23.02.2015 Author: Konrad Stachnio

Can Ukraine exist without UPA and SS ‘heroes’?

U4534522The dreams are various, someone dreams about pedicure for a dog, someone about the new yacht and others about to be killed, by only one axe blow. In fact, it was a major dream for about 200,000 Polish civilians from eastern borderlands, murdered by the UPA during the Second World War. Dying from a bullet was something very comfortable. Because Ukrainians were murdering, using primarily gardening equipment. I must admit that as much as money from George Soros for development of ‘democracy’, this time as well our rakish, Ukrainian soul in a rather unusual way used gardening equipment, using it in a completely new, unknown way.

Erased Holocaust

Because, how can you use fences and rails if not for killing children. And wells? Well, here, it was a really good to throw the whole families with children into it. If you’ve seen a Japanese movie Circle, you probably know how is to spend all your best years living in the well. A good solution were also a door frame. Such simple, unimportant thing. The UPA ‘heroes’ smashed the heads of small children on it. A good solution were also forks and saws, which Ukrainians used to saw people alive through when they were lying on the ground. Using forks, the UPA ‘heroes’ jab pregnant women in their bellies. Smashed the heads of small children with hammers.

They killed even nine-year-old Ukrainian children. Ukrainian women in the meantime looted property of Poles and Jews. The knives used to murder people were worshiped by Greek Catholic priests. Hell? All of this really happened, and not so long time ago. The whole families were hung upside down on the branches. Then they cut off the children’s hands, legs, gouged eyes, ripped out the foetuses of pregnant mothers. Among the Ukrainians in ‘good taste’ was bragging who is more cruel.

They even cut children’s genitals, cut their heads off, hands, legs, they broke their bones. A baptism of fire for UPA was to kill a Pole or a Polish child. When the UPA met Pole they cut them piece by piece, the others was attached to a tree and they served as human shields. Others were cut by axes, crimping by knives or burnt alive. Before UPA heroes burned village they raped in the groups even five-year-old girls, tortured even small children.

You ask how is it possible that the Poles were stupid enough to not run, or not defend ourselves in this situation. The answer is simple. They did not know. The UPA heroes murdered only unarmed civilians and Poles, who like Jews who were going to concentration camps, they didn’t not really get the idea that someone could come up with something like this. And yet someone evidently came up with something like this. They were often murdered by the colleagues from school, their neighbours, mostly young Ukrainians. At dawn, they brought milk and in the evening torches. There was only one purpose: to carve out an entire village.

Ukrainian village elders hid Poles but they also, in the case of a bummer, were assassinated by the ‘patriots’ from the UPA. Poles were warned by Ukrainians village crippled and outcasts, etc.

OUN leadership gave orders that the Ukrainians who have children and Polish wives must kill them in the name of pure, Ukrainian blood. So fathers slit throats of their wives and children. Sons who were in the UPA came to their homes and slit throat of their sisters. Why? Ukrainian blood had to be pure.

These information come from the reports of children who survived the Volhynian Massacre and then march of hunger. Because the Ukrainians after the slaughter of the village, prohibited selling food to Poles. So those that they failed to kill they tried to starve to death. Some people who survived these events are now old. Many children lost their ability to speak, or went crazy.

These information come from the lectures of Dr Lucina Kulińska, President of the Social Foundation for the Memory of the Polish Nation. Dr Lucina, for many years, documented the survivors reports from these events, who managed to survive Volhynian Massacre and perpetuated the memory of those events. Dr Kulinska, as she says, is sentenced to death by ‘Ukrainian patriots’ for revealing these information. It should be noted that the majority of Polish society is not aware of these facts, or try to ignore them because they do not want to exacerbate relations with the Ukrainians. The major part of Ukrainian society claim that the UPA, the OUN were heroes. Such uncritical narrative is served to them by their rulers. Here, we are dealing with the same scheme of hypocrisy in history as in the case, in which Yatsenyuk says that the Second World War began in Russia, or when Grzegorz Schetyna claims that the Ukrainians liberated Auschwitz.

Ukraine above other nations

You may ask, what do we care, these days are over. To illustrate the context of the current situation, I had to write about it. I now turn to the present times.

People often say that there are no bad people, there are only an evil ideologies. At this point, I should add that the ideology of Ukrainian nationalists have been created not by aliens or the Ukrainian peasants. These ideas were invented by Ukrainian intellectuals, often educated at Polish universities. Compared to ideology of Ukrainian Nationalism, the Islamic State or Nazism seem to be soft.

However, in order to not be groundless, I will give you some examples.

The main ideologist of Ukrainian nationalism, Dmytro Dontsov and Mikhailov Kołodziejski write about this issue quite clearly: We need blood, the sea of blood, we need terror. Let us make it hell – for a free Ukrainian state by all means, let us go to it by all the trails, do not be ashamed of killings, looting and arson, in the fight there is no ethics.

Tiahnibok Oleg, head of the party Svoboda, comments this statement in such way. The statement of 26 January 2011:

Our ideology is based on the work of Dmytro Dontsov, we’re just trying to update it and fit it to the current reality.

Looking at the current Ukraine, it is hard to better ‘modernize’ these ideas.

Statement of Svoboda activist Yuri Michalczyszyn, head of the propaganda and analysis of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU).

On April 12, 2011, he said: We recognize the cult of power in the service of ideas. The idea of the Ukrainian nation gives an Ukrainian a priority before other nations – Ukrainian life and health above all. When there is a threat to these values, it is necessary to take actions, related to killing a man, who is hostile to an Ukrainian, of course, such action must be implemented … This is my position, it is the position of the party, this is our way of working. He said this in a comment for ZAXID.NET,

Iryna Farion, from the party Svoboda. After massacre in Odessa on May, 2014, with 38 dead people after a building was set on fire, she wrote on her personal website: Bravo, Odessa. (…) Let the demons burn in hell.

On January 13, 2011, she stated the following words: I do not think about members of the Party of Regions as human beings. There are only two ways – banderisation of Ukraine, or banderisation of Ukraine. There is no other option.

On April 28, 2011, in Lviv, regarding to Division SS Galicia Juriji Michalczyszyn claimed: They are our heroes, we are proud of them and we will defend them and continue their work…

I could just quote over and over again, but let’s have a look at the party Svoboda. The Social-Nationalist Party of Ukraine was their name until February 14, 2004, when the ninth congress changed its name to the present one. Already in the mid-nineties, the party established contacts with European extreme right parties and movements, with the French National Front, secret neo-Nazi organizations. On Autumn, 2009, the party preaches an ideology of the so-called social nationalism, which refers to the German National Socialism.

However, if you think that Russia has imperialistic aspirations just listen to this.

The official program of the Svoboda party from 2009 and project of their “Constitution” from 2007 stated that the strategic goal “Ukrainian State” would be a superpower “European Ukraine-centrism”. Ukraine must become a geopolitical center of Europe, to strengthen the military by joining NATO and get access to tactical nuclear weapons.

Don’t you feel safer now?

The chosen ones from the United States sponsor the chosen ones from Ukraine

You could say that Svoboda are only harmless lunatics. However, if I had to enumerate the politicians from Ukrainian parliament who come from an ultra – right wing, or just blatant neo-Nazi, I’d have to write another article. So we have a situation in which the ‘chosen people to run the world’ as neoconservatives in Washington think about themselves, sponsor the East Tyroleans, as the Ukrainians during the Second World War thought about themselves. In other words, chosen people sponsor those who – with a view of free Ukrainian state by all means, let us go to it by all the trails, do not be ashamed of killings, looting and arson, in the fight, there is no ethics.

Any changes in Polish foreign policy into the one that would commemorate the victims of Volhynian Massacre, or to no longer serve as a useful idiot for Ukraine and the United States, however, can lead to a situation in which one who does not jump is not only a Moskal, but also a Pole.

In my opinion, the only current and viable political force in Ukraine are the ones who are in possession of a volunteer battalions. According to information provided by Oleg Tsarev, Chairman of Novorossiya Parliament, Poroshenko will be soon likely overthrown. Hi will be probably replaced by Yatsenyuk but he has no battalions defending him as well. Both Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk do not have private armies. For example, Kolomoyskyi has his private army and according to information provided by Tsarev Kolomoyskyi , prepares his private battalions to overthrow Poroshenko in February.

In this situation, the US military support for Kiev Junta as well as ideas of Grzegorz Schetyna to sell weapons to Ukrainians probably will not lead to the situation, in which the Europeans will be able to sleep better at night. In my opinion, if Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk will be removed from power, or murdered. The nationalists like Svoboda and private battalions of Kolomoyski will come to power. But they also need funding from somewhere. If they got it, it would be a tragedy. If not, they will be only a something transitional. Ukraine increasingly will plunge into chaos and economic collapse. More and more people will have enough of the rule of neo-Nazis and perhaps, for this moment of collapse is waiting Putin to take over the dying Ukraine with the Chinese for a buck. Perhaps Putin also waits until the Ukrainians will find out what alliance with the West is about.

Hope is also, moving toward Kiev, the front of the New Russia, which can remove oligarchs from power, the United States, neo-Nazis, making peace in the country. Mozgovoy explicitly says that the purpose of the LDR is to fight against the oligarchs and ESTABLISH free health care, education, decent pensions and the collective ownership. This may be an alternative to what Kiev offers and this pointless mobilisation. Even if New Russia front reaches Kiev and even if Givi will overthrow Poroshenko, it will not change the fact that a large part of Ukrainian society will continue to worship Bandera and SS. These followers will not cease to exist suddenly. Losing on the front and the defeat of the Ukrainian mobilization led only to the fact that the repentant nationalists (feeling the fire under the ass) will refer their ‘Glory Ukraine’ ideology to Kiev.

After all: after marching with torches with images of Bandera in Kiev. After killing of civilians in the Eastern Ukraine, now I do not trust these people anymore. Now, when they cry in front of the camera, that they did not know that they murdered defenceless people in New Russia. It is interesting that these reflections come to them only when they are massacred by the armies of the New Russia. Previously they were less reflexive.

Now an enemy of the poor, beaten nationalist are becoming oligarchs who did this to poor battalions. Who obviously do not know that they murdered civilians, because the ‘commander did not say anything to them’, yet none of them do not use the Internet. Really?

One thing is certain, without money, even the most extreme nationalism will not last long in power. Even if Kolomoisky will come to power, his financial resources in comparison to the Russians are small. So fight of Ukrainian oligarchs with Russia, without support of the West is a foregone conclusion.

For me, the most likely scenario is that the Ukrainians will be completely defeated. But I still do not know what will happen after that to Bandera volunteers and their representatives in the Ukrainian government? Sometimes, looking at Ukraine, it seems to me that this country could not have existed without Bandera, the UPA and the SS. They would lose their national identity, there is no Ukraine without SS ‘heroes’.

Although there is an idea what to do with a surplus of these Bandera fighters, at least when it comes to the economic sphere. This solution at least will be able to help get Ukraine to its feet. In my opinion, the Ukrainian instead of fighting on the front should establish small grocery stores. For what? Jurii Michalczyszyn, initiator of this idea, chief of propaganda and analyses of Security Service of Ukraine:

The HAMAS activists impose taxes on small shops. If here (in Ukraine) each store would offer 100 hryvnia per month for the fight of the Ukrainian people, then our budget would exceed budget of HAMAS many times.

Konrad Stachnio is an independent Poland based journalist, he hosted a number of radio and TV programs for the Polish edition of PrisonPlanet, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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