13.04.2015 Author: Konrad Stachnio

Great War is Coming in Ukraine?

5d4939d2-6708-19afStage scenery for the great war is set up in Ukraine right now. You need only signal from the director – action! Pepe Escobar called it, in an interview for RT, a post, mad-apocalyptic environment. Conditions for the impending provocation have already been created. US army is coming to the Baltic countries, after the House of Representatives called on President Barack Obama to send weapons to Ukraine. Adoption of such resolution was supported by 348 voters, 48 was against and 36 abstained. Whereas, Russia, being pushed to the wall, is testing how far it can go with NATO in Ukraine, thereby coming more and more into open confrontation with the US.

We believe that our parliament should not ignore this resolution. If the US begins genuine lethal weaponry supplies to Ukraine, we should not be shy about supporting the militia, including with weapons, and to give the president the right to send military units on to Ukrainian territory. This announcement was made by the First Deputy Chairman of the “Just Russia” faction, Mikhail Emelyanov.

It is nothing new, that cannon fodder, that is, Ukrainian conscripts cannot win this war because, they escape from the Ukraine, or they try to surrender, unwilling to die for the oligarchs and the US. Therefore the war has moved now to much more dangerous stage. Stage, in which the whole Ukraine is becoming only a tool in the hands of the United States. Efficient war in Ukraine may lead now only volunteer battalions of nationalists and NATO. What divert us from the track (euphemistically speaking) not very well managed ATO operation to the path of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

When the “exceptional and indispensable” lunatics from the US help “exceptional and indispensable” psychopaths from Kiev. Not to be groundless, in an article on the Fort Russ, we learn that:

Ukrainian MP Anton Geraschenko, adviser to the Interior Minister, urged the U.S. to strike Donbass from the Black sea, using planes and comparing the Donbas residents to ISIS.

However, in order to have a complete picture of the situation, it is necessary to quote the words of one of the main heads of operations ‘install democracy in the world’, Dr Zbigniew Brzezinski.

If the war in Ukraine will turn out to be an easy military success of Russia, its victory, then we must expect something in the Baltic countries. It is in the first place. Another trouble spots may be Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan. Such is the logic of events. Later, Poland would be the goal. However, there are significant differences between Poland and these countries. It would be an attack on a NATO member country. Baltic countries are also members of the Alliance, but they are much smaller. Poland may not be a global military power, but it is a medium-sized country with an army, adequate to their position and size. It means, taking also into account the history and mentality of Poles, that the state would be able for a time to resist, even if it would have to do a completely alone. Remember too about the United States.

Generals make the big money

Even if Russia could attack these countries, which Brzezinski mentioned, it would do so not because it has something against these countries. Russia would do so because there are NATO bases, which under current foreign US policy are real threat. Whereas, the governments of these countries do not represent its citizens anymore, but the interests of Washington. An example may be Poland. The country in which I live, in my opinion, is currently only the US outpost in the war with Russia. The so-called Polish government in any level does not represent the interests of the Poles, but the interests of the United States. If Russia was forced to invade any of these countries, of which Brzezinski says about, it would do this due to the fact that they are already only US military outposts. And that is the goal of US operation.

It should be noted that in accordance with article by Paul Craig Roberts

Washington has sent Victoria Nuland to Armenia to organize a “color revolution” or coup there, has sent Richard Miles as ambassador to Kyrgyzstan to do the same there, and has sent Pamela Spratlen as ambassador to Uzbekistan to purchase that government’s allegiance away from Russia.

Whether Europe will wake up to the threat of nuclear confrontation with Russia is becoming less important. Indeed, it is clear that NATO and the US do not care about public opinion in each country, having in their pockets, the governments and their military bases in strategic locations. War will break out, even if people in Europe will try to stop American tanks driving through their countries (as people of Eastern Ukraine before). Although it is difficult to imagine, if even for throwing eggs at passing American tank, you can go to jail for a few years. Even if the whole Europe would suddenly awoke and did not want war with Russia, it doesn’t change much. Decisions in this regard are taken completely from outside and what people think is not important in this context. Until the moment when the decision-making people have control on the narrative on the conflict, as their military complex plus NATO bases in Europe, the people of Ukraine and Europe will be only sacrifice made on the way to the specific geopolitical objectives. Doing this with hands of American generals, whose role was well described by Paul Craig Roberts

The whole purpose of making general is to be qualified to be a consultant to the “defense” industry, or to become an executive or on the board of a “defense” contractor. The military serves as the source of retirement careers when the generals make the big money.

Brzezinski dispels all illusions on this issue.

America has no choice but to provide weapons for the Ukrainian armed forces and we will do it on our own with our allies or without them.

To prevent the war, we would have to disconnect Brzezinski and his colleagues from petrodollar system – however, it is precisely for this reason they want war. Brzezinski and his friends want to defend the petrodollar system from BRICKS. And as you can see to whom they offer the military authority in Ukraine, I mean Dymytro Jarosz from the Right Sector, we are increasingly going to the scenario of a nuclear war and post-mad apocalyptic environment.

Now, the US install ‘democracies’ mainly on the border with Russia, in the countries that I mentioned above. What leads to a growing provocation on the US-Russia line.

So I have the impression that Europe has been entrusted to the sacrifice for ‘democratic processes’. And it is not the US, which will bear the costs of nuclear confrontation with Russia, but Europe. But let’s allow to speak a great advocate of ‘democracy’ Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski:

This is what logic requires: Poland should be armed, buy equipment, modernize and make the army bigger. To count on yourself, to be able to defend itself as long as possible. Because, of course, there is Article 5 and solidarity with the attacked ally. However, there are procedures in NATO and the principle of unanimity. It means that for some time, NATO could be paralyzed. Even Greece, which is a friend of Russia has the right of veto. As a result, NATO could react with a delay. However, I believe that if there was a realization of worst case scenario, America will find a way to help Poland. Even acting on the basis of bilateral relations. You can also count on military support from European allies: and these now declare the Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, and even Lithuania, which recently declared that, if necessary, will be fighting in the Polish ranks. Yes, Poland is at risk, but in a later stage. On the first line are the Baltic states, Moldova, and maybe Azerbaijan.

In other words, we install ‘democracies’ in Kiev, now install it in Kyrgyzstan, Armenia, Uzbekistan. And if we can provoke Russia and eventually come to a nuclear conflict then:

Poland should be armed, buy equipment, modernize and make the army bigger. Count on yourself.

It means that for some time, NATO could be paralyzed. Even Greece, which is a friend of Russia has the right of veto.

You can also count on military support from European allies: and these now declare the Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy, and even Lithuania, which recently declared that, if necessary, will be fighting in the Polish ranks.

Then, Brzezinski speak about the fact that this situation reminds him the Second World War. It’s hard to disagree with him. If a nuclear confrontation with the United States and Russia will happen we know from his own mouth, who will bear the costs, we also know that we cannot count on help of the so-called ‘allies’. In fact, it is difficult to have a better analogy to the Second World War.

What the US wants to do is to lead to confrontation with Russia to prevent the fall of the petrodollar. This paper ‘currency’ which destroys and enslaves people around the world did not come from China or from Russia, but from the US. Just as not from China and Russia came the idea about ‘exceptional and indispensable’ nation, that controls the petrodollar system and now sends tanks to Europe to defend it against BRICKS.

Deadly weapons

It is necessary to have a suitable excuse to attack Russia. The first success was the installation in Kiev, sponsored by the US, the anti-Russian government. There was no Maidan – from the first day it was open warfare and the biggest provocation for Russia, which would lead to seize Crimea and the Russian naval base. But it did not work. Therefore, the sponsors of ‘democracy’ cannot afford the next failure. The number of tanks that move through Europe to Ukraine prove it. Conditions to the creation of a suitable pretext for war are already installed in the Ukraine – post apocalyptic mad environment – as Pepe Escobar called it.

Even though completely discredited, corporate media which are in the pocket of the United States and absurd times in which we live, Washington still cannot attack Russia without giving a reason. It needs at least an idiotic excuse, for example, that ‘democratic processes’ can be implemented further.

This pretext may be the use of the modern, deadly weapons against residents of the Donbass, of which directly says Poroschenko.

I can say with full conviction that if there will be a new wave of aggression against Ukraine, we will obtain immediately deadly weapons and new sanctions against the aggressor. We will work hard and in a coordinated manner.

In turn, General Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Chiefs Staff of the College of the US military said:

I think we should absolutely consider providing Ukraine supplies of lethal weapons and it should be done in the context of the defense of our NATO allies, because Putin’s ultimate goal is to divide the Alliance.

Striking power of such weapons may be so high that Russia will have no choice and will have to strike back. Then the US will be able, through their media, to brainwash people around the world. Lying, that Russia attacked first and now Ukraine and Europe must simply defend. If Russia will attack with a nuclear weapon, costs of this will be born by Europe and not by the US, which controls the process from overseas. As you read above, Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski does not make it a big secret.

In this context, conclusion of F. William Engdahl in RT’s program In the Now that NATO is afraid of Russia is not entirely accurate. Even if NATO possesses outdated equipment, it is not important in this game. The most important is who is using this equipment.

I can confirm that Dmitriy Yarosh received a proposal from the president to take up a position at the Ministry of Defense. I would be very pleased if Yarosh were to start working as part of the state administration. I’ll say more: I can see that he is very bored at the Rada. This was announced on the [Poroshenko-owned] TV Channel 5 by Anton Gerashchenko, a Poroshenko advisor.

It is also important whether we care much on whom descends a possible counterattack from the Russian side. And certainly it will not fall on the US, but Europeans and those who use these weapons. This is how the Europeans will be defended by NATO has made us aware Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski a few lines above. However, to give you more insight into how the situation Ukraine and Europe will develop, I will use the quotes from this article. In which his point of view clearly manifests Dmitro Yarosh people from the Right Sector,. To Dmitro Yarosh Poroshenko offered now leader position at the Ministry of Defense.

How many difficulties bring us this Poroshenko’s “peace initiatives” and dullness of senior army leadership

But the president and the General staff is just a part of problem. Another part of problem lays in mental level. I mean a pacifist worldview, desire to achieve peace as soon as it possible by any way. I

Ukrainians should abandon the idea of peace and peaceful solving of the conflict, if we really wish for peace. First of all we should wish for win, for elimination of the enemy, not for peace! Ukrainians should to love war!

It’s in the context of the peace talks and future ceasefire.

New democratic successes in Europe

‘Democratic processes’ go pretty well on Ukraine. According to what was said Dr Zbigniew Brzezinski, Ukraine from the perspective of reforms should look at the success of Poland.

In turn, patron of global democracy, George Soros argues that reforms in Ukraine are going slowly, but every day they go one step farther, but Ukraine has not done everything as it should be.

I do not know what reforms Dr. Zbigniew talked about, but when it comes to the reform of the cuts of the population in Poland, we achieved a pretty good result. In Poland, we have about 16 suicides per day and some of them due to the severe financial situation – this is more than by car accidents. Although, Ukraine also in terms of this indicator also has something to boast about.

As a result of this policy, Ukraine has lost most of its industry. Currently the country is broken, people suffer from hunger and cold, and the average salary is lower than in Ghana. These are the words of Vice-President of the German “Die Linke”.

However, judging by the number of American troops sent to Ukraine we may think that the value of this indicator will now drastically change and we will make a much larger ‘success’ from the point of view of Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski. Because the study will include also other European countries.

Konrad Stachnio is an independent Poland based journalist, he hosted a number of radio and TV programs for the Polish edition of Prison Planet, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.