26.05.2015 Author: Caleb Maupin

Tsarnev Sentenced to Death: One To Be Executed While Others Get Weapons and Training

167101982The bombing of the Boston Marathon was a horrendous, criminal act. Anyone with any basic sense of justice would want the parties responsible to face justice for their actions. It should be no surprise that the US public, which watched the horrific carnage of the Boston bombing on their television screens, would support the sentence of death being given to the young man declared to be responsible for so much suffering.

However, the perpetrators of the horrendous bombing that took place in Boston are not the only terrorists on earth. Many other terrorists, who have killed thousands and hundreds of thousands of innocent victims, are not being held accountable for their actions. Instead of killing these terrorists, the US government is actively funding, training, and promoting them.

Terrorism Against Syria

The Syrian Arab Republic was a mostly peaceful country prior to 2011. Christians, Sunnis, and Alawites lived in peace with each other. There was a universal feeling that some kind of reform process needed to take place in the government, but this issue was not being resolved with bombs, chemical weapons, or assault rifles.

In 2011 there were many people who took part in peaceful protests as part of the Arab Spring or “Islamic Awakening” movement, and urged the government to enact reforms of some type.

However, other forces seized this moment to unleash a campaign of horrendous terrorism and murder. The “Free Syrian Army”, which from the very moment it began has been armed, trained, and funded by the United States and its allies, has bombed schools, hospitals, highways, and power plants. The “Free Syrian Army” plants snipers on rooftops, and with its sometimes random acts of terrorism forces the entire population of Syria to live in extreme fear.

The “Free Syrian Army” is not a group of people who advocate democratic reforms, but rather a group of religious extremists who want to create a Sunni caliphate. The word often used to describe them is “Takfiris”, because they believe that the Islamic faith justifies engaging in acts of mass murder. They call for the extermination of
Syrian Alawites, and the forcible expulsion of Syrian christians.

The Syrian Arab Army has defeated the “Free Syrian Army” and its allies in battle many times, but this has not stopped the United States, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Jordan, and other regimes throughout the region from continuing to send money and weapons to them.

50% of the terrorists in the “Free Syrian Army” defected to join the Islamic State (ISIS) organization in 2014. Prior to this the “Free Syrian Army” held joint training operations with ISIS, as well as with Al-Nusra forces, who are closely connected to Al-Queda.

Already, at least 200,000 people in Syria are dead. 3 million are refugees. The US and its allies continue funding the terrorists, and importing foreign ones. Terrorists from as far off as Malaysia have been arrested by Syrian authorities. This horrific war in Syria can end as soon as the funding for the terrorists is cut off. The only reason the ugly Syrian war continues, is because foreign powers continue to back, fund, and train the terrorist groups.

Terrorism Against Iran

The Islamic Republic of Iran has also been the victim of terrorism that is supported by the United States. The most notorious terrorist organization in Iran is called the Mujahadeen E-Khalq (MEK). This is a group that has committed every terrorist activity imaginable, including kidnapping, torture, assassination, bombing, and mass slaughter of civilians. It has been revealed that the MEK terrorists assassinated scientists working on Iran’s peaceful nuclear energy program.

The MEK cooperated with former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein for decades. During the Iraq-Iran war, the MEK created an armed group called the “Iranian National Liberation Army” that slaughtered entire villages. Later, Saddam Hussein used MEK fighters to slaughter people in Kurdish regions of Iraq who dared dissent against his rule.

Claims that the MEK has “renounced violence” are simply fiction. The assassination of nuclear scientists and the kidnapping and torture of innocent victims continues right up to the present.

The MEK is a vicious band of terrorists, but they have been heavily supported by the US government. Hillary Clinton made personal efforts to have them removed from the official list of designated “Foreign Terrorist Organizations.” Former New York City Mayor Rudy Guilliani has lobbied on MEK’s behalf, and given speeches promoting the group. A long list of prominent Republicans have lined up with the MEK terrorists, portraying them as “heroic fighters for democracy” against the Iranian government.

Terrorism Against Venezuela

In Venezuela, the Bolivarian government has the overwhelming support of the population. Hugo Chavez, and his successor, Nicolas Maduro, have legitimately won the elections according to the United Nations, the Carter Center, the Organization of American States, and all election observers.

This has not stopped a violent campaign of terrorism from being unleashed on the people of Venezuela, with the intention of overthrowing the Venezuelan government. In the early months of 2014, Venezuela witnessed a horrific campaign of violence called “La Salida” (The Exit). This terrorism left 43 people dead.

The terrorists of the Venezuelan opposition strung metallic wires across intersections in order to behead people riding motorcycles. The terrorists firebombed government buildings, including Universities. The anti-government terrorists in Venezuela also bombed public buses and healthcare clinics, because they are associated with the popular
reforms of the Venezuelan government.

The United States government has supported this violent terrorism. US non-profit organizations like the Albert Einstein Institute, the National Endowment for Democracy, and the Ford Foundation poured money into the anti-government terrorist campaigns in Venezuela.

US government officials have declared support for the terrorists, calling the Venezuelan government “repressive.” The US government has now leveled heavy economic sanctions against Venezuela, because of alleged human rights violations. US funding for the violent, terrorist opposition has increased in the last year.

US Government “Anti-Terrorism” Is Purely Propaganda

The terrorists currently being supported by the US in Syria, Iran, and Venezuela are not alone. Many terrorists around the world have been supported by the US government in the past, and continue to be supported by the US government.

The peoples of Central America can recall the horrific “Contra Wars” of the 1970s and 80s, where the most vile killers were armed and trained by the CIA. Luis Posada Carrilles, who bombed a Cuban airplane and killed over 70 innocent passengers resides very comfortably in Miami along with an entire network of terrorists who have done horrific things to Cuba for decades.

The US supported a campaign of violent terrorism in Tibet in the 1950s, airdropping armed terrorists into the mountains to fight the Chinese Communist Party.

The US funded and trained forces in Angola that sought to overthrow the elected government, and received support from the apartheid government of South Africa.

Osama Bin Laden, the man officially blamed in US media for the 9/11 attacks spent decades on the CIA payroll, actively leading the fight to overthrow the People’s Democratic Party in Afghanistan.

Tsarnev, the man accused, convicted and sentenced for the horrific bombing in Boston, is from Chechnya. It is no secret the Takfiri extremists in Chechnya had their origins as US funded insurgents, seeking to overthrow the government of the Soviet Union. The continued violence directed against the Russian government by these forces has in many cases been revealed to have direct US support. Tsarnev himself may even have some connection to US funded anti-Russian terrorism in his homeland.

The statements made by the Federal prosecutors at the trial of the young man accused of perpetrating the bombing in Boston are loaded with hypocrisy. His ugly crime was condemned in  a high pitched tone of hyperbole and moral anguish, by prosecutors representing a government that has been training, funding, and supporting similar acts of terrorism and extremism for over a century.

The US government is going to execute one man who has been accused of a horrific act of terrorism, while it continues each and every day, to recruit, train, arm, and promote thousands of others who perpetrate
crimes that are far, far worse.

Caleb Maupin is a political analyst and activist based in New York. He studied political science at Baldwin-Wallace College and was inspired and involved in the Occupy Wall Street movement, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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