29.01.2015 Author: Konrad Stachnio

Ukraine: Who’s Going to be Terrorists This Time Around?

154671755__704446bIn fact, I do not know how to refer to it. On the one hand, I see my countryman fellow Tomasz Maciejczuk: Open Dialogue foundation volunteer that runs along the east of Ukraine distributing warm clothes for Ukrainian army – because it happens that they walk in erasers in the freezing weather. After a few seconds, I switch on the profile of Graham Phillips British, journalist reporting from Donetsk. And what I see: the body of disrupted children lying on the snow, the elderly, women, people who on their way to the store had been bombed by the Ukrainian artillery. Then I switch over to Maciejczuk facebook page and see how happy he is with the fact that he can help Ukrainians in their fight against ‘terrorists’ in eastern Ukraine, and how bravely he is echoed by others of my compatriots. Who support him because of ‘patriotic’ reasons. They support him with good word and urge for further work against Bolshevism, communists and imperial Putin.

Everything is going well: there are money for warm boots and jackets for Ukrainians; is going to continue ‘divine’ mission to help fight against ‘terrorists’.

Again, look at the profile of Graham, this time a video: a burning house of a pensioner. Grandfather shows how the bullet just killed his wife. I see that there is very cold because he has a red face from the cold or from vodka. Perhaps he had to kill despair over the loss of loved ones. He stands in the house. Although the ‘house’ is the wrong word now – rather hole after a bomb in the house. I wonder what will happen next to him and I do not know. I think I do not even want to think about it.

I switch over to Mr Maciejczuk, he is smiling and he makes pictures with the Ukrainian soldiers on the front who thank him for the equipment.

I switch over to Graham … no longer switch. Enough.

This is the war in real time. I discovered it during the Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip. Live streaming of pacification – after all it was all about ‘terrorists ‘there too. Sit in a chair, if you have a projector, switch on the big picture on the wall, turn on the volume and taste war. Only thing missing is the smell and touch to satisfy all your senses. The picture and sound is almost the same. The only thing missing is creaking snow under your feet, the smell of burning and fear. Well, after all, instead you can drink wine and watch how ‘good people’ kill ‘bad people’. You can do it, until someone will decide that you are ‘terrorist’ and will point GRAD at your house.

If not Patrick Lancaster, Graham Philips and several other journalists, probably no one would find out that the narrative of Mr Maciejczuk and other defenders of ‘democracy’ and the fight against ‘terrorism’ is not entirely in line with reality. Without these journalists, it would not be a problem to burn down New Russia. Although, from what I know, SBU is increasingly interested in the ‘freedom of speech’ in Donbas. Here is an excerpt of the text that in this context, journalist Patrick Lancaster posted on his Facebook:

Just spoke to a colleague and friend. He told me he was arrested by the Ukraine army and turned over to the Ukraine secret service, SBU. They told him that Patrick Lancaster and Graham Phillips are wanted criminals and that he needed to supply them with information about us when he refused they beat and interrogated him for a for over 10 hours then put him out in the cold weather with little clothing. We are Journalists and are being targeted for putting out the facts that we see. I will not let this hold me back I will strive to bring all the facts I can to the public. Maybe by doing this I can save at least one civilian life.

The list of journalists killed in the territory of Ukraine in 2014:

6th August, 2014 – Andrei Stenin – Photographer, RossiyaSegodnya

30th June, 2014 – Anatoly Klyan – Cameraman, PervyKanal

17thJune, 2014 – Igor Kornelyuk – Reporter, VGTRK

17th June, 2014 – Anton Voloshin – Soundman, VGTRK

24th May, 2014 – Andrea Rocchelli – Photojournalist, Cesura19th February ,2014 – VyacheslavVeremiy – Reporter, Vesti

The fact that we have the Internet and the so-called freedom of speech does not prove that we have any influence on what is happening. It’s like doing live streaming from the concentration camps in second world war, or Volhynian Slaughter and not being able to do anything but sit and watch. Be at war here and now, but you can only participate on the ‘good’ side, the ‘right one’. To the ‘terrorists’ could shoot anyone, nay even has such a need. In the name of God, the fight against Bolshevism, and so on. Who is the ‘terrorist’ now recognize the richest people from the list of Forbes magazine; Soros –30th on the list of the richest people in the world. Poroshenko – 931st richest people in the world and multimillionaire Chodorkowsky who recently is determined to bring democracy in Moscow.

It is about being a witness, this multimedia slaughter is an expression of our powerlessness. Helplessness of not only individual people, but millions of people on this planet who saw what was happening to other people and cannot do anything. We thought that when the information gets to all of us, we gain the freedom of speech – something will change. No, our right is that we can look at how this or another international group of influence gives quite undemocratic orders and bombards the next ‘terrorists’. I presume that if the live streaming camera would be in gas chambers in Auschwitz, nobody would react. None from the so-called international community. After all, according to Nazi doctrine, there were only sub-humans, so who cares?

6563333Now ,the ‘terrorists’ are subhuman.

It is about breaking down the barriers and conviction, as it did in Nazi Germany. That other nations are worse, and we do not fight with them, but destroy them – from an infant to an adult.

The nation, which is still at a low level of civilization, dominated by the communist era and this whole Bandera ideology, came today to a way, which leads them to a repeat of the genocide.

This is a deeper issue: the introduction of Dontsov ideology in Ukraine and others, revival of the Ukrainian nationalist Decalogue, of which even small children are taught about. I saw primers, in which Banderovites are presented as the light heroes. Therefore, children are taught that every enemy of Ukraine should be exterminated, enslave, they should be in the subtext annihilated and it reigned over the minds of the young people.

We are told that in Ukraine there are not too many Bandera people and they have no influence. I am researching it, and I know – these influences are vast. They dominate in the young generation. The brains already are so processed that if they order again to cut “Lachs”, they will have no scruples in this matter.

If we add to this the Ukrainian cooperation with the German militia, we can clearly see that we were ignored. And now we are humiliated …

This is what we support in the east, it is as horrible as this whole Islamic fundamentalism terrorism. This is the same type of cruel, ruthless people who will never stop. Let it finally reaches the human consciousness, said in an interview with the portal prawy.pl Ph D Lucina Kulińska, political scientist and specialist in Polish-Ukrainian relations.

A different opinion on this subject presents Mr Tomasz Maciejczuk, Open Dialog Foundation volunteer who, being at the front, reports the situation from eastern Ukraine. He also distributes equipment like shoes and jackets form Open Dialog Foundation to the Ukrainian side fighting the ‘terrorists’. Here is an excerpt from his Facebook:

… Saying that Bandera allegedly organized the Volhynian massacre, and even performed it is an expression of the vast ignorance or malice …

… I had an opportunity to talk face to face with the leader of the Right Sector – Dmytro Jarosz. I had the opportunity to talk with the UPA veterans and … they have a positive attitude towards Poland and Volhynian massacre consider as tragedy that is not a source of pride for them….

… Milos Zeman, Czech President putting words in the mouth of Bandera about command of murdering Poles aged between 16 and 60 years old. Those words Bandera never said …

Mr Maciejczuk’s and Polish media narrative, however, is disturbed by the quote of Mrs PhD Lucina Kulińska, political scientist and specialist in Polish-Ukrainian relations.

Poles, before the massacre, were reassured by the Ukrainians that there is no danger from their side. Now, we have a similar situation – we are reassured all the time.

In this situation, we do not know whether this help and weapon that we are sending there will not be turned against us, and this is a very serious threat.

Maybe Mrs Lucina’s fears are not exaggerated, since Yuri Birjukow, an adviser of the President of Ukraine, said in an interview with the local TV Channel 5 that the volunteer formations subordinate “to the right Sector” refused to comply with the orders of the Ministry of Defence of the country.

In Poland, a policy that Ukrainian is the brother of Polish is promoted. Secondly, there are in general no Bandera fans and if they are, there are not too many of them. Although this would not be believed because probably this is only pro-Putin propaganda. And even if we see some Bandera fans, they are usually good Bandera fans who want friendship with the Poles. Because as Mr Maciejczuk write on his facebook:

.. The cult of Bandera is not anti-Polish. For Ukrainians, Bandera is a symbol of the fight against the Kremlin …

Nobody prohibits and does not prevent the Ukrainians in the self-determination of their nation, as Mr. Maciejczuk thinks. What unaware Ukrainians do is being a pawn in the interests of democratically non-elected people like Soros, Poroshenko an so on –one of the richest people in the world who plays this game. What do Bandera fans do in the name of so-called self-determination of the people can be seen even on the Facebook profile of British journalist, Graham Phillips and Patrick Lancaster, who reports daily from Donbass .

Sit in a chair and taste war.

Konrad Stachnio is an independent Poland based journalist, he hosted a number of radio and TV programs for the Polish edition of PrisonPlanet, exclusively for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.

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