07.08.2015 Author: Konrad Stachnio

Anne Applebaum: “Nationalism is Exactly What Ukraine Needs”

76785556The fact that neo-Nazis from the Right Sector took over the Lviv and set up ‘anti-smuggling’ control points on the road leading to the Ukrainian-Polish border crossings does not surprise me at all. After all, they have been trained for several months to perform such actions – about what I wrote in one of the previous articles.

Of course Maidan ‘patriots’ completely altruistically fight against smuggling, the activity almost everyone is engaged at the Ukrainian border in. Nay, even considering it as something natural. Therefore, which is even more likely, it is that neo-Nazis from the Right Sector that just want to take over the proceeds from smuggling at the border.

Euphemistically speaking, it would not be an unprecedented event in Ukraine. The way volunteer battalions ‘earn’ in this patriotic country is clearly reflected by a Polish journalist Marcin Mamon in one of his reports. He shows us the ‘activity’ in Ukraine of the man called Ruslan – one of the “brothers”. (“Brothers” are the members of ISIS or of other underground Islamic organizations, the men who have left their own countries and cities.)

“Amber is one of the ideas Ruslan has for financing the “company of brothers” (members of ISIS) fighting in eastern Ukraine — the Dudayev battalion, which includes Muslims from several nations, Ukrainians, Georgians, and even a few Russians”.” But now, he (Ruslan) has other arguments to persuade them (mafia). His men are holding up the mines, by not allowing anyone into the forest. Either the local gangsters share their profits, or no one will get paid.” “Ruslan sends me photos of the group’s criminal exploits: they came into the casinos with weapons, and broke into the safes and slot machines. They disappeared quickly, and were never punished. The money went to food, uniforms, boots, tactical vests and other equipment necessary for the fighters. The mafia knows they can’t beat them at this game. The brothers are too good, because they are armed and experienced in battle.”.” I told Ruslan that it’s a dangerous game. He laughed. It’s child’s play, he says. We used to do this in Dagestan. No one will lift a finger. Don’t worry.

Maybe there would be nothing extraordinary in this if not the fact that in accordance with the article written by Andrew E. Kramer from the NYT, Islamic battalions commanded by Chechens in Ukraine are under the command of the Right Sector. “There are now three Islamic battalions “deployed to the hottest zones,” such as around the port city of Mariupol. One of the battalions is headed by a former Chechen warlord who goes by the name “Muslim,”.“The Chechen commands the Sheikh Mansur group, named for an 18th-century Chechen resistance figure. It is subordinate to the nationalist Right Sector, a Ukrainian militia. … Right Sector …”

At this point, I will cite the analysis made by an Ukrainian analyst Simon Uralov. This analysis is so important because it has been made quite shortly before the withdrawal of the Right Sector from Donbass.

“They’ll (Right Sector) just withdraw from Donbass and go deep into the former Ukraine. And on their basis a Euro-ISIS will be formed  — a mass of psycho-killers with racist views. And this process will be coordinated by the same U.S. citizen – Nalivaychenko. For this he doesn’t even have to be on the territory of former Ukraine”, — gave his forecast analyst Uralov.

Nalivaychenko is head of Security Service of Ukraine Dismissed by Petero Poroshenko.

The Right Sector and other formations of this kind refer in the program to terrorist activities in Poland during the interwar period – aiming that way to create an ethnic nation-state and referring also to the tradition of their predecessors like the OUN that during the pre-war period made 3000 acts of terror in Poland. According to them ethnic Ukrainian lands should be more than 1/3 larger than the pre-Maidan territory of Ukraine.

Transcarpathia is an area largely inhabited by the Hungarian and Romanian minority in large part made up by the Orthodox Carpathian Rusyns who do not support the Ukrainian “nationalists”. Therefore it seems that the Right Sector being too weak in Donbass wants this time to introduce the ethnic cleansing in Transcarpathia. The fact that we are dealing with the destabilization of Transcarpathia may be indicated by the fact that only during one day Transcarpathia recorded four bomb alarms. In turn, on the slopes of mount Jawornik, several kilometers from the Polish border , the Right Sector militants were hiding. They were fired from Ukrainian helicopter gunships.

“The Right Sector militants left Lviv to go to Transcarpathia to support our colleagues and not to allow our people to be disarmed by the former” region leaders ” secured by the militia”, said the spokesman of the Right Sector in Lviv Terrace Kuziak.

The Right Sector troops consist of about 10,000 armed militants, who alongside the growing poverty and discontent in Ukraine may grow in popularity which in turn may lead to overthrowing the government in Kiev and an open civil war. A spokesman from the Right Sector Artiom Skoropadzki leaves no doubt in this matter..

“If there is another revolution, a Ukrainian President Poroshenko and his followers will not be able to flee the country, as the former president did. They can expect nothing but an execution in some dark cellar carried out by a group of young Ukrainian soldiers or some members of the National Guard.”

The desire to create an ethnic state by the Right Sector may in turn lead this time to the creation of another Donbass near the EU border in Transcarpathia inhabited by the Hungarian minority, of which the government in Bucharest is well aware. This is reflected in the fact that János Lázár, the head of the Hungarian Prime Minister’s Office admitted that “intelligence works to defend the rights of Hungarians living in Ukrainian Transcarpathia – often against the interests of Kiev”.

The Events in Mukachevo may be a false start of the Kiev coup which may be planned by Kolomojsky and Jarosh. Taking the territorial aspirations of Right Sector into account, it could be the beginning of the spill-over of the Ukrainian terror to the countries such as Poland.

“What Poland bred in Ukraine, will return to its hundredfold. These battalions will attack Poland and rend it” , said a Rusyn minority activist from Transcarpathia – Petro Gecko. On the other hand, as the Colonel and Professor Joseph Marczak from the Polish Academy of National Defence maintains: the Polish army is able to defend 3% of the territory of its country, which is nothing.

“Modern warfare has a total nature. Not only do armies fight, but the entire nation and the whole country get involved. The military training in Drawsko Pomorskie or Sagan can be misleading. Let us see better what the situation in the east of Ukraine looks like”.

In this context it is worth noting that by mere coincidence Ukrainians are the most numerous group of the students of the Police Academy in Szczytno, the only university in the country which trains senior police officers.

The events with the participation of the Right Sector in Lviv and Mukachevo that is close to the border with Poland aptly commented in an interview with me, Konrad Rękas – a Polish political analyst. “The growing wave of Ukrainian immigrants in Poland gives rise to another conflict because these people who openly and without embarrassment worship Stefan Bandera – the executioner of Poles. These tensions between Ukrainians who are coming to Poland (with the resistance of many Poles) can eventually lead to ethnic riots in Poland. Ukrainians are now officially trained in schools in the spirit of Bandera, the spirit of terrorism and suicidal fight for the so-called Great Ukraine. In the spirit in which there is a battle with the enemies at all costs, regardless of the number of victims “.

The Right Sector forces are trained in battle and have guns. What is more, three Islamic battalions fight under their command. Given the fact that Poland is able to defend only 3% of its territory and the largest ethnic group studying in the Polish Police are Ukrainians – we must pose a question who would defend Poles against the territorial aspirations of Ukrainian ‘patriots’? The answer is simple: Polish civilians who struggle against the RS can learn from civilians from Donbass.

To Paraphrase Anne Applebaum: Is nationalism (the Right Sector under whose flag the Islamic fundamentalists fight) exactly what Ukraine needs?

Konrad Stachnio is an independent Poland based journalist, he hosted a number of radio and TV programs for the Polish edition of Prison Planet, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.