31.03.2015 Author: Gordon Duff

Truth Behind Israeli Spying on Iran Nuke Talks

5435343333Recent revelations of Israeli spying on the Iran nuclear talks are far more “spin” than story. Israel’s American spy network, elected members of the American senate, grown fat on cash from Afghan poppies and the whorehouses of Macao, are the real source of the leaks intended to sabotage talks and push the world to the brink of war.

The story was “spun” and “contained” to accuse unnamed Israeli agents “not in custody” to protect the real spies, “bought and paid for” American lawmakers and State Department officials that are easy to find, easy to prove guilty but who may well actually be “above the law.”

Key members of America’s government, not only officials elected with “Adelson cash” but those appointed during the Bush years to strategic positions, are able to sabotage programs and policies and, often as not as we seen in the Ukraine, become directly involved in criminal conspiracies as well.

Discerning real “American policy” from what is reported by the controlled press, often misquoting or systematically misinterpreting position statements, is a daunting task.

Espionage is only a part of it and Israel, though the biggest player in paying off American officials is not the only one, they are simply the most effective. When combining this level of clandestine penetration with overt control of all media, anyone resisting lives under the threat of being declared a “conspiracy theorist,” death to any public figure in America, or so it is believed.

Yes, Israel was using espionage to try to scuttle the Iran nuclear deal, but the spies were all members of the US government, long on the Mossad payroll.

The WSJ/Murdoch Tale

The Wall Street Journal story, published Tuesday, March 24, 2015, is as is now continually the case with Rupert Murdoch’s media empire, part of the espionage itself and hardly investigative journalism. Murdoch’s personal ties to Israeli intelligence have long been established. Murdoch, as a leader of London’s Jewish community and an avid Likudist and Israeli citizen, has an intimate knowledge of espionage as brought to light during the News of the World scandal that rocked Britain.

When Murdoch runs a story “exposing” Israel, he is covering something far more serious, in this case, protecting an intelligence asset or “assets.” These assets are members of the American congress, Senator’s Bob Corker, Bob Menendez (recently indicted), Lindsay Graham and John McCain. This quartet has full and unfettered access because of seniority, to highly classified intelligence regarding US foreign policy and, in particular, the Iran negotiations.

They are briefed in closed chambers and sworn to secrecy under penalty of law. They have, however, systematically violated these laws, this confidence and their oath of loyalty to both the United States and its constitution as well. They are, in fact, paid agents of Israel, run through a “handler” much the same as Jonathan Pollard and Robert Hansen, the notorious spies destined to die in American prisons.

They share something else as well. They have the same handler. Here is how it works:

  • Heads of state are far more “hands on” than anyone guessed. Netanyahu had long been an intelligence agent when he took over the Likud party in 1993. Since the 1980s, he had been on CIA, FBI and DIA watch lists as an espionage agent working for both Israel and the Soviet Union. When he became Prime Minister in 1996, he became “the perfect spy,” above the law.
  • A few months after 9/11, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu walked into an FBI sting. As part of an agreement to avoid prosecution for espionage, National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice agreed to allow the FBI to conduct surveillance on members of the Bush (43) National Security Council. One member, a Middle East specialist brought in by Paul Wolfowitz was a cooperating witness and wore a “wire” during meetings that to the 2004 arrest of staffers of Wolfowitz in what is called “the AIPAC spy scandal,” named such as several of those involved, indicted and “persons of interest” were employees of the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee.

The Sting

As with today’s Israeli spy scandal, the real breadth and depth is never to be made public as the results of such revelations would have global consequences, not only from a security standpoint, but politically as well.

Back in 2001, as the Christian/Zionist ultra-nationalists were taking control of Washington, Netanyahu came for one of his regular “off the books” visits. Netanyahu shuttles informally in and out of the United States as though he were an airline employee, official visits, addressing the UN or lecturing the president, unofficial ones, meeting business partners, picking up “tidbits.”

During this meeting, one Netanyahu attended with Rice and Wolfowitz, the FBI was the “uninvited stranger in the room,” a position usually occupied by Netanyahu. A senior national security staffer, assumed to be “one of the gang” transmitted an interchange involving the handoff of vital nuclear weapons data to Netanyahu to an FBI surveillance van nearby.

Evil as a Religion

The FBI was faced with a dilemma, pretend nothing happened or take the recording, and witness debriefing, to Attorney General John Ashcroft, a man known to be deeply involved in an apocalypse cult tasked by god with bringing about the nuclear destruction of earth in order to fulfill “end times prophesies.” Ashcroft, Cheney, Bush and Rumsfeld belong to what had been an obscure heretical cult that originated in the most backward part of America in the 19th century.

Those who pushed for a continuation of the real Israeli spy ring, one reaching into the oval office, were transferred, demoted, some were blackmailed and others were murdered. Survivors live in fear and silence, hoping to keep their families safe and to be allow to live as long “as allowed.”

The “Dominionists,” as they are called share many beliefs with the Latter Day Saints and Freemasonry, including a “layered worship” where only certain initiates are told their deities are either Luciferian or pre-Judaic entities whose bloodlust parallels many Aztec beliefs.

We continually return to the same questions. Why would so many work in union to destabilize the world? This is where conventional analysis fails as it is never able to address the root causes or address the belief systems that bring the mosaic into focus.

If you are unwilling to ask “why,” and seek salient answers then there will be no solution possible. As with any crime, espionage and false flag terrorism require the same components; means, motive and opportunity.

The unwillingness to accept that evil exists, that those who seek power for the sake of power alone are hardly seeking a “heavenly reward,” has doomed us all.

When trillions of dollars are stolen as recently revealed in an article on New Eastern Outlook by author Christof Lehman is the rational fear of poverty? What actions by Netanyahu and his Likudists have enhanced the security of Israel, now increasingly a pariah state?

For decades many if not most have accepted and forgiven Israel’s transgressions and inhumanity as a “natural” result of 5000 years of persecution at the hands, not just of Nazi Germany but Egypt and Babylon but its own people as well. A visit to Israel brings this into focus quickly, the relationship between victim and victimizer becomes interchangeable and, were it not for the Palestinians, those that still cling to life in the camps, Israeli’s like their American cousins, would likely turn on each other.

We are seeing this now.

Consider this hypothesis: For many, the powerful, the few, poverty, ignorance and human suffering is an end in itself.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.