11.06.2015 Author: Jim Dean

Obama and the G-7 Ship of Fools Sail On

7352111The dust is finally settling on the recent G7 meeting in the beautiful setting in Bavaria, where we were subject to the New Cold War ship of fools sailing off into infamy. Their ranks have closed on the strategy of absolving themselves as totally responsible for the Ukraine disaster via what is turning out to be a cheap and pitiful attempt to blame it all on Russia.No one expected to hear anything about sanctions removal, but once again the threat of more sanctions was put squarely on the world stage table:

“We … stand ready to take further restrictive measures in order to increase cost on Russia should its actions so require,” said the communique. “We recall that the duration of sanctions should be clearly linked to Russia’s complete implementation of the Minsk agreements and respect for Ukraine’s sovereignty.”

So we once again have the New Cold War countries trying to hide their obvious and admitted aggression on Ukraine and Russia (per Victoria Nuland’s $5 billion spent on Kiev’s color revolution there) by continuing with their fairy tales that Russia is responsible for all the problems, and their little junkyard dog, Kiev, is an innocent victim in all this, despite a clear record of Minsk ceasefire violations with little visible outrage from the West. Even worse, Hollande and Merkel, who were guarantors of Kiev’s good behavior in fulfilling the Minsk protocols, have done nothing to honor their pledge.

Obama’s statements had me gasping more than once, but the winning gaff was his claim that America is now the most respected nation on earth. Although he has had great approval on his efforts to end the Iran nuclear weapons program threat hoax, he has thrown that good will away for his Syrian disaster, and overthrowing Ukraine in a violent coup.

His political pollsters must be aware of this, but I fear his staff has been giving him false information. A Gallup poll of 68 countries in 2014 ranked the US as the biggest threat to world peace, a poll that surprised no one.

Obama continued to stick his foot in his mouth with…“Does he continue to wreck his country’s economy and continue Russia’s isolation in pursuit of a wrong-headed desire to recreate glories of the Soviet empire, or does he recognize that Russia’s greatness does not depend on violating the territorial integrity and sovereignty of other countries?”

Dear Mr. President, It is the West that is isolating itself, having completed the pre-staging and is now fully engaged in a New Cold War which has triggered a new Anti-Sanction “Iron Curtain” being constructed to protect the Eurasian countries from the economic Western barbarians. 
And it is you sir, who signed off on our invasion by proxy of Ukraine, and are responsible with your EU and NATO abettors in all the unnecessary death and destruction upon the Ukrainian people to advance US and Western hegemony, and the same for Syria and the quarter million dead there. 
While Eurasia is planning to invest huge amounts of capital to build a two-way New Silk Road to the West, we only send military forces as our real emissaries. The body count of America’s victims far exceeds that of Russia and China in the last 20 years. Your speech writers have failed you sir.

But there is a deeper threat to all of us lurking in the shadows here, this growing PR mania that it does not matter what the public thinks in non-election years, as the administration spinmeisters can create their own realty with repetitive statements supporting their version of events. This assumes that the President’s top advisors have not grasped that we know they lie to us routinely whenever they feel it suits them.

We had hints that the G7 conference was going to be a Putin roast, as if something like that is even feasible with a highly respected world leader with an 87% approval rating. No leader in the West can even dream of such an approval rating.

Although Putin and Lavrov are treated politely, many Western leaders privately hate them for the contrast they provide to the world public in terms of what real statesmanship looks like. It’s like Obama and the EU NATO members felt that, because they outnumber Russia with their little G7 poll, they can control the Ukraine disaster narrative.

But they made a mistake that was sad to see. It seems that they realized that the unfortunate Pentagon spokesman and NATO’s General Breedlove, who has become a laughing stock with his tall tales, don’t have any credibility anymore. None of the OSCE observers have ever seen the alleged Russian armor and troop columns cross the Ukraine border. The trumped up photos used in the laughable attempt to validate the hoax were quickly exposed as frauds.

The mass murder of the victims on MH17 was another failed psyop to shift the Ukraine blame to Russia, and one for which the real guilty must be made to pay. The Netherlands has played a shameful role here, also. Our hopes that the international airline community would demand unbiased international investigations of these airline terror or false flag attacks, were not realized.

But in this age of growing state-sponsored terrorism, we still do not see the courage to take a new look at removing diplomatic immunity for those engaged in these acts. Our failure to do so has allowed the threat to grow, and we continue to reap the whirlwind, including nuclear weapons being used in Yemen, and that news censored from Western media, other than Veterans Today and NEO.

Obama tried to come to the rescue by doing a “Colin Powell” number on General Dempsey. He trotted the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff out to attempt one more time to sell Russia as a growing offensive military threat to Europe. It was humiliating to watch a general who has protected himself from being used so shabbily to finally surrender. I thought he has lost his mind, as I read this.

“ Russia is seeking to discredit and eventually undermine NATO”…“They [the Russians] have demonstrated some behaviors outside the international order that clearly indicate that they are willing to push beyond what most of the nations with whom we deal consider to be international norms.”…“They [the Russians] have demonstrated some capabilities with long-range aviation and with their nuclear forces that are clearly intended to signal the nations in Europe and us of their willingness to consider all the instruments of military power,”

My dear General, How many divisions does Russia have stationed in how many bases in its former European Soviet territory? How many Russian color revolutions have resulted in over throwing governments and putting in a Russian puppet regime? How many countries have the Russian banking system sucked dry via financial schemes made perfectly legal, like our Congress and the City of London did?  
You doth protest too much sir, me thinks, as the truth lies in the opposite of what you say. Russia’s military deployment is virtually all defensive because of the threat we are advancing. Their military was under strength, because they were rebuilding from the looting that our oligarch puppets had unleashed through our goodwill gangsters we sent over to “help them out”, such as Larry Summers. They are rushing now to complete a long overdue modernization of their forces, and it appears to be just in the nick of time to blunt our assault. 

Putin has brought his intelligence chiefs out of the shadows in the last year to let the Russian people see the caliber of people who are protecting them, as compared to ours, like the pitiful Breedlove. Russia’s chief intelligence analyst General Reshetnikov gave a recent interview, which was quite a contrast to the West’s exaggerated comments above.

His confirmation of the US-NATO drive to the Russian border was not necessary. Any idiot could see that. Peaceful intentions do not travel with a bodyguard of lies. But he did add that NATO future plans to have a missile shield in Eastern Ukraine would allow them to strike Russia’s main ABM counter strike missiles behind the Urals in their ascendancy stage.
This would make the threat of a preemptive strike a much bigger concern, not only to them but to all the rest of us who have borne the brunt of US miscalculations, as in Syria and now Ukraine. Our current preemptive strike doctrine, inflicted upon us by our own people is another example of a home grown national security threat. I once thought that Dempsey was always the grown up in the room, but in this case, he has fallen off that chair. 

If they can compromise you, General Dempsey, what hope do we have of averting more disasters of poor leadership, despite its being blamed on others as with the Russians now, and the phony War on Terror that we now know was always a War of Terror. I have no words, sir, to describe the depth of my disappointment. I hope General Powell takes you out for a drink sometime soon. 

Jim W. Dean, managing editor for Veterans Today, producer/host of Heritage TV Atlanta, specially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.