26.07.2015 Author: Konrad Stachnio

ISIS and neo-Nazis: Is There a Difference?

11713413_870869916325996_1627420584_nIt seems that this time, Ukraine finally enters on the way for ‘democracy’. A proof can be a declaration, in which Petro Poroshenko announced that he will prohibit wearing masks in a civil gatherings. Another surreal move proving that Ukraine is on its path to become a Walt Disney’s cartoon is introduction of new police uniforms in Kiev, resembling those from an American movie: Police Academy. Poroshenko said to the police officers that they are a living testimony of fundamental changes in our country.

This may be a ‘serious blow’ to those who are fond of group wearing masks and promoting ‘specific social reforms’. Look the neo-Nazi volunteer battalion in Ukraine and ISIS. A sign of ‘democratic change’ in the Kiev government may also be dismissing Mr. Valentyn Nalivaychenko from the position of head of the Security Service of Ukraine. According to political analyst, Simon Uralov, Poroshenko wants to eliminate all volunteer battalions holding power in Ukraine. Although, in his opinion, he may not be successful in that matter.

They’ll just withdraw from Donbass and go deep into the former Ukraine. And they will create an Euro-ISIS — a mass of psycho-killers with racist views. And this process will be coordinated by the U.S. citizen – Nalivaychenko. He doesn’t even have to be on the territory of former Ukraine to do this – said Uralov.

Some time ago, the Regnum agency reported that on the side of Kiev fought Samantha Lewthwait, British woman known as the White Widow, wanted by Interpol. Lewthwait allegedly fought in the Ukrainian battalion, Ajdar. Samantha Lewthwait converted to Islam at the age of 17. In July 2005, her husband blew up a bomb in London. 26 people were killed. The British fled the country in 2011, and appeared in Africa. It is suspected that she was behind the attack on the Westgate shopping centre in Nairobi, in which at least 67 people were killed and 170 were injured.

Another example of Islamic fundamentalism in Ukraine is the deputy commander of the battalion Tornado (criminal group accused of killings and rapes of civilians), Mujahid from the Belarusian city of Brest. Mujahid has a swastika tattooed on his body and he also likes to take pictures with Iblis (devil state) State flag. Currently, some fighters from volunteer battalions in Ukraine take photos with ISIS flags and sympathize with them. If we analyze the relationships between ISIS and Ukrainian neo-Nazis, we find many common points.

We know, for example, that Hitler’s Third Reich supported the Muslim Brotherhood as a weapon against the British in Egypt and throughout the Middle East. But what is more interesting in the words of the former head of department of tracking down the Nazis in the US Justice Department, John Loftus, CIA, in the 50s evacuated Nazis from the Muslim Brotherhood to Saudi Arabia. Then, some leaders of that brotherhood, like Dr. Abdullah Azzam were teachers in religious schools where they were able to make connections with the Nazi doctrine and Wahhabism.

Islamic fundamentalism has its roots, symbolism, terminology and policy objectives common with the Nazism. The leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, great Mufti Hajj Amin al-Husseini was responsible for the implementation of German genocide from Europe to the Middle East.

According to the testimony of witnesses at the Nuremberg trial, he had plans to build a concentration camp, just like the one in Auschwitz, near Nablus, just to perform the extermination of Palestinian Jews. His youth organizations also used the Nazi emblems and uniforms.

After meeting with Hitler on November, 21, 1941, Husseini praised the Germans, because they know how to get rid of the Jews, and that bring us closer to the Germans and sets us in their camp. It was the Mufti, who called Ribbentrop, Himmler and Hitler to concentrate German industrial resources and military for extermination of European Jews. As Eichmann said we promised him [Mufti] that no European Jew enters Palestine anymore.

Both ISIS and volunteer battalions in Ukraine torture people, massacre civilians, wear masks, promote ethnic cleansing, bomb towns with civilians. A small difference between them is that ISIS does not eat pork meat. However, the most meaningful thing in common is that they have the same father – the CIA.

Recently, the Libyan authorities reported that ISIS militants use transports of refugees to get to the EU and prepare attacks there. The Libyan government warns against terrorists among the refugees from Africa. They are arguing that jihadist groups are smuggled to Europe in transports of immigrants. An Al TV from Dubai claims that Islamic militants use stolen passports from the citizens of Western countries.

These warnings are not unfounded, judging by the call of the self-proclaimed leaders of the Caliphate to his followers from around the world, urging them to engage in terrorist activities. An example is the recent events in France where terrorist encroached on the territory of a plant producing industrial gases in the French department of Isère, killing one person who was not an employee of plants, wounding another two people and detonating some explosives.

Another bad news for Europe may be announced subordination of ‘Caucasus Emirate’ to ISIS, allowing his followers from the Northern Caucasus to become a part of global jihad – holy war, global organization, which includes all nationalities. Although Kadyrov claims that this is nothing more than bluff and idle talk of some harmless lunatics.

Quite an interesting example of the wider implementation of Islamic Fundamentalism in Europe is a statement of the Imam, Anjem Choudary in an interview with Polish newspaper “Fakty”. Imam, in this way gave Polish authorities solution to the problems. One day, sharia law will be introduced also in Poland, because we believe that you should remove all oppressive regimes. If you are ruled by someone other than Allah, it is a form of oppression. Thanks to our policy, your regime will be removed, and people will be happier. In Poland, you have a liberal democracy, and it has no strong, sustainable patterns. All of it results from separation of the state from Allah.

ISIS ideological war takes place not only in the Middle East, on the Internet or a battlefield, but what’s worse, through the brainwashing of young children, which is reflected in a comment pedagogy professor of religion from Tübingen, Albert Biesinger, who said that parents inform me that, for example, Muslim children reject their Christian colleagues from the nursery as possessed by the devil. This leads to a very serious problems.

At this point, we are again faced with ISIS similarity to Ukraine, which has recently adopted a “Concept of the National-patriotic education of children and youth”, by ordering teachers to show the actions of UPA as a symbol of the struggle for independence. The Islamic State does not hide his goals – terrorize and eliminate all infidels. An infidel can be almost anyone. Even representatives of Al Nusra Front, as evidenced by the testimony of militants after they departed from ISIS. So if the main strategy of the United States is an air strikes of Syria, they may soon find that with such a spread of ISIS ideology, US will have to drop bombs also on other areas than Syria.

Despite the best ISIS efforts to terrorize public opinion through its actions, ISIS has a lot to learn a lot from the tradition of the OUN and the UPA battalions in terrorizing civilians and genocide. In times of OUN and the UPA, what ISIS does now – death by beheading – would be considered as an act of grace. To die quickly from the hands of the Ukrainians at that time was a privilege.

Both ISIS and volunteer battalions in Ukraine represent one of the most murderous ideology. While having almost identical modes of action, assumptions and the same people who made it come to power.

Judging by the law recently introduced by the US Department of Defense about shooting of journalists in conflict zones, USA, apart from creating such groups like those above, also draws inspiration from them. In the areas controlled by the ISIS and Ukrainian volunteer battalions, shooting to journalists is commonness.

Konrad Stachnio is an independent Poland based journalist, he hosted a number of radio and TV programs for the Polish edition of Prison Planet, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.