would enable them to emigrate ‘. These are the words of a Polish journalist Witold Gadowski in an interview for wpolityce.

This is a planned and well-coordinated invasion on Europe. IS understood how to make good use of the ‘spirit of the European community’ made by Martin Schulz, sending to Europe unarmed fighters in order to conquer confused hosts. They can’t shoot the poor unarmed refugees but if the refugees are armed they can. IS has chosen the first option. IS militants are joining the stream of refugees in the Turkish port cities of Izmir and Mersin, the Mediterranean Sea and they get to Italy from there. Then, they go to other European countries, including Sweden and Germany.

Witold Gadowski said in an interview that ‘The units of border guards were formed to guard the entire border of IS. They are so well organized, because they are involved in controlling the smuggling of drugs, weapons and also people. This is one of the main income of the IS. So, the IS strictly regulates the outflow of people from its territory. No one can get out without the consent of IS-border services. They open their borders just to throw IS a next wave of human tending to Europe. So, the IS controls this kind of demographic invasion of Europe.

The migration crisis is a planned action. Firstly, Gaddafi said this already in 2011, ‘If you remove the government that guarantees the stability of the country, then, the country will be thrown into chaos and a wave of refugees will flood Europe’.

Secondly, the leaders of the ISIS announced openly an invasion on Europe six months ago and threatened that if there will be a military intervention of NATO in Libya, in half a year half, a million refugees will be in Europe, and among them, their fighters. ‘We will ship 500 thousand illegal immigrants on boats on the old continent. Among them, we will hide terrorists’. ‘We rule now in Libya. If you try to chase us out, we replace the Mediterranean Sea into the sea of chaos. And there is nothing you can do to us, because our allies are your human rights’.

Thirdly, migration process, currently seen in Europe, is not an isolated phenomenon. It is the coordinated global program. Almost the same process currently takes place in the US, where fully opened southern border allows waves of immigrants from destabilized countries of South America to go through and they immediately get help from the government, free housing, schools, etc. Therefore, we cannot talk about the accident, we can observe a coordinated top-down political process aimed at changing the image of the Western world. This whole plan was very carefully described by the UN advisor, Jacques Attali, who wrote that the US will have to accept massive waves of immigrants from Latin America to create the foundations of a new economic system, whose main area will be the Pacific region. As a result, the US will become a Spanish-speaking country. “For such a rejuvenation of the workforce, the United States will have to become a Spanish-speaking nation.”. As for Europe, it will be destabilized so far that “The civilian population will be caught between two lines of fire. As it was already mentioned, at this rate, it’s not tomorrow’s Africa will one day resemble today’s West, but the West will resemble contemporary Africa”.

It is a moot point what in all this mess Germany does, accepting refugees soaked by IS militants. Due to lack of space, they shut them in concentration camps like Buchenwald and then under duress or threats against the other States of EU, they try to send them to these states.


The office of the protection of the constitution in Bavaria Young informed that single Islamists are recruited by Salafist – an extremely orthodox sect of Islam.

Filippo Di Giacomo, a Vaticanist and Roman points out that actually, we will always have to see the black-clad men making pictures on the background of St Peter’s Basilica. These men are laughing then, showing their fists and victory sign. Every morning, around St. Peter’s Square, there are herds of young, bearded men who accost the residents and tourists asking, “Do you love Allah? Will you accept Allah? “, and with the Koran held high in the air, they invite you to pray together. For this purpose of “conversion”, they organized around the city a lot of adapted rooms, most of them around the Vatican City. They are often only small facilities, located behind the shops run by Muslims. This phenomenon is already known in other European cities, e.g. Hamburg, Vienna, Berlin and Zurich.

‘We will win, we will get to Rome and St. Peter’s Square, we will arrange mass executions of infidels’- said Abu Bakr Al Sham – a name adopted by a Pole Adrian Al N, fighting in the IS in the interview with a Polish journalist Witold Gadowski.

Human rights organizations and other humanitarian organizations in Europe will soon have their hands full when Europe will begin executions of gays and other ‘infidels’. Jessica Stern, a president of the International Commission on Human Rights of Gays and Lesbians, in her speech before the Security Council informed that the so-called Islamic State intends to liquidate all gays in Syria and Iraq. As it was reported by a refugee from Iraq, Adnan, “the Islamic State seeks gay checking telephone contacts and Facebook friends of people arrested for being gay.”

One of the witnesses, Nahas also reported that during executions of homosexuals by the IS in the Syrian city of Idlib, crowd watching it cheered the murder of gays like “a wedding”. When the victim did not die instantly, after he was thrown from the roof of the building, he was finished off with stones by the residents’.

The consequences of bringing the so-called refugees to Europe will bear all of us. If this trend won’t be stopped soon, it will turn Europe into an area destabilized by the IS. Just as supporters of the so-called ‘democracy’ in Ukraine helped to install a neo-Nazi, Bandera and oligarchs governments. The country is becoming a Somalia. Now, as in case in Ukraine, ‘helping the so-called refugees’, will help to install the IS in Europe.

How can neighbourhoods of European cities look like in the hands of Islamic fundamentalists is clearly reflected in this movie and words of French intelligence informer, quoted in the newspaper The Telegraph, where he claims that highly organized network of Islamist smuggled Kalashnikovs and anti-tank missiles to Paris. Missiles can be used to shoot down aircrafts and pilots were not trained on how to take an evasive action. French Army, in turn, is preparing contingency plans ‘re-acquisition of territory’, the recovery of urban areas in the event that the immigrant population received weapons and become openly hostile to the authorities.

Konrad Stachnio is an independent Poland based journalist, he hosted a number of radio and TV programs for the Polish edition of Prison Planet, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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