23.01.2015 Author: Gordon Duff

Paris Terror Rampage: A Failed Narrative

6753333There are reasons no Americans rank showed up at the recent memorial for the victims of the recent event in Paris. It is termed an “event” as terrorist attacks go, this one may be the least credible in history.

This week, the BBC reported that the US apologized for not attending the memorial. However, the text of the article showed that the US didn’t consider it a priority, not the President, not the Secretary of State, not even a single opposition party leader.

Kerry was in India at the time and everyone else had “other priorities.”

The rumor mills of Washington are humming. There have been “false flag” terror attacks before. Even when a nation, often the US, is “wrangled” in on such an attack, unable to expose it because, in most cases, the trail goes straight to Tel Aviv, the controlled press stands ready to persecute anyone who stands up for the truth.

Yet, for the first time, leaders stayed away, afraid the Paris attack, embarrassingly amateurism and obviously staged by the French police and Israeli security, would later be a humiliation for anyone who got “suckered.” Yet there was silence.

With a minority of Americans and even Europeans, Russians included, awake and aware of the relationships between terror attacks and even groups like Al Qaeda and ISIS and the intelligence agencies of Israel, Saudi Arabia and the West, it is electoral suicide to oppose the controlled propaganda narrative.

Thus we see actions such as this week, a terror attack with “slam dunk” video evidence of false flag staging. A forensic analysis of one shooting now proven to have been staged using blanks, from Veterans Today:

“We will be featuring a series of videos that demonstrate ballistic performance.  You see, Americans have AK47s and cameras, the French don’t, or most of them anyway.  If they did, whoever staged this might have thought first.  When we are done, we will have exposed the epic “false flag fail” of all time.  (link to original Liveleak video)

Blank Miss, dust cloud, subject uninjured

Please note, our “terrorists” were fighting on behalf of French intelligence, the Mossad and the criminal banks, part of the pro-Israeli ISIS organization.  How did they get back to France?  Only French intelligence services or the Mossad could have flown them to training centers in Turkey or Jordan and, when they “wanted a rest,” back to France.

(Note:  Double dust cloud caused by double impact of hot gasses followed by the paper plug from the blank cartridge.  Subject (victim?) unaffected by shot drops two frames later.

Photo represents the first acoustic signature at the speed of sound, 1126 feet per second, received approximately 100 feet away.  By that time, the bullet/blank wad, hot gasses, moving at up to 2500 feet per second have pushed a cloud of dust under the still elevated “victim” with hands still raised.

The sound took .088 seconds to reach the camera.  An AK round at 2460 feet per second traveling 3 feet would have impacted in .0012 seconds.  Based on the differential between light speed and the speed of sound, the victim impact would have been visible .0868 seconds into this frame.”

The incident reputed to show the execution of a police officer conveniently filmed by a crew that had worked on a project with the same “terrorists” in 2003, according to a press interview, a crew that turned off the cameras leaving a pristine and bloodless “crime scene.” Their video, even to the casual viewer, clearly demonstrates that there were huge errors including a victim who remained uninjured after being shot until he later remembered his role.

It was a comedy, nothing less. That so many lack the courage to stay so is so much worse. This was one staged killing; others may well have been very real, planned murders including the mysterious suicide of the chief investigator. Mentioning that he is an obvious murder victim as well is something everyone is thinking but no one is saying.

On December 2, 2014, the French parliament had voted by an overwhelming majority to recognize the Palestinian territories, lands that represent over 40% of Israel, other than the occupied territories. France had joined Spain and Great Britain in this move, one Israel would not allow to stand without a reaction.

There is no question that the Paris terror attacks were that reaction, much as the Breivik, shootings of 2011, killing 77 of the children of the members the political party that voted for sanctions against Israel, was much the same.

Thus we see Netanyahu demonstrating typical chutzpah, very much looking like Adolf Hitler viewing the Eifel Tower after the conquest of Paris in 1940. Yes, such a comparison, Netanyahu and Hitler, can well be made. Conspicuous in their absence were world leaders who saw the arrogance, marching arm in arm with the puppets of the international banking cartels, wading through the blood of the latest dead, the blood of over 500 Palestinian children on his hands.

One thing that can be recognized is the partnership between France and Israel. Both helped found Al Qaeda, both work closely with Boko Harum and Al Shabab in Africa, the murderous Kiev junta and the Islamic State.

A rudimentary analysis of the events in Paris shows that France “got off easy.” Counter-terrorism and military experts around the world are shocked at the ineptitude of France’s police and special operations units. The video taken at the kosher market looks more like a food fight in a school cafeteria than a hostage rescue. Acoustic analysis of the video shows literally thousands of gunfire signatures but little or no effect.

More embarrassingly, video shows officers humorously discharging their weapons loaded with blanks into the flak vests of their cohorts. Other videos show Paris police doing “selfies” at crime scenes while, as is too often the case, some family members of “victims” show attempts to control hysterical laughter never associated with genuine grief.

We have now learned that one of the suspects in the Paris event had lived with the convicted “crotch bomber,” Abdulmutallab, a Nigerian with strong family connections to both the Mossad and CIA. Mutallab had flown from Amsterdam to Detroit on Christmas Day, 2009 with a poorly designed bomb in his underwear.

Detroit attorney Kurt Haskell was on that flight and had observed Abdulmutallab being escorted onto the plane by security personnel at Schipol Airport after it was made clear that the now convicted terrorist had no visa, passport or even ticket. Abdulmutallab sat in first class. On the flight was a videographer to film the convicted terrorist through the entire flight.

When the plane landed in Detroit, both Abdulmutallab and his partner, the videographer, were arrested, something observed by disembarked passengers held in a high security waiting area. The videographer was never heard from since, reminiscent of the story of the “Dancing Israelis” on 9/11, the video team arrested, we are told, with not only cameras but 3000 pounds of high explosives as well according to reports on CNN and CBS.

The Paris event and its aftermath may well set the tone for much of what happens during the next two years. Things may go two directions, Israel may well stifle any dissent and continue its terror campaign in the Ukraine, Western Europe, Africa and its coordination with Al Qaeda and ISIS in the Middle East.

On the other hand, the US and Russia could openly challenge the narrative and join together to isolate what is now clearly a worldwide criminal conspiracy that uses control of the press and staged terror attacks to forward its agenda.

Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook