14.08.2015 Author: Gordon Duff

Obama’s Iran Speech and the “Gang of Ten”

564563443This week, President Obama addressed the nation and world, making his case against attempts to block the 5+1 nuclear agreement with Iran. As an American political analyst with over 40 years’ experience, I was asked by several overseas and foreign language networks to comment on the president’s speech.

Normally I never listen to a presidential address, they are almost always derivative, predictable and pander to special interests in humiliating ways. To some degree, this speech was no different.

We are going to take a minute here to address the most glaring oddities of this address, at least based on my own background an experience. I grew up in Detroit during the 1950s and 60s, son of an automobile worker, a longtime member of the Communist Party and a political activist.

My father’s friends, many dating from the turn of the century, yes we are talking the one prior to the First World War, were first generation Americans of German, Polish, Hungarian and Russian background.

All had been involved in the nearly open warfare in Detroit over unionization of the automobiles plants where the UAW and other groups fought gangs hired by the factory owners which included the Italian and Jewish Mafia (the Purple Gang), the fascist “Black Legion” made up of veterans aligned with the extremist Republican Party and paid thugs and killers from Jackson Prison, the world’s largest walled institution, a hellish and depraved place to this day.

This is where America of today really comes from, total class warfare where workers and their families lived in utter poverty bordering on serfdom at the hands of the Rothschild owned Federal Reserve Bank and industries that almost unanimously aligned themselves on the side of Adolf Hitler, against President Franklin Roosevelt, a man who for decades was recognized by the vast majority of Americans as the savior of democracy.

Groups that organized to protect worker’s rights or support racial equality were infiltrated by the FBI, their leaders “disappeared,” imprisoned or assassinated.

Few Americans are taught that without unions there would be no Social Security or Medicare, no public schools, no enforcement of the Bill of Rights or other constitutional guarantees, no regulations on the quality of food or medicine, no banking regulations, no highway system or public parks, no such thing as health insurance, no right to fair elections. This is from an email I received today from Congressman John Lewis, a Democrat, an African American, from Atlanta, Georgia:

As a young man, I shed blood on a bridge in Selma, Alabama for the right to vote.

Brave Americans have died for this right, gone to jail for this right, and made untold sacrifices so that all Americans are free to vote.

Yet 50 years after Selma, our march is not over.

Republican governors and legislatures across this country are quietly making it harder for Americans to cast their ballots. They’re dismantling the Voting Rights Act piece by piece. With voter ID laws, restrictions on early voting, and obstacles to registration, they are taking us backwards to a darker time in our history.

Gordon — on the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act — we need to stop the Republicans.”

Without unions, were the Republican Party to have prevailed, America would be far more like North Korea than the nation it is today, albeit a nation where everything earned by a century of struggle of workers against monopoly capitalism and oligarchical rule is now being systematically overturned.

Through the Kennedy and Johnson presidencies of the 1960s the struggle continued, voting rights, civil rights and worker’s rights. Whatever conspiracy theorists postulate, John Kennedy was killed for his challenge to dictatorial control of America’s economic and political processes but it wasn’t until 1980 and the election of Ronald Reagan, a vacuous Hollywood actor, that 150 years of class struggle could be challenged and overturned, America deindustrialized, institutions broken down, looted, a return to sectarian hatreds, class envy, poverty and oppression.

Thus we now return to our discussion of President Obama’s speech. In this context we see where President Obama describes the disasters of 2002-3, America’s exceptionalism and unilateralism, where military force became the solution to every problem and where every problem could be defined, both domestically and geopolitically, as individuals or nations resisting enslavement.

Barak Obama thus reminded the audience that he stood alone against the Bush administration in the United States Senate, opposing the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq on behalf of the international criminal conspiracy that has long controlled the American “Republican” Party.

Let’s not let Obama off the hook this easily, however. Few Americans noted that there was never mention of Israel’s nuclear program. Fewer still other than those of the nuclear non-proliferation community noted also that nuclear weapons have been used many times in the US, by America in Iraq and Afghanistan, a dozen times according to IAEA sources, by Israel at least once in May 2013 and by Saudi Arabia in Yemen.

When America talks about securing nuclear material, President Obama failed to mention that hundreds of American nuclear “pits” decommissioned during the 1990s are missing, according to a highly classified (but available) report by the Department of Energy, stolen by Israeli arms dealer, the “Lord of War” Victor Bout and transported through Texas, Amarillo, Midland, Houston, to the Canary Islands, then to storage in an iron mine in Mali and on to the world markets after sorting and re-machining at the Dimona facility in Israel’s Negev desert. Every detail of this operation is known but none dare admit it.

All involved are named, some still serving at the highest levels of state in the US, Israel and elsewhere.

Obama went further off base still. In both 2007 and 2011 the CIA produced National Intelligence Estimates that stated categorically that Iran had no nuclear weapons program whatsoever.

Thus, at least one third of Obama’s speech was pure fantasy, a bizarre conspiratorial narrative reflecting the bizarre and utterly false propaganda promulgated by America’s mainstream media.

Someone should tell President Obama that enriched weapons grade uranium and plutonium is 95% or greater not the 20% enriched uranium gas that the president continually misconstrued as dangerous and threatening. Any qualified chemical engineer would and perhaps one should have informed President Obama that centrifuges that produce low level enrichment can never be altered to enrich to a higher level.

Then again, of course, any IAEA official could and perhaps should have told President Obama that the materials that can be used to assemble nuclear weapons can be purchased with ease and that literally tons of highly enriched plutonium in metal form is and has been available, particularly since 2003 when Israeli Johan Meyer was discovered running a large covert nuclear weapons production facility outside Johannesburg, South Africa. Meyer was arrested, his German owned ultra-high speed centrifuges which produced enough 95% plus enriched uranium for dozens of weapons, were seized but the nuclear pits that were manufactured were never recovered. Most are inside nuclear weapons in Saudi Arabia and Taiwan. Johan Meyer, who escaped custody in South Africa was, at last check, living in Haifa.

This is information available to President Obama. Is he lying because he wants to or because he feels “we can’t handle the truth?”

The last 12 minutes of the Obama address were there to placate Americans of Jewish faith or ethnicity, a humiliating 12 minutes couched in infantile circular logic, intended or so it seems, to address an audience subset he believes to be paranoid, delusional and of infantile discernment.

I have, of course, just described the American congress.

Moving on, though hardly forward, context requires a perfunctory explanation of the election process going forward in America. For those who have never visited America, please do not visit during a presidential election cycle. America seems to forget its manners during elections with fist fights erupting with the regularity of mass shootings.

Ignorance breeds uncivility.

Perhaps a simple analogy will suffice. The majority of Republican presidential candidates oppose mandatory vaccinations based on phony concocted studies, internet rumors and public hysteria. However, each of these candidates had been fully vaccinated themselves as have their families.

It is worse, much worse. Some actively and more passively espouse vaccinations as dangerous because pharmaceutical companies are in league with the population reduction plots of, and if only I were kidding, alien races.

As American humorist Jim W. Dean so often says, “You just can’t make this stuff up.”

Republican politicians contend that “big pharma” poisons vaccines, not only causing autism but in many cases, “Zombification,” a half alive, have dead state where victims suffer from an inexorable need to feast on human brains.

If you think this part if either funny or fanciful, you haven’t heard the best part. Suffice it to say that “big pharma” is the biggest source of campaign funds for each of these candidates.

Further, every Republican candidate, as part of their political “platform,” supports legislation to limit investigations of wrongdoing by pharmaceutical companies that produce vaccines and to protect those companies from both civil and criminal penalties for their misdeeds.

Then again, the “anti-vacc” voters have failed to figure any of this out, though that in itself may well seem impossible even for an imbecile.

This week Republican candidates for President of the United States were subjected to a selection process, only the top 10 were allowed to move forward for election.

One person Rupert Murdoch, the Israeli Likudist press magnate that owns Fox News made the decisions without consultation or accountability.

And we wonder why Obama spent 12 minutes humiliating himself.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.