04.07.2015 Author: Jim Dean

Charleston Shootings Trigger Confederate Lynching Jihad

charleston-confederate-flag-south-carolina“One of the saddest lessons of history is this, If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth.” – Dr. Carl Sagan

Before the bodies of the unfortunate victims in Charleston were cold, the usual “exploiteers” were rushing to use the tragedy to their own advantage, with the political manipulators wanting to rekindle past social divisions in another chapter of divide and conquer as we head into the 2016 election season.

I was beginning to wonder if the Olympics had created a new gold medal competition… Who Can Exploit a Mass Killing the Best and the Quickest. America would certainly vote for such an award expansion, as it would be sure to win.

You all know about the tragic slaughter of the nine praying church members in Charleston by the quite clearly deranged and immature 21-year-old man. The father that bought him the murder weapon is lying low, and for good reason. “Dear Dad, if you have another son, give him a skydiving gift certificate so only one will die.”

We got an early warning that there was a smell to this case when Obama was already milking the tragedy before the bodies were cold. He used these killings to make another run at pushing his gun control pet peeve, which has been rejected at all previous attempts. I can hear the “two bit” staff member whispering in his ear, “Mr. President, you can still go out a winner on this issue if you move fast.”

And mind you, this is the president that is training and arming terrorists in Syria, and backed a Neo-Nazi led coup in Ukraine. “Sorry Mr. President, you are not a legitimate leader of an anti-gun violence crusade in my book. The almost a quarter million dead in Syria would agree with me.”

Once the president waived the green flag, the race was on. We saw the usual Facebook photos with all the stage-managed props for a white supremacist background story, like the ever present Confederate flag. If Mr. Roof had Facebook photos with an American flag, somehow I don’t think he would have been smeared as an American supremacist. The term is used VERY selectively.

Then things took a stranger turn with one particular photo, with the Rhodesia patch on Dylann’s leather jacket that was too new and too bright. The swampy background was in crisp focus, whereas Dylann was in soft focus. We smelled a Photoshopped image, which was quickly confirmed.

The pixel density varies when different parts of photos are used and altered, and even more obvious when an item is “blown up” for proper scaling. Dylann’s photo was cut out from another picture and dropped in, and then the apartheid Rhodesia patch added. The bells and whistles began going off.

Gordon Duff debunked what we concluded was a faked Manifesto in his June 27 NEO article, Church shooter more than an Enigma. The “why I did it” letter is also a traditional psyops ruse, but one used rarely so as not to wear it out. This one was amateurish in its overkill, showing that no major state intelligence operatives were involved. The sloppiness here would embarrass them.

But those of us from the South who fought two decades of culture wars against contrived attacks on Southern heritage were quick to spot a new anti-Confederate Jihad coming, but this one came on at light speed. In the old days, Dylann would have needed some KKK relatives, or maybe to have been a past Klan boy scout, or something to have linked him to an established group and profile.

This ninth grade high school dropout has come up quite bare on his social skills — a loner son freeloading off a father who probably felt bad for not having raised a son with some grounding in reality. If I had not had a job at 21 years of age, my mother would have beaten me to a pulp.

There are countless young kids like this in America today who are fantasy world misfits in a modern time warp, with their anger growing every day. If Dylann had been Black or Hispanic, he could have joined a gang, and then whatever horrible things he did would only be local news. The political spinmeisters have never found the gangs to be exploitable material.

When several Dylann photos with Confederate flags were published, which might have been Photoshopped, too, the jackals were let loose. Collective guilt was brought back in fashion, and Confederate heritage was going to be nailed to a cross and burned, after dangling from a rope for the required entertainment.

The first moves were retailers who had been selling Southern heritage products for decades, and where all past boycotts attempts never took root, not only began taking inventory off the shelves, but doing so with a lot of media coverage which we have not seen in the past. The reason became evident quickly, when other retailers began to follow suit with the herd mentality. No one wanted to be caught with Confederate goods on the shelves and get singled out for the Jihadi’s attention.

We expected there to be calls for removing the historical Confederate flag from the South Carolina Capitol grounds, but that requires the legislature to change the law. In Georgia, Confederate historical markers are protected from exploitative harassment, as are all other historical symbols. I was part of a Georgia Heritage Council team to help lobby for this, along with a descendant of President Jefferson Davis, whose name was really Jeff Davis.

The legislators who worked with us to get it passed were tired of having their time wasted by civil rights hustlers stirring up hatreds to get more public attention for themselves. The new law cooled down the monument heritage attacks, and civil rights politicians had to go back to work serving their constituents’ real needs versus these showboating Confederacy bashing ones.

I never talked to a single media reporter during those battles who was aware that Confederate soldiers were officially American veterans by act of Congress — something done to bury the hatchet and end the second class status for the disproportionate numbers of Southerners who have always served in America’s military.

These include many famous ones like General George Patton, and Medal of Honor recipients Audie Murphy of WWII and Sgt. Alvin York of WWI fame. York’s grandfather was dragged to death behind a horse by Yankee sympathizers during our Civil War. Alvin got over it. To this day, when an unmarked Confederate soldier’s grave is found, he is entitled to a taxpayer-funded standard white CSA marker from the Veterans administration.

Next to join the anti-Confederate lynch mob were some of the state license tag people, who announced they would stop issuing the Confederate specialty tag, one like many other groups have where the extra fees charged are refunded once a year to support their work. The Georgia Sons of Confederate Veterans have used these funds for years to maintain and build new monuments with no controversy whatsoever.

As mass media continued to push the Confederate flag issue, we knew the usual vandalism would begin, and after the reports of those, there would be copycat defacing of monuments and cemeteries. They began all across the South. The next step will be random killings, when some gang kids want to play the big man by whacking a few white southerners for the good of the cause. But the real story on that twist the US media will not touch with a ten foot pole.

That has to do with black on black and black on white violent crime which has long been an epidemic in America — one censored out of our news. Black Americans know by whom they are most likely to be killed, and that certainly is not a white man, but a young brutal black man who has been taught to take what he wants as a way of proving he is a man.

Black on white crimes figures, compiled annually from national statistics, are so shocking that they have been ignored and censored out of mass media, as it casts a shadow on their favorite victim class. I first became aware of the shocking statistics from the 1999 report.

Of 1.7 million interracial crimes involving blacks and whites, 90% were committed by blacks against whites, which comes out to a ratio of blacks being 250 times more likely to commit an interracial crime on a white victim than vice versa. The rape stats were even worse. The black on white rape rate was 100 times higher than white on black. So now you know why these statistics are buried.

I have shared these official statistics in the past with bleeding heart liberal reporters and a lot of black folks. Virtually all were totally unaware of them and had absolutely no interest in cranking up a public campaign to stop black on white crime… no marches, no legislative resolutions nor condemnation from the church pulpits. Their interest in civil rights went down to zero when the victim was not the right color.

Even the Hispanic figures were manipulated. When a Hispanic is a victim of hate crime, he is listed as Hispanic. But when he is a perpetrator, he is listed as White. I will let you think about that for a moment. Are you wondering why? The answer is that trick bumps up the white hate crime statistics (which are not high) by 20%. You just can’t make this stuff up.

Those behind defiling these church victims for their partisan political advantage are Dylann Roofs themselves, a different version of mass murderers. Whereas ISIL Jihadis dress its victims up in orange jumpsuits and force them to kneel before cutting their heads off, these anti-Confederate Jihadis want to execute an entire people and heritage for the terrorism shock value, just like ISIL does. But Confederate heritage kneels to no one and never will. And while many have tried, we have kept our heads and will continue to do so.

The difference in class between us and the heritage haters can be represented by what Georgia media was told when calling the Georgia SCV to get comments on the Charleston shootings. They were told that the Georgia Division would have nothing to say until the victims were buried out of respect for the families. Yes, we are different than some other Americans, and we intend to stay that way.

For full disclosure, I will share with you that from just my Culpepper branch of Southern ancestors, eighteen fought for the South, and were virtually all the men between 16 and 45. They died at Vicksburg, Lookout Mountain, Resaca, and in Point Lookout Prison.

I have not had time to count the Hodges, Yarbroughs and Etheridges who fought. Many innocent victims continue to die unjustly around the world today, where once again we find the Yankee ”commercial interests “ hand involved. So as Robert Frost once wrote, “I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep.” At Veterans Today, we honor our dead, but those who have been targeted to die, get to cut in line.

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for Veterans Today, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.